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The Red Haired Cook [solo/d job/chain]

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Job Name: Let Me Show You How to Cook
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: In your way exploring the mountain, you will see an abandoned house in the middle of the area. Go check the house and you will see a young boy eating raw meat because he has no idea on how to cook or even how to start the water. Apparently, he lost his family because of bandits and he hid in the abandoned house ever since. Teach him how to survive and how to cook some decent food.

Sesshomaru was exploring Jade Dragon Mountain a few days after helping an old lady. This time though he was riding on a magical, flying carpet that he had recently purchased. It was fun to just fly through the sky and to enjoy the view of the passing trees and scenery. After another hour of exploring he came across a house up on the mountain that had seemed to be abandoned for awhile. "Hmm, I wonder if there is anything cool inside." He says getting off his carpet and leaving his stuff there as he walks inside a bit cautious as he was in the middle of nowhere. As he is entering the house he sees something move across the room and to a corner. He jumps and turns only to see a small boy glaring at him and looking frightened. The Fanalis adventurer noticed that that the boy was starving and that he was grasping a bloody piece of raw meat in his hands. He frowns feeling sorry for the boy as he had clearly lost his parents and Sesshomaru shared his pain. "Its okay buddy, I am not going to harm you. I actually want to help. My name is Sesshomaru, what is yours?" He asks softly with a smile on his face. The boy looks a bit skeptical but he answers the warrior anyways. " name is S..shiro." Sesshomaru moves closer to him. "Hey Shiro, you look hungry. How about I show you how to catch food and then cook that food?" The boy thinks for a second then nods eagerly. "Okay then kiddo get up and lets go then." He helps the little boy up and leads him outside to his carpet where his pack and all of his supplies were at. He grabs some wire and some other supplies. "I will show you how to make a snare. It is good for small animals such as rabbits and you wont have to risk hunting dangerous animals." He says as he takes the wire making snare and setting it up in the forest a bit of the ways. He then had the boy make a couple of snares till he was efficient at making them. "Okay now that I have shown you how to make and set up snares I will show you how to cook some food. It wont be anything special but it will be enough to survive on." He says leading him back into the abandoned house after grabbing some meat from his pack. He would then show the boy how to start a safe fire and how to best cook the meat and even what vegetables he could use in the forest to make a nice stew for him to eat. "And with all of that you can make a nice meal that would be able to feed you for a few days and it is pretty simple to make." The boy smiles and thanks him and starts digging into the stew as the adventurer left to go back on his journey.

word count 535/500

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