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Scavenging 101 [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Search for supplies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Search the western front for supplies; scavenge anything you can find that's a remainder of the war. If it's salvageable, take it back to the city guards.

It was about time! Bahir moved his sector of the Unity Corps to finally get to work.. Bahir, along with a group of Unity Corps privates, traveled out towards the Western Front. There was talk around their head quarters of there still being valuable resources out there. What they could do with them, Bahir had no idea. The metal could possibly be used to restock the military equipment for the Reim Army and Fanalis Corps. That alone was enough to move Bahir to his feet. He may have not been completely on the Reim band wagon just yet, but it was currently the place that the fanalis could lay his head. He would do whatever it was that he could to help the nation. The Fanalis Corps, even though he wasn't associated with it, also held a place in his heart. The fanalis were his kin. Despite only having met five of the members before, Bahir would assist them in whatever he could. Even in something as small as this.

Once the squad reached its destination, Bahir and the others looked around quietly. There was still a rather substantial amount of metal in the area. Bahir took a few steps in front of the other corps members and turned to face them. "Alright. Our orders are simple. Collect as much as you can. If you think it can be used in our rearming and rebuilding of Reim, grab it. Leave no stone un-turned. You have three hours. I suggest you move quickly." The men and women nodded to Bahir and instinctively scattered. Bahir grinned at the sight, proud in the fact that he no longer had to order them to do every little thing. I guess they're starting to get used to me. He thought as he walked through the sandy Western Front. Of course, he did have a strange tug at his heart. He assumed it was because of the fact that he waited so long to assist with the rebuilding process. Ah well. Better late than never. He thought to himself to try and calm his mind.

The hours passed and the privates of the corps finally found their Colonel. Bahir was standing in front of his makeshift home, nostalgia washing over him. One of the men approached Bahir and looked from the fanalis and the metallic structure. "Um. Would you like for us to collect this as well?" The man's question wouldn't be met with an answer for another few minutes. With a heavy sigh, Bahir shook his head slowly. "No. This place is dear to me. I'd like for it to stay." Without another word to the man, Bahir turned to look at the scavenged metal from the rest of the corps. The squad, along with Bahir, sifted through the metal. They assessed the quality of it all and took only the metal that still had some worth. Bahir could only imagine that it all would be melted down and fashioned into armor and weapon. At least, that's what he hoped would happen.

"Alright! Good job! You've done me proud. Now, let's get this back to Remano, shall we?" With a short cheer the members of the Unity Corps began to haul the metal back towards the capitol. Anything that was too heavy for them, Bahir carried.

Word Count: 550/500


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