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Raizel woke up early today. He had a task to complete today. Mr. Zen gave him a parcel and a task yesterday. As he opened the parcel, he found a magic staff, a staff made of wood with a crystal white gem at the tip, with branches from the staff wrapping around it. With it was a note, which says, “To Raizel, I know that you’ve been training a lot with your swords and physical abilities these few days, so I’ve decided, why not give you a chance to train something help for a change? I bet going through the same training day after day will bore and soon tire you out. So, for a change, I’ve set a training course for you, a magic training course! It’ll make you a fine magician, and strengthen your magic foundations. All the steps are in the scroll below, so just follow it and you’ll be fine. From, Zenkichi.” As he recalled this event, Zenkichi went to wash his face and took a long, cold bath. As he allowed the cold, icy water to run through his body, chilling his head, he hope today goes well. He never in his whole life thought he would be using magic, ever. He always imagined himself as a swordsmen, and never once a mage. He never even thought, or even dreamt of using magic! After a long shower, he went to dry himself and put on his clothings.

After he was done changing and eating, he went to grab his staff and scroll, and headed off to Zenkichi’s dojo. As he entered the dojo, he could feel that the dojo had a different….aura. Ignoring this feeling, he started to unroll the scroll. The title of the scroll was, “Guide to Magic, for Raizel”. Raizel facepalmed. ”The way he put it….it’s as if I’m retarded or something…” Raizel ignored this and continued reading. “Step 1. Meditate. To use Magic, you must first know and realize the flow of Rukh and Magoi around you. To aid you in this, light a candle and focus on it, try your best to sense Rukh and the flow of Magoi.” After reading this, Raizel placed the scroll down and took a candle that is available in the dojo. He placed the string of the candle into a nearby lamp, lighting it. He then placed the candle in a candle holder and placed it on a table in front of him. Taking a seat, he made himself comfortable and stared at the candle. He tried his best focusing, but the flame’s flicker and his thoughts were distracting him. He continued trying, and he finally, after a while, he could soon sense Magoi flowing with the fire’s movements. Soon, after repeating the same thing for a few days, he was able to sense the presence of Magoi easier. He didn’t have to focus too much to sense the Magoi’s flow. He was entrapped with the Magoi’s flow. He felt as if Magoi was flowing in him too. He could feel the Magoi in the air; everywhere. The more he focused, he realizes that Magoi wasn’t alone; it was inter-mingling with Rukh itself. He could feel Rukh flowing in harmony. Not only that, he could feel that HE was a part of the Rukh, flowing together in a symbiosis relationship with the rest of the Rukh. This was a refreshing thought and feeling, and it made him relax more. After a few days , he improved his sensitivity to Rukh; he no longer have to strain himself to feel it; he could easily sense Rukh around him. Soon, as he improved, he could sense that the Rulh was trying to approach him. Suddenly, one day, while meditating, Raizel could hear a voice. "Hello, Raizel." Raizel could hear the voice clearly. He then replied in his mind, "Who are you? And how do you know my name?" The voice replied him, "I am you; I am what you all call as Rukh. We are all one, we are all rukh, made and composed of it." Raizel was surprised that he was conversing with the rukh. He spent sometime asking the rukh questions, and his questions were soon answered. After a while, he realized he is ready for the next activity.
Walking to the scroll, he picked it up again and read the next step. “Step 2. Exercise. I know you’ve been through trainings, but those aren’t serious trainings. The trainings you went were technical trainings, trainings to refine your sword techniques. This training I have set up is to train your physical body and improve your stamina. Head to the city walls and tell them that you’re Raizel and Zenkichi sent you here.” After reading this, Raizel had a bad feeling. He then took a sip of cool water before heading off to the city gates. As he approached the city gate, he caught sight of a guard. “Hello, I’m Raizel and Zenkichi sent me here.” After hearing the name “Raizel” and “Zenkichi”, the guards smiled and replied, “Oh, Raizel. I’ve been expecting you. Please, follow me.” After saying that, the guard started walking towards one of the city gate’s tower. Approaching the door, he opened it and instructed Raizel, “Ok, you have to run up and down this fleet of stairs 15 times. Zenkichi’s orders.” Raizel took a look up the stairs and realized that the tower is taller than he expected it. Raizel sighed when he remembered that this was “Zenkichi’s orders”. He swore to listen and obey Zenkichi in exchange for training him into a stronger person. Raizel then started running up the stairs. It was exhausting, running up and down. Plus, running up requires more strength, yet running down requires control. Run too fast down, and you’ll end up tripping. Raizel learnt it the hard way. And Thank God he tripped when he was just 9 steps from the bottom. Or else, he wouldn’t have gotten away with just a few bruises. By the time he reached the 8th set of running up and down, he could feel his whole body crying in agony. Every part of his body aches, and he could feel as if his heart is about to explode. His ribs were pushing against his ribs, trying to gain as much air as possible. Plus, Heliohapt’s hot weather isn’t helping at all.
Ignoring the hard feeling, he started fighting his best in not only an external conflict, but also an internal conflict. He has to convince himself to go through with this, without stopping. He knows, once he stop, he will just collapse. ”Come on, Raizel! If you finish all 15 steps and you’re still conscious, you’ll be drinking all the beer you can drink!” Finally, he managed to finish 15 sets of running up and down just before the sun sets. By the time he was done, he started limping home, just wanting a cold shower and resting immediately after that. As he approached his house, he found the guard there, waiting for him with a Keg of beer. “Finally you’re back! Zenkichi asked me to reward you with this keg once you succeeded. Nice job, kid!” Raizel cried with joy. After all these harsh training, he could finally just rest and relax...for today. He managed to have a good drink, followed by a refreshing shower before collapsing on his bed. His brain was so exhausted that he didn’t dream that night. Even though his body hurt the next day, he continued this exercise for another 15 days.
After the last day of the exercise, Raizel had a gream sleep. When he woke up, it was already noon. His body was still exhausted, but his mind was already doing well. As he tried to stand up, he fell on the floor, since his legs could barely support him. He then laid on the floor, before realizing that the scroll was on his left. Picking it up, he unrolled it and started reading step 3. “I bet you’re still exhausted from all those days of training. The reason I asked you to go through that training is because if you have a weak body, the Rukh is forced to limit your magic power, fearing that you will injure your body. But if your body is strong enough, the rukh will remove the “limiter” placed, since it knows your body is capable in using magic. Step 3. I realized that your magic type was Life, and therefore, I will be teaching you about it today. The magic type Life is a powerful one. Not only does it allow you to heal, it also allows you to create living beings, and sense life around you. What I want you to do today is simple; go to the city square, take a seat, and try to sense the people around you. Nice and simple, you don’t even have to move your body.” Raizel placed the scroll on the floor and continued lying down. ”What? My magic type is life? Are you kidding me? Do you expect me to be some kind of healer or cleric that heals others in the sideline? I’m not that kind of guy. I’m the type that goes to the frontline and slices enemies up, not stay at the back to meditate!” Raizel was angry, but he shrugged his anger off to save it up until Zenkichi is back. He lied around for a while and slowly stood up, taking small tiny steps as he made his way out of his house, to the city square.
Finally, after a while limping, Raizel reached the city square. Taking a seat on the bench, he closed his eyes and started feeling the Rukh around him. As he opened his eyes, he could feel the flow of Rukh around him, in the air, in the plants, and even in the people. He could sense that the Rukh is different for everything. The air’s Rukh and human’s Rukh are similar, but has a tiny bit of difference. As he focused on this difference, he closed his eyes and tried to differentiate the Rukh of humans from everything else. After a few hours, he could only sense a tiny difference between people's Rukh. He sighed, and decide to continue practicing until he can differentiate the people's Rukh. Finally, after 3 days, he could finally differentiate people's rukh and the air's Rukh. He then continued to keep his eyes close and started widening his range, to search for humans, and differentiate their Rukh from other Rukh. After a while, he could easily distinguish the Rukh between humans and the air. He smiled to himself
As he went home proud of himself, he was about to just take a nap, when he caught sight of the scroll. Sighing, he picked it up and read the next step. “Now that you’re able to tell the difference between people and the environment, it’s time for the final step; step 4.” Smirking to himself, he went on reading. “Step 4. Now that you know even people are made of Magoi, I want you to cut yourself, and heal it with this staff. You should transfer your Magoi up the staff, into the gem, and project it from there, to heal yourself. I know, this might seem weird, asking you to cut yourself, but healing your own injury itself is a motivation, no?” After reading this, Raizel thought to himself, ”It’s the last and final step. Let’s get this over with and sleep for this whole week until Zenkichi comes back.” Cracking his fingers, Raizel pulled his sword out, and slashed himself slowly on his palm. He then picked his staff up and closed his eyes. He concentrated and soon, he could feel his Rukh within him. He slowly disrupted its flow by transferring his Magoi inside to his hand that is holding the staff. He then slowly moved them into the staff, and made them flow upwards into the gem. Once it is at the gem, he projected the Magoi built up in the crystal onto his wound. Soon, the wound slowly closed itself, and soon, there isn’t even a scar to show that he had a wound there. Proud of himself, he slumped on the bed and took a nap after this tiring training course.

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