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The Red Haired Deliverer (job/solo)

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Job Name: Delivering Goods
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Chain Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The old lady will ask you to help deliver some woods and vegetable to the market at the town because she wants to take care of the young boy who fell sick for a bit. Help her to deliver the goods and buy some medicine so the boy could be healthy again, she will give you reward after you did the chores.

The red haired adventurer known as Sesshomaru found himself walking through the had mountain range of Kou yet again. He had not expected to return to this area so soon but he had recently received a letter from Mildred, the old lady he helped a few weeks ago. In the letter they old woman talked about her concern for Shiro, the boy he helped once that Mildred was now taking care of. Apparently the young boy had gone ill with a fever and the old woman had to devote most of her time to take care of him so she was requesting him to come to her cabin to help her with some tasks that she couldn't leave for.

So he found himself running through the woods at high speeds that we're uncommon for most people. The only ones who could surpass his speed were more experienced Fanalis or the top human warriors he had heard about. He laughs enjoying himself as he jumps from tree to tree leaving deep impressions of his feet in the bark of the trees. It had been awhile since he was able to let himself go and act on his animalistic instincts. He found himself getting a bit faster as he became more skilled and stronger as a warrior. He felt that he could get closer to his goal to discover to truth behind the Fanalis now. That was something he was willing to risk his life for. The only problem was he wasn't sure how he was going to accomplish that goal. He still couldn't find any real information on his ancestors besides that they are from the dark continent which fustrated him so much. How could it be that know seemed to know a single thing about some of the greatest warriors in the world. He made a promise to himself long ago that when he discovers the true history of the Fanalis that he was going to make it his job to reveal it to all of the Fanalis not in the dark continent.

He jumps out of the forest flying high into the clearing that held the old lady's cabin. He lands on the ground stumbling a bit as that was the first time he tried a landing from something like that before. The old lady walks out of her cabin hearing the commotion from his shaky landing. She thanks him for coming and explains what she needs him to do for him. She needs him to take her cart that was full of wood and vegetables that she had grown and sell them in the market in the nearby town. Also she was wanting him to buy a certain medicine for Shiro that would help with his fever. "don't worry miss you can count on me!" and with that he grabs the cart and starts running with it to the town. Once he got to the town he started haggling with the merchants so he could get the best prices for all of the old woman's goods. Once he was done he bode the medicine for the boy and raced back to the cabin with the cart. The woman thanks him and gives the boy the medicine saying he should be much better tomorrow. He nods and once again goes on his way back.

WC 565/500

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