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God Help This Sinner(Coli)VS Silver Fox

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Dante's grin deepened as he retrieved the mail from his mail box to find a coliseum letter inside, it was dated a week prior, the date set was today or the day he opened it, his fingers edged the envelop ever so gently causing the glue to unpeel and the flap to fly up, Dante's fingers pulled the letter from it's home with a grin as he began to read

"Dear Dante, I hope you have been well, the masses have missed you very much, this being said we have set up a new opponent, a female whom has already bested most of our warriors, have haste young warrior for this girl has potential and she is a killer, having killed 90% of her opponents do not take this girl lightly if you wish to continue living this life" the note read with caution Dante sighed.

"Don't they know" Dante would say crumpling up the the paper, except for one letter, the enemies information, he knew it would be best to peep at it, already knowing he was going to fight a women he instead sighed throwing the paper to the ground fully opened and it read.

God Help This Sinner(Coli)VS Silver Fox Mai-kof13-stance
Enemy Name: Silver Fox
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier to defeat
Description/background: Formerly trained as an assassin in Balbadd, the Silver Fox decided to leave that life behind and began to travel the world. Having heard of Reim's legendary Coliseum, she decided to see it for herself. The Silver Fox was in luck too, a historic match was about to occur, the undefeated Decimus had been challenged by the King of Reim himself. After seeing the strongest warriors Reim had to offer clash head-to-head, the Silver Fox vowed that she would one day defeat Decimus herself. With two wins under her belt so far, she is working her way up to obtain that dream.

Abilities: The Silver Fox wields an collapsible fan that deals C-Tier damage. She wears a two meter long length of cloth, with a metal ball tied to one end, around her waist, that deals C-Tier damage when struck. She moves at 6 m/s and sprints up to 12 m/s.

Parry: Using her fan, the Silver Fox parries one ability that deals up to B-Tier damage away at 15 m/s.

Paper-cut: The Silver fox aims a twenty meter per second diagonal slash with her fan at an opponent's tendons to disable them, dealing B-Tier damage.

Rapid-Spin: Spinning her body at 15 m/s the Silver Fox hits an opponent with the metal ball, dealing C-Tier damage.

Brave Fox: The Silver Fox dashes forward at 15 m/s to travel up to 10 meters away.

Dante would grab his sword throwing it over his shoulder, tightening the strap with a sigh "So then...A paper fan and a ball? That is what she calls a weapon?" Dante would say in a judgmental tone as he would turn the nob on his door and slowly leave his house, closing and locking the door with a sigh beginning down his road looking at the coliseum in it's glory getting bigger with every step he too towards it, the city of Reim filled him with Determination, the kind to become the most powerful warrior in any land, this alone would be his motivation, the reason for pushing on into this battle as his movements slowed, he would speak with the guards, and enter the Arena with a grin.




Dante was running through the corridor into the coliseum as he saw 50 meters from him stood a woman with rather large assets, meaning the ball that hung behind her of course, Dante would start the match by pulling his sword out from it's sheathe 'Alright...Remember she has killed most of her opp' Dante would think before dust would fly behind the girl as she would close the distance between them to a to a staggering twenty meters, then throwing her fans, attempting at one of her special moves 'Papercut' Dante had a little bit of a idea on how she'd try and start this fight, like a rabid dog trying to force a win from the start, Dante was not impressed as the fan would come at blinding speeds he could see she was aiming at  his right ankle, knowing the girl was one for quick killings he wouldn't let her catch him as he would jump into the air avoiding the blade the girl would close the gap to fifteen meters with a grin on her face, like she was truly enjoying this fight.

Dante would land on the ground as the girl was still running at break neck speeds, her hands grabbed onto the cloth on her back tearing it out bringing a large flail like weapon into view 'Why didn't I read her page' Dante would think to himself as the ball would come from the right Dante was able to block it with his own sword Bane, although he didn't want to rely on this tactic knowing full well the flail would eventually snap his sword like a tooth pick, this fact was clear to Dante as the girl was now in a two meter distance she would use yet another ability Rapid spin Causing Dante to step back as her body began to twist and turn almost unnaturally Dante was being pushed back until his back met the steel cage of the arena, he knew there was no other choice as he blocked on swing by the flail, it was strong enough to send him 4 meters to the left, obviously applying all of it's force to the right, the sword took most of the damage, Dante himself was almost unscathed as he began to stand the woman would grin "Oh HEROOOOOOO, Dont die yet, I'm having so much more fun than I did with the last people" the girl would say her tongue rolling over her lips in a sadistic manner, Dante stood fully pointing his sword at the silver fox "So killed them for pleasure..." Dante would say gulping  looking at her "By the power of the men you killed....Today will be your last day to live..." Dante would say placing both hands on the hilt of his blade inhaling deeply as the girls grin would grow.

"Oh yeah?Look who is awfully cocky...Alright let me show you how I killed all those others silly" the girl would say as she would use Brave Fox and rush at Dante at full speed, she wasn't the smartest as Dante would crouch as her approach would be too much and over calculated causing her body to slam into the sword Dante would be pointing at her general direction, the sword would pierce through her rib cage and out of her back with an instant causing her to scream in pain and agony for just a few moments before coming to her demise, the crowd would be screaming and roaring over the single attack victory, when really strategy was what Dante used to win, instead of most of the people's normal power house attacks.

(WC:600 C tier win)


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