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Tired, Irritated, and Necromancer [Job/Solo]

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Thorsten Ove

Thorsten Ove

Job Details:

Thorsten along with the caravan has been away from the main city for a week. During the course of that week, he had collect a bit of information involving Emperor Yoshiro belated father? Gao Yuan-Zu was alive though? So this information seemed far-fetched. Giving some concern to other members they dismissed or lead me to Stark, our leader. The place we stayed the night at was a creepy inn with shady people except the bartender. The place name was 'Ji-Yuu-El'. Wasn't very impressive place. The wood that kept up the outside frame was chipping and if you were to get knocked against the railing on the outside porch it may break.

Judging from the conditions outside, you could only image how it was inside. Thorsten, haven't felt the presence of many gathering in the past he walked through the hallway towards Stark's room. A dark atmosphere didn't help him get over the nervousness. Nerves don't bother him often. But it just didn't help him currently with going up to Stark at the moment. Getting closer to the door, yelling could be heard. The voicing booming. Something must've angered Stark. Could've been a question, or something someone did? Couldn't be too sure. Placing my clammy hand on the door knob. Twisting it before long entering into the room without knocking. What he saw wasn't something he would forget. Thorsten eyes widen. The shock expression he held transferred to Hakon as well. He stayed in place for a good second. Hakon doing the exact same thing. Silence until broken. Eyes forever scarred. " Thorsten, state your business? Or at least cover your eyes! " the sharp tone making him flinch. Stark, had wrapped something around him while Thorsten, stayed silent. Placing his small hands over his eyes socket.

Hakon a.k.a Stark, continued to speak while running his pens against the dresser. " Seeing how your here, I have work for you right here. Don't fucking mess this up, Thorsten. We need all the money we can gather to to Heliohapt. In the report you are to stop, and bring the necromancer back. If you don't know what a necromancer is, your in for a fist fuckin'. Don't dismiss my advice, magician are tricky beings. A necromancer is just a 'Magician' who specializes in reviving the dead; Not only do they revive the dead they create familiar, ghouls, and unsightly creatures. " listening to Stark, you could tell he wanted me out the room. He walked forward, keeping the cloth hiding away his lower body; positioning  himself in front of Thorsten handing him the file and pushing him out the room. Nothing was said from Thorsten, as he fell on the stone floor. The gravel was rough and smooth. Getting up he scattered off back to gather his equipment. Entering his room. He grabbed [i] Iguat [/b] and left.

Item Bought:

" Since the fall of Emperor Yoshiro’s father, the Alchemists under his control find themselves without direction. This branch of the Alchemists tends to focus on Necromancy and one of their members has been spotted at a local graveyard, digging up the corpses of soldiers. Stop him. " reading to himself. Going over the file thoroughly to not miss anything. Only one had branched himself off and begun problems. ' Why would someone deface graves? Ugh... ' this seemed troublesome now. Defacing graves threw him off. Walking down the street not too far off from the Inn. Kou at night? It wasn't busy all too well. Concern showed on his face. He wanted to cry almost, but he couldn't do that on the job. Reaching into his side pouch; pulling out a street map.

Placing his index finger on the wove map. Tracing it along a street directing him to the cemetery. Now he can find and begin his plan. ‘ Set a trap, Lookout until night time, or stand a great distance away to bait him. ‘ It ran through his head twice. Reassuring himself that it would turn out much to his liking. Smiling. Batting his eyes as he followed the path he traced with his finger. Many smells of delicious foods hitting his nostrils as he passed along the streets. Rather cheerful about doing the job. Even though it wasn't the hard part yet. From how the looks of it the sun was soon to set meaning it was coming upon him for the hard part. Thorsten wasn’t nervous, but he was ready to shed some tears. “ Always stuck doing something while everyone have fun. Such a disappointing setting. “ walking into the cemetery.  

Gao has returned! My plans for reviving the dead will surely be recognized by him. Oh… what a joyous civil war happening. “ The necromancer said to himself. Thorsten caught wind of his voice before fully stepping into the light visible to the man. There was a couple of tree to his right; jumping from the ground into the trees swiftly. A couple of the branches shaking nothing too much. “ Yoshiro, will see his neglect views fall into a drain~ “ the necromancer sounding very self-assured. Hidden behind branches he flipped his wrist. Drawing one throwing spike from Iguat. ‘ One should be enough to alert him, and break his Borg. ‘ it seemed like a good plan. Flicking his right hand across the leaves shooting one spike at the back of his head. The necromancer Borg would activate suddenly; a bright lighting overcasting as it appeared. A crack in the Borg was presented where the spike had hit indicate it shattering.

In fright the man casted plaguing mist . Scattering across the ground and oozing its way up towards tombstones and where Thorsten hid. Being quick on his feet. He leaped from the branch he was on; landing on top of a tombstone which was fairly high above the mist. However it was rising mean he couldn't stay there long. The necromancer became furious noticing the emerald eyed boy had broken his Borg making it shatter. Pulling another spike from its sleeve with a flick of the wrist.” Come quietly or go unconscious “ presenting a threat. The necromancer pointed his staff towards the boy and a ghoul came up from the tombstone. Smacking its hands all nilly willy at his feet. Thorsten paid it no mind. Gripping the hands catching them easily; in his grasp he would sling it at the necromancer. The mist touching him making his feel sluggish.

He started coughing a little. Some blood caught his hand. Nothing too serious yet. The ghoul body smacked into the necromancer as he didn't move or have a natural defense. Thorsten wasn't badly affected by the plague. Getting up close and personal to the necromancer; being in his face he raised his left fist and swung it down harshly against his jawline. Knocking him out. Soon to clear was the mist. A decaying ghoul perished as Thorsten stepped on its head to make sure. ‘ Ahhh… this bastard should've just took the easy route! All this extra work, such a great day ‘ he thought. Thorsten was confident in his ability from the beginning knowing he didn't really need to do much from the jump. Walking away to turn the necromancer in. The night sky high above; carrying him over his shoulder as some bystanders looked. He arrived at one of the local jails and collected the reward. Heading back to Hakon, and collecting his half of the reward before heading to his room to sleep.

Free Ammunition: 8/10
Word Count: 1265/1,000


Tired, Irritated, and Necromancer [Job/Solo] Bro2Vi0

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