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TIMBBERRRR!!! [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Incoming ports
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: King Lagi has sent for ships to unload additional supplies in order to aid with the rebuilding of Reim. Give a hand to these old sailors by helping to unload the supplies.

Earlier in the day Solomon had happened to spot multiple flyers up around the town as well as some men looking for assistance. He didn't feel as if he wanted to speak to anyone today so he ripped off one of the flyers on a nearby wall and read it to himself, "Ships to unload additional supplies in order to aid with the rebuilding of Reim. Give a hand to these old sailors by helping to unload the supplies, reward will be supplied." He thought to himself that these men must be pretty desperate shape to be willing to accept the help of anyone, but who was he kidding he needed the money just as bad. Especially after he was gifted such a extravagant ring from Noir, he should really pay her back for this. He did not really grasps the strength of the ring yet, he listened to Noir as she told him what it could do but he didn't fully understand it yet as he couldn't seem to make it work at the moment. He decided it would be best to wait at the docks to see what the ship was carrying before volunteering to help unload, as he didn't wish to deal with anything toxic or dangerous today, especially for a unknown reward.

Relaxing by the water and enjoying the misty breeze of the air he tilted backwards as he would then lay on his back and watch all the passers go by and all the nearby shop owners going about there business, he envied that. His only dream to date would be to own his own business but he had nowhere near enough money or the connections to do so just yet. He would hear nearby him suddenly, "Ah Hoy!" it startled him at first because it went from quiet to aggressively loud, but the boat had arrived. He couldn't see what was aboard the vessel as they had it covered up in a tarp, but shortly after porting one of the men on the ship would yell out, "Line up men! We have some timber to be moving." he figured to himself that would not be so bad to do as a quick job and jumped into the line. There were enough men to just pass down the line almost like a train of wood, to reach the cart that was a couple of feet away.

It was a large load of wood on the vessel that even though they had more man power then needed it still took the men most of the day to get it off and loaded onto the many carts that were needed. Come the end of it Solomon found himself feeling more refreshed than he did earlier in the day, the work had made him feel slightly better and happier. He would collect his reward from the port masters before leaving then make his way to the nearest pub as most of them probably would do, he even considered to himself possibly buying around for a couple of them as he noticed that three of the men were working quite diligently and deserved to be rewarded for doing so.

Word Count: 530/500


TIMBBERRRR!!! [Job/Solo] Sk_sig10

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