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Return To The Coliseum(IO/Private/Coli)

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It would have been a bright and beautiful day in the city of Reim however it wasn't, instead it was a dark cloudy day, small droplets of rain began to fall from the sky, earlier in the day the Magicians were talking of the chance of rain, Dante pushed it off, the only Magicians he respected at the time was Neo, and Lestacia, they were both talented in their own ways however it was pretty clear Neo was stronger, however without a care in the world about that notion of information Dante was more interested in the arena however, the Coliseum was a very well built place, it wasn't uncommon for people to argue and say the Coliseum was a sin against god but Dante didn't care, if people and creatures entered of their own free will then it was basically just a mercy killing right?

Dante would have lied if he said he weren't nervous, it was not every day you got to fight a opponent you know is stronger than you in most ways, Dante's opponent was sent to him via mail, it was normal for them to introduce the fighters to one another before the battle so the fighters understand they they eventually will need to win or lose, no matter which happens the warriors tend to come out alive, but injured.Dante opened the mail and found his opponent was another Fanalis names Zai.The man seemed to have just arrived three months before hand and had slaughtered almost all of the arena's combatants, it wasn't on Dante's best interests to let this man live much longer fearing the pain that the man could cause later in Dante's life, Dante assumed the fight would be easy due to his sword hung from his waist, it was sharpened to a fine point, fine enough to inflict B tier damage upon contact as he slowly put the fighters information away.

Return To The Coliseum(IO/Private/Coli) HUoxfW7
Enemy Name: Zai
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A-tier
Abilities: This rising favorite, another Fanalis warrior, moves at a base speed of 10m/s and 15m/s when sprinting. As a Fanalis, he fights with his bare hands and relies on muscle memory from past battle experience of the fights he has been in to get him through a match. Just recently arrived from Heliohapt three months ago, he has become known enough that people look forward to his show of brute strength.

Bursting Parry ~ Zai quickly slaps an attack out of the way from going towards him by aiming for the hand that holds the weapon or is delivering the attack while simultaneously side-stepping the attack. This defends against a single attack that would deal B-Tier damage.

Bursting Strike ~ Using his strength to his advantage, Zai delivers a corkscrew punch to his opponent. This punch delivers B-Tier damage, which spreads in a 5 meter area when it strikes a target. If hitting the ground, this would effectively destroy a portion of the ground with explosive force.

Flurry of Blows and Feints ~ Zai delivers 5-10 punches, each of which imparts D-Tier damage to a target struck. Some of these punches are used as feints, while others are meant to strike an opponent in places that would disorient them.

Dantes movement were well thought as he stepped into the cages, two doors, a hundred and fifty roughly meters apart Dante stood in one, he looked down the way to find a pissed looking Zai waiting in his cage with a grin, Dante had his sword in his hand in a moment, Dante had gained massive strength through his adventures, however the slave for Heliohapt had seen more combat than anyone Dante had met, Dante began to sweat as the cages doors began to go up, Dante ducked under and paced slowly towards Zai. Typical for Fanalis Zai was already rushing towards the bloodshed, running quickly screaming "PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!" Zai said as he closed the gap in moments, Dante had his sword up and realized the difference in power instantly as Zai's grin carved into his cheeks he released a Flurry of punches and feints, this was quicker than Dante could process as several hits only connected to the sword with smashes, dealing D tier on contact Dante was only hit with roughly three punches as one landed on his stomach he felt feint, the other Fanalis knew attacks like nobody Dante had faced before.

Dante now slightly hunched by the other Fanalis would be at the mans mercy, the pain in his stomach outmatched all the other pain caused by Zai, Zai being a Fanalis wanted a good fight as his arm would cock back he would use a Burst Strike on the soil beneath them, this would cause an explosion as Dante would be detached for his sword Zai would picking up Dante's sword would attempt to stab the sword through Dante's shoulder into the wall, this failed as Dante would side step the blade letting it implant into the wall behind him, Dante's right hand would cock back and with the anger of a Fanalis flowing through him Dante would punch Zai with B tier damage to his face(Racial Trait tier up), this would send Zai to the ground clenching his jaw, Dante would retrieve his sword from the wall walking over with cold eyes without a second though with the blade pointing downwards towards Zai Dante would quickly trust the swords towards Zai's chest. a few welts growing on Dante's beaten boy showed that he had slowed from the beginning of the battle. Zai attempted a Burst Parry but the bladed part was turned to his palm, so when the ability was use Dante simply allowed Zai to lop off his fingers as a crippling crack would sound through the arena as Dante's sword would run straight through Zai's ribs Dante would mutter softly "This is my stage, my city, my kingdom, and most of all...ALL THESE FANS ARE MINE!" Dante would say amping up his words slowly until he screamed, letting his fans know he cared, the medics came to retrieve Zai's body as Dante's cold movement would be headed to the medical station for healing.

500 towards Racial Strength Tier up to C Tier
Killed Zai
Same pools)


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