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Lost or Purposely misplaced?[ Job/solo]

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

b]Job Name:[/b] Wanderer's Woe's
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: C-tier Plot NPC | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: While traveling through Kina you've noticed on all boards a repeated message generally on scratched paper and with messy calligraphy. Upon investigating further you notice that it's a plea for help, looking for someone of strength. It says they live nearby blue-flowered forest. Meet with this individual and find out why they are looking for someone to train them.

While walking around Kina and thinking about what he wished to do, the young man would find a litter of notes pasted around town. At first, he just ignored them thinking they were something about the festival. However, while getting some tea from a shop he noticed that it was not that but a plea, a plea for someone with strength. The term strength was very lose in its use. If they sought someone of physical strength he was no help. If they meant strength in the case of minds Julius would do well.

After finishing his tea the man would leave the tea shop and set out for where the paper stated the man would be waiting.  Julius brought his small backpack bringing a few things of food in case the journey was long.  While traveling towards where the note said, which was the blue-flowered forest, or near it.   Before leaving town he thought it best to find out where this forest was located. Stopping near the end of the village Julius would stop a few different people asking them where it was located. After a few discussions, he picked up enough information to know it was not that long of a walk.  This would please him to hear as he did not wish to walk that far.  It would take about an hour or so for him to reach it.

Along the way, this had given Julius time to think and plan on what he wished to do about Kou. He knew that he still had work to do in Reim and that the council probably had people out looking for him. He figured that there would be a lot of consequences to his actions however he knew this before he even set out on this journey. He knew that to bring total peace, total equality that he would have to do some unspeakable things and things that would affect him and he would have to live with it, all of it.  The kinds and women he had slaughtered, the men he had shot done, and the magic he had cast on their corpse to use their family in friends against them. He destroyed their way of life and doomed those two farm town to certain death without government aid, of neighboring towns.   Whatever would be the outcome he was sure he had dealt a good blow to them, to the country overall. He'd make it hurt for a while and allow them to think the threat had passed them by.  

The threat of Julius was far from over, in fact, he was only getting stronger by the day giving his training more and more objectives to hit.  His magoi pool had grown by 50%  which would come into play a lot now. He could mass summon his bio warriors now without feeling so tired, he could also use his lightning spells more and more keeping his pressure up in close fights.  

Reaching what he could only assume to be the halfway point the mage would pause his trip and sit himself down on a fallen log. He looked out into the forest out in the distance taking in all its beauty, this was something he would miss. Something he was hoping to bring back to the world from the ashes he would make from the burning of the countries.

After his break was over he'd start his walk once more, he was eager to get this over with now, for what he thought would be an interesting experiment was turning into a long day that he wished to get over.  That's when he saw it, over the hill was a house with smoke coming from the hut-like house.  Julius would push on to the house searching outside as he did.   His search left him with no results so he figured once he'd get to the house he would have to knock on the door and see what was what.  Once he reached the house he would knock upon the door three times, giving it soft but direct hits.

The door would open and a young woman likely around his age possibly or even a tad bit younger. She had long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and smooth skin. She was shorter than he, standing in at about five feet two inches. Her figure was slim and flattering to his eyes.

"Oh um hello, can I help you? "

A bit rattled about her question Julius would sigh, removing his hat from his head. His voice would come out calm and soft. "Ma'am I am Julius. I came due to this here. " Lifting the paper up for her to see. She looked over to him and looked him over.

[color=green] "OH of course! Apologies please do come in. [ /color]

She'd push the door open all the way to allow Julius in her home. Taking the Offer the man would lift his stave from the ground placing it under his right arm and setting his hat around the handle of his stave. Gripping the base of his stave with his right arm he would then walk in.

"Thank you, so your note said something about someone strong to train you. I will be honest with you here and now, when it comes to physical strength I may be lacking in that department. However, I assure you I can handle my own in terms of combat and strategy. I am a magical fighter using the life energy called magoi to use magic along with the helpful creatures known as ruhk. I could teach you the ways of the spell caster and what it means to be a self-taught magician. Now I'll be clear I'm not trying to be a full teacher or trainer however I will make a deal with you if you can produce any amount of magic in our time together of me teaching you the only thing I will ask in return is for your help later. "

There was a lot that he had said there, so he wanted to allow her to take everything in that he said giving her time to respond with her answer. It seemed like she didn't even wait and answered with such energy.

"I accept your terms! Please teach me!"

Taken back by the rapid answer Julius wondered if she truly knew what was going to happen with training and the fact that she would have to leave here. Before fully taking on the idea of taking on a student he wanted to know her reason for gaining power.

"You seem too eager to take training, you don't even know if you are blessed enough to magic. I feel as if you may just be bored in this house all alone, which I assume you are due to the lack of table settings.

Her eyes fell to the floor, her head turning at the same time looking back to the door. She would close it before replying.

"Well, a few weeks ago my brother went out on a mission. He has yet to return. He works with one of the clans here in Kina, I'm not too sure what he does but he often comes back hurt or pain struck. Last time he left he said he would be home soon but it's been a few weeks now. I heard some people speaking when I went into town for supplies that a bunch of guys had gotten captured on a recon mission while on looking into other areas of Kou. After the warrior, things seemed to be going so well but now... I think my big brother was one of the men captured and I wish to bring him back!

Julius would sigh rubbing the back on his neck. Oh, boy was this going to be some task, he was sure they were going to need a lot of training, not only that they had no idea where to start looking for her brother. Julius would think things over. She was emotionally driven which meant she would likely not give up. On top of that if they were to get her brother back he could be a useful pawn or even her.

"That's a good reason to seek power. I tell you what I will accept you as a student and teach you everything I know so we can get your brother, I need to warn you though this road you are about to take is a dangerous one and that will very long. We have no idea where he is or where he went as of now. On top of that, I may be from Kou but I have business plans in Reim and other parts of Kou at the moment. You would need to leave with me when I leave Kina and travel with me if you wish to train with me.

Her eyes would lift up and sparkle once more. She was clearly happy, poor thing she had no idea what Julius was truly. If she would not prove useful as a student and possible ally then she would atleast do well for a test subject for his research on manipulation of the ruhk.

"Yes, I accept these terms. While you are in Kina I shall see what I can find out about my brother and which clan sent him on a mission.



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