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The Red Haired Fire Fighter

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Job Name: Fire in the Woods
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: By the time you go to visit the boy again, you will notice how the abandoned house is burning, possibly because he is trying to lit a fire to cook food. Help him to extinguish the fire and bring him to meet the old woman that you helped before so he could stay for a bit unless the old lady changed her mind.

The Fanalis warrior from Rein found himself walking in the Jade Mountain range in Kou once again. He found himself thinking about Shiro, the boy he met in an abandoned house up in these mountain. He had not gone to see the boy for a few weeks, not since he first met him and showed him how to cook. Sess wouldn't admit it but he was worried for the boy. Shiro isn't much younger then he is, plus his code as an adventurer wont let him just walk away from someone he once helped. Now he had to make sure that the young boy is able to survive still on his own.

As the adventurer got closer to the closer he could smell smoke only seconds before being able to see a dark trail of smoke rising into the sky. "Damn it kid!" He shouts as he starts sprinting off to the cabin. After adventuring in Kou for a while now he new that he had gotten stronger and faster. He felt these changes as he sped towards the cabin.

Once he gets to the cabin he sees that the building is almost completely in in flames. "Shiro!" He shouts out as he looks around for the boy not seeing him. Fearing the worst he rushes through the door, shattering it into pieces as he bursts into the cabin coughing as smoke that fills the room begins to enter his lungs. "Hack, hack. Damn kid, where are you?" He looks around and sees Shiro trapped underneath a fallen beam coughing and unconscious. He runs to the kid and bends down grabbing the beam and throwing it across the room. "Don't worry kiddo, I got you now." He says picking up Shiro and carrying him out of the burning building. He sets the boy against a tree and runs to a nearby river after grabbing his magic carpet in order to save the rest of the cabin. He activated his magic carpet once he got near the river and he uses it to dip down into the water and pull back up closed together in order to hold as much water as it could. Then directing it to the fire he flips over the carpet releasing the water onto the fire. He would repeat this for a few more times until the fire was completely out. Thankfully he was able to put it out before setting the forest on fire.

All that remained of the building was a burnt frame which was close to collapsing. He turns back to Shiro ready to give him an earful but sees that the boy is still unconscious. He sighs and picks up the boy trying to decide what he should do with him. He then remembers the old lady that he met shortly before meeting Shiro. He starts running with the boy in his arms to the old lady's place. The old maid was sitting on her porch and saw them come up. She guides them inside and Sess places the boy on the bed. He looks at the woman explaining what had happened and asked if she could take care of him. She nods always wanting a child. He thanks her leaving a note for Shiro before heading off on his own once again.

word count 567/500

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