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Daddy Daycare [A Man in Need|Job/Solo]

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Job Name: A Man in Need
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3000 Hung + 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/a
Job Overview: You will be going about your everyday life when you bump into a rich guy who needs help. You must visit his house at least once during the mission.

   He will need one of the following everyday tasks to be done:
   1. Helping him look after Kids, which he has been given the task of babysitting.
   2. Household Chores
   3. Cooking for an important Guest
   4. Shopping
   The job should take at least 2 hours to complete depending on what you pick.

   On completion, he will pay you for your help, whether you like it or not.

Ja'Ro had been in Reim for some time. He'd had a decent amount of Huang when arriving in the city. However, things here where expensive. Most of his earnings from random jobs had went to room and board. Living on his home Island he'd never had a need for this world currency. He'd been doing a good job of adjusting to the world views in the few months he could account for. Ja'Ro had encountered many types of people in his travels, unfortunately he could count on one hand how many where combatants. He class the rest as civilians.

The crinkled piece of paper in his hand began to flutter, as a gust of wind brought it to life. "Oh right." Ja'Ro looked down and unfolded the paper. He read over the job details once more. The bustling city streets almost over bearing his thoughts. Listed, there was also a map that would help guide him to the home of the requester. There was a number at the top right corner. It was relatively high for someone, from what the description said, so wealthy.
"Seems he posts this job frequently. I wonder why." Ja'Ro shrug off the thoughts. "None of my business. I'm not here to pry into someones affairs after all."

"Quite the rapport you have there..." A old seasoned voice said ahead of Ja'Ro.

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His gaze averted upward, while his posture faced the map. A slow grin caused him to tilt his head upward. "Well, I'm not one to pry into the dealings of the requestor to much. I'm here to do a job and get paid. Of course if requested of me, I may or may not do a little digging." The elderly man standing in front of Ja'Ro wore a classic butlers suit. Of course his wardrobe beyond the understanding of Ja'Ro, after all the clothes he'd been wearing had been bought from a traveling Merchant, some time between his blackouts. "My name is Alton Moray. I am the Steward to Sir Felix Van Servius. Who might you be my good sir?"

"Oh, well I'm Ja'ro. No last name, at least that I know of. You probably already know why I'm here, so we can skip straight to the point."
He said with a confident smile. "That's exactly what I like to hear. Follow me right this way. After I escort you to the manner I'll be leaving with Sir Felix. We won't be gone more than 2 hours." Ja'ro looked back to the job information still grasped in his hand. "No need, Sir Felix has five children you must watch until we return. He does not often get a chance to himself. He is a hands on Father. Quite the man, much like his father was. Upon our return you'll be rewarded."

Ja'Ro folded the paper and slid it into his pocket. "I'll need this notarized once we finish." Alton looked back and nodded. "Of course." Ja'Ro wasn't so heartless, as to diminish what he'd heard, however he couldn't remember the last time he'd interacted with his parents, or if he had any for that matter. The thought of his birth began to distract him.

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Ja'ro continued on behind Alton, his body moved on its own, while his mind was distracted by thoughts of his forgotten childhood. The eldery butler guided the young Ja'Ro to the home of Sir Felix. It was towards the center of Reim. The palace was so close it looked as if one could reach out and touch the walls of the great monument. Ja'Ro looked up to the mansion, once realizing Alton had stopped walking. "We're here." It looked rustic, yet a seasoned builder could tell it had been renovated many times. The tells were slight, but the door hinges shined new, but the door looked to fit right in with the older. less renovated homes in the surrounding area.

Alton opened the door and from the front corridor the sounds of children laughing and toys being thrown about, could be heard. "They sound lively." Alton chuckled to himself. "You don't know the half of it Sir Ja'Ro." Alton stepped to the right, allowing Ja'Ro the right away into the home. "After you." Ja'Ro paused for a moment and looked at Alton, who was using his right hand to lead Ja'Ro into the mansion. Ja'Ro wasn't use to this, after all this was the first willing 'servant' he'd met since coming to the mainland.

After Ja'Ro entered, Alton followed right behind closing and locking the door. Ja'Ro began walking through the home of Felix. There were many antiques sprawled about. Ja'Ro wasn't privy to things of this matter so it all looked unnecessary. Ja'Ro followed the sounds of the children all the way to a playroom in the back of the mansion. There in a room full of colorful wallpaper and bright colors, the complete opposite of what the rest of the home looked like, was Felix. Four children encircling him and only one taking notice of dark skinned man whom he'd never seen. Alton soon entered behind Ja'Ro. "Sir Felix, this is Sir Ja'Ro. He is the newest individual to accept your request." Felix with a tired looked in his eyes waved to Ja'Ro "Hello th-" his words cut short as his only daughter, Yuri, smacked him in the head with a soccer ball, causing him to fall over to his right. "Madam Yuri!" Alton snapped with compassion for her and Felix.

"Whaa we were just playin'." she said with a shocked look on her face. Ja'Ro laughed to himself. "Lively bunch you got here Felix." Ja'Ro said casually. Felix, who was slow to get up laughed while rubbing his temple. "Yeahhh, they must get this energy from their mothers side." Ja'Ro looked over to Alton who quickly made a face. "Yeah their mothers side." Ja'Ro said with a smile, turning his attention back to Felix.





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