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Slightly Misplaced?[Job/Solo]

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Displaced Pt. I:

Job Name: The Displaced Pt. I/III [Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Western Front
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
King Lagi El Nagi has noted that new species of beasts have begun to make their appearance. These creatures are all unknown beasts, and though King Lagi El Nagi has believed that he had taken care of the source of those problems, the beasts have not returned back to their homes. Is there, perhaps, a reason behind this? Search the land in the western front and document three new species, including their appearance and general apparent qualities. Be careful, as some of the new beasts may be dangerous.

Stepping from the warm caravan and into the cold winds of the Front, Umbra wished he had grabbed one of the furs to drape around him. He felt his body cover in goosebumps and a sneeze tickle at his nose before finally letting it out. He rubbed his nose lightly and sniffled, turning to the driver when he heard him shout out to him. Umbra gave a weary smile and gave him a wave before turning his attention to the wide place in front of him. Hearing about how the King needed someone to inspect on new animals in the area, he wouldn't mind helping out his fellow countrymen. What would even be the harm in it?


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With his arms crossed against him and his breath visible against the cold winds, Umbra tried his best to stay focused on the job ahead of him. He trudged around the odd machinery and ruins that clustered over the land. He couldn't believe what things stayed here left to turn to rust; perhaps they were just failed projects left from the time before his own. He teared his eyes away from a large gear that stuck out when he suddenly heard an odd chirping sound. He stood in full alert and stopped in the middle of his tracks. He looked all around for whatever caused that sound, only to hear another chirp coming from behind him.

The bird:
Slightly Misplaced?[Job/Solo] Cassowary-drumming

Slowly, he turned himself around only to come face to face with a large bird. It appeared to stand at the same height as him, perhaps even taller. Bright colours covered the neck all the way down to where it's possible knees could be. Umbra chuckled and took a step back, jotting down a few notes on the bird using the small scroll and ink pot he carried in his pouch. The bird watch him inquiringly before turning away to flap its wings.

Instead of flying as Umbra would have thought, it instead began to Umbra barely managed out a whistle as he watched it disappear from his eye into the distance. He chuckled some and jotted down more notes before rolling up the scroll and stuffing it back into his pouch. A breeze rolled by and caused him to shiver once again, cursing his own self for not being dressed better.



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Kicking at the cool desert sand, Umbra wondered what else there could possibly be hiding inside of this barren land full of machine and death. It had been hours since the last time he saw any form of animal or plant life except for a few caravans that was making their way to Reim every now and again. He took rest inside of what seemed to be a ruined battle camp where a few buildings stilled seemed intact.

Letting out a sigh of relief, he took a drink from the skin sack he carried, wiping the side of his mouth. He took another drink when he heard a brick fall next to him. He turned his head slowly and found himself staring into another room. Peeking through the crack, he saw an odd battle.

The Spider:

Slightly Misplaced?[Job/Solo] Goliath-tarantula1

The Otter:

Slightly Misplaced?[Job/Solo] Na-river-otter_641_600x450

Fighting against one another were a spider relatively the same height as the bird he saw before and a large otter-like being. The two striked and lashed at each other with quick percision. Umbra kept himself quiet and frozen; fearing that one of them may turn to try and attack him. He watched them for a few more moments before slowly getting up. He took his time and grabbed at the scroll in his pocket, scribbling down what he could before darting out of the building.

Once he was far away from the building, he waited for a caravan to come by. Catching a ride onto it, he hopped onto the back and kept himself bundled under their warm furs. He closed his eyes to gather a few moments rest and when they arrived into Reim, he quickly left them with his documents and picked up his pay, returning to his winery when he finished his other duties in town.



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