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The Red Haired Vet [solo/d job/chain

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1The Red Haired Vet [solo/d job/chain Empty The Red Haired Vet [solo/d job/chain on 17/10/17, 09:06 pm


Job Name: Vet Job
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: When you are walking around the mountain, you will be meeting an old lady living alone in a small wooden house. She seems panic because her beloved wolf pet is sick and because she still needs to sell some woods and vegetable to the town market, she couldn’t watch over her pet. Help her to take care of her wolf so she could still make some earnings until the wolf is healthy again and she will reward you.

The red haired Fanilis warrior from Riem named Hector was walking around the Dade dragon Mountains. He was supposed to be heading back to the city from a refugee camp he just recently helped but he ended up getting lost on his way. He was always kind of bad with directions but at least he knew the area he was in. But now he was in a foreign country surrounded by foreign people and landmarks. After a few hours walking he finds a path with a elderly woman standing on the path looking really worried about something. He was concerned about why this lady looked concerned and decided it wouldn't hurt to go up and at least talk to her. he walks up to her smiling hoping to appear warm and friendly in an attempt not to startle her. "Hello there ma'am nice to meet you. I am an adventurer from Riem visiting this country and I appear to be lost. Could you perhaps tell me how to get to the nearest town." The woman looks up smiling but the look of worry still evident on her face. "Yes kind sir." She points down the path heading down the mountain. "If you head down that path for a short ways you will be able to find a small town that's not very far from a road to the city. But before you leave could you by chance help me with something minor real quick." He nods smiling. "of course miss. It is my code as an adventurer and a warrior to help those who are in need." "Thank you sir. You see I have a pet wolf by the name of Mr. Fluffy. And Mr. Fluffy is currently sick and I need to rake care of him but I also need to go to town so that I can sell me goods so I can afford to take care of him. I will only be gone for a da or two." He nods agreeing to this and the woman leads him up the path quite aways to a small, isolated cottage. Inside the cottage was the cutest little would you would ever see, It was a few months old and had a bright red fur with black feet. His eyes were also a bright red. The lady gave him a list of what to do and the type of medicine to give him every few hors before gathering her wares and heading to the town. So for the next few days Hector kept good care of the wolf by washing it and feeding it food and making sure that it got the medication it needed. Mr. Fluffy was slowly getting better and began to gather up his energy and running around a bit. The woman finally returns to see a healthy wolf pup barking and jumping around eager to see his owner finally return. The woman was happy to see him healthy and she thanked the adventurer as he leaves going to his next adventure

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Name: Chikara (Japanese for Strength)
Tier: D
Type: Bisento (type of pole arm)
Material: The blade is made of steel
Appearance:  Chikara is a long pole arm style weapon given to Hector by his father when he was old enough to fight. Chikara's pole is 152 cm (5ft) in length and 10 cm diameter and its blade is 46 cm (1.5 ft) long, and its largest width is 30 cm (1ft) and it thins towards the pole to about 15cm (.5ft) than thins to the point the opposite direction. The handle is black with a gold colored hilt and butt of the pole. The blade is styled similar to that of a scimitar and it has a black sheath with a god dragon on it. He has a strap attached to it to carry it on his back.

Grasping Ring:

The Red Haired Vet [solo/d job/chain Latest?cb=20110425234647
Name: Grasping Ring
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A ring that is made of simple materials and has a small magic circle engraved into its surface.
[*]Reach -  Feeding magoi into the ring causes a hand of strength magic to extend from the ring up to 3m away. The hand is the same functions. The hand has D-tier strength but is brittle and is unable to perform attacks. 1k0 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain
word count 523/500

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