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A Tired Man[Job|Solo]

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Reliving Glory Days I:

Job Name: Reliving Glory Days I/II [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, boasting various stories of his better years. A Kou soldier is sitting quietly in a corner, listening to the man. While the soldier does not care about the stories, the rest of the customers are worried that the drunk man will say something that would set him off. The Tavern Keeper is worried as well, and is willing to pay you to get the man out of the Tavern.

Escort the man home and listen to a story.

The natural late night sounds of animal noises mixed in with the light chatter that emanate from the inside of the small tavern just near the town's red street. Umbra, whom had decided that he had grew a bit tired of the wine he always made, decided that it was time for a different taste. Stepping into the bar, the chatter died down for a moment as the men and women inside tossed him a glance. He looked at everyone and gave a small nod towards them all as he stepped towards the bar.
Clearing his throat to gather the attention of the Tavern Keeper, he ordered,"Just some ale is fine." The Tavern Keeper nodded and began to prepare the drink as the chatter returned to the light hearted sense that it was.

As he waited, Umbra turned to gather a bit more of his surroundings. Firstly, he noticed a Kou soldier sitting in the corner, eyeing everyone that sat inside of the bar. He could tell that he didn't fit in well; his garb was much different than everyone's. It stuck it more than a young woman Umbra spotted while making his way towards the bar. Secondly, he noticed the old man that was sitting at the bar just two seats from him. Just from the smell alone, he could only assume that the man had been there for quite some time. He gave a small smirk as he noticed everyone's face twist in disgust; he could only pray that the old man wouldn't bother him as much.


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The tavern keeper slid a hefty pitcher of ale towards umbra who quickly snatched it before it slid too far away from him. Without any worry, he lifted the pitcher to his lips and dived into the drink. It had a frail sour taste, but there was something else to it that made it splendid to his taste buds. Shaking off the slight buzz he had begun to feel, he took another drink before placing the empty pitcher down. As he licked the foam away from his upper lip, he noticed that the old man and Kou soldier were staring each other down too much to enjoy their drinks.

The static that seemed to appear between the two was cut off when the old man began to speak,"When i was a young lad...we always seemed to be in battle with those bastard Kou that are stuck in our land." Everyone that was drinking suddenly froze in their seats and looked at the old man worriedly. The Kou soldier shuffled in his seat some and intensified his glare at the drunken man.
The drunk continued however,"Yeah those bastards...They make me sick. After years of fighting against the men, they decide to sit in our country now,He turned and pointed towards the soldier in the corner,"Like this pale faced moron right here! I've probably kicked his grandfather and his father's ass while we fought." The Kou soldier suddenly got up and approached the male, but was stopped by Umbra. Tapping onto the man's shoulder, he smiled and ushered him away from the old man. Umbra then turned back to the bar and placed the hand on the old man's shoulder.
"I think you've had enough to drink my good sir,"He said with a slight groan as he lifted the man up out of his chair. The tavern keep gave him a small nod and slid a small pouch of coins to him.
He whispered,"Get the old guy home safe, huh? If you can do that then the next time you are here, it's on the house." Umbra took the pouch and nodded his head as he lead the drunken male out of the door.

As he walked him through the once quiet streets, the drunkard told him multiple stories of how he defeated many Kou. Umbra did his best to smile and nod with each story until they finally arrived at his household. Umbra rested the man against the wall for a moment and unlocked the door with the key he snatched from the man's pocket. Pushing the door open with his shoulder,Umbra got the man through the house and in bed; letting out a sigh of relief as he could hear the man begin to snore. Dusting his hands against his back of his pants, Umbra watched over the man for a few moments before emptying the house of his own presence.



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