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Menat vs Silver Fox

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Menat vs Silver Fox Mai-kof13-stance
Enemy Name: Silver Fox
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier to defeat
Description/background: Formerly trained as an assassin in Balbadd, the Silver Fox decided to leave that life behind and began to travel the world. Having heard of Reim's legendary Coliseum, she decided to see it for herself. The Silver Fox was in luck too, a historic match was about to occur, the undefeated Decimus had been challenged by the King of Reim himself. After seeing the strongest warriors Reim had to offer clash head-to-head, the Silver Fox vowed that she would one day defeat Decimus herself. With two wins under her belt so far, she is working her way up to obtain that dream.

Abilities: The Silver Fox wields an collapsible fan that deals C-Tier damage. She wears a two meter long length of cloth, with a metal ball tied to one end, around her waist, that deals C-Tier damage when struck. She moves at 6 m/s and sprints up to 12 m/s.

Parry: Using her fan, the Silver Fox parries one ability that deals up to B-Tier damage away at 15 m/s.

Paper-cut: The Silver fox aims a twenty meter per second diagonal slash with her fan at an opponent's tendons to disable them, dealing B-Tier damage.

Rapid-Spin: Spinning her body at 15 m/s the Silver Fox hits an opponent with the metal ball, dealing C-Tier damage.

Brave Fox: The Silver Fox dashes forward at 15 m/s to travel up to 10 meters away.

Menat could feel her stomach twisting and turning. The roars of the spectator stands shook the very coliseum with their excitement. The young Fanalis was starting to shake from her nervousness. She hadn't exactly told Bast she had planned to do this at all. The combination of her own excitement mixing with her worry of what her elder sister would do when she found out was starting to make her somewhat nautious actually. But this would be her big debute! From what she had been told taking the arena in the coliseum seemed almost like a family tradition, both her father and mother having been exceptional warriors that had faught in this very venue themselves. Her mother had even earned the title of "The White Lioness" for her skills in the coliseum.

That fact made her stop and wonder for a moment, the distraction monetarily helping her nerves. Did her father earn any kind of title like that? She found herself once more upset at how little about her father she actually knew, even with her big sister having been one of his subordinates when he was in the Fanalis Corps and telling her all about him. How she so deeply desired to find her father one day. To FINALLY find out about him through more than just her sister's stories. At least she had heard that her mother was off building her own nation. As far as anyone who knew her father, besides her mother, knew he had practically disappeared off the face of the planet.

Just another leg of her journey for her to embark on once she finally left Reim. She'd find her mother, then her father. But for now, her debute fight was calling her. Pulling up the black mask she chose to wear above her lower face and afixing a small metal mask over her eyes to hide the rest of her face. Of course the metal mask had slits for her to see out of. She hoped this would help her keep hidden from Bast, at least for a little while. Donning her disguise and entering to the announcement of the name "The Sanguine Lioness", another attempt to keep from Bast finding out she had come to participate, she took a firm grip of her spear.

The cool steel of Piercer's shaft began to grow warm and clammy from the sweat of her palms gripping it so tightly. She had practiced and faught with the spear so many times before this moment yet now she felt awkward holding it. Almost as if she had only just picked it up for the first time in her life. She hadn't expected her nerves to be THIS bad.

WC: 451/800

Magoi: 30
Stamina: 170


Menat vs Silver Fox QtRTjIE

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Standing opposed Menat, amongst the farside of the arena, stood her opponent. A woman going by, what Menat assumed was also, a stage name of Silver Fox. An undoubtably shapely woman. Similar to Bast in build, yet lacking in the toned and defined muscles that her sister seemed to take pride in. Additionally there was this woman's bust. Far larger than Bast's and even more so than Menat's own barely existant bosom. In fact, just looking at the woman's bust caused an odd number of conflicting, unexplanable, emotions to swirl in Menat's chest. None of which she could understand. The woman's attire didn't seem to help with these feelings either.

The barely there strips of fabric seemed to cover just enough of her to hide whatever bits would normally be considered "indecent" or "embarrassing" to most normal women. The warrior aspect of Menat's mind could justify the ensamble as a means of being kept completely free of any hinderances, offering the best possible mobility and range of movement for her body. But Menat wasn't here to rationalize, or to even contemplate, her opponent's attire. Taking her first true step onto the arena's battleground Menat was welcomed by the roars of the crowds.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for!" The commentator cried, riling up the frenzy that was the spectators even more. "The Fox vs the Lioness!"

The Fox wasted no time, opting to use her opponent's inexperience in the arena to take the first move for herself. Dashing forward with her Brave Fox the older woman made straight to close the gap between herself and Menat, drawing her fan from the sash around her waist as she did so. This, however, seemed to be a fake-out as the woman stopped, placing all of her momentum and weight onto a single foot. The force causing her to spin fast enough that the heavy metal sphere at the end of her sash was forced to swing around as her entire body spun. Her Rapid-Spin aiming to land a heavy blow on Menat, aiming to start light to test the obviously young opponent.

Menat wasn't going to sit and allow it to simply make contact with her. Kicking the blunt, butt end of Piercer forward while allowing the spear's head to fall behind her. Knocking away the metal sphere before it could connect with her Menat continued to swirl her spear around, executing her Defend stance in order to protect herself. Following up the girl released her grip on Piercer and allowed it to drop from her hands. Pushing forward she proceeded to attack the grown woman in the simplest, most basic fashion. A simple one-two punch combo aimed straight for the Fox's abdomen. Driving her fists into the woman's unarmored, unprotected body with her full Fanalis strength behind each one.

The force sent the woman back some good several meters, almost ending her right back in the same position she started the battle in.

"The winner! The Sanguine Lioness!"

WC: 499
TWC: 950/800 (COMPLETE)

Stamina: 150/170
Magoi: 30

Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Free movement of her arms, access to a polearm-like weapon and the room to move itaround.
Scaling: Number of attacks blocked
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 post
Cost: 20 stamina + 10 stamina to sustain

Typically used with her own personal spear, Menat takes a polearm-type weapon and proceeds to swing it around her. Using the weapon's general length she creates a kind of protective shell around her as she swings it around, allowing it to do things like roll across her body. With this she can block up to C-tier level attacks.


Menat vs Silver Fox QtRTjIE

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