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Back to Battle(Coli/Solo/VS Shusara)

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1Back to Battle(Coli/Solo/VS Shusara) Empty Back to Battle(Coli/Solo/VS Shusara) on 28/11/16, 11:27 am


Enemy Name: Shusara
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: 2 B-tier
Abilities: This swift fighter moves at a base speed of 8m/s and 12m/s when sprinting. She carries a large Shuriken that deals B-tier cutting damage. She is known for being very fast and difficult to hit, while throwing out playful taunts to her opponents.

Slicing Wheel ~ The shuriken is thrown at 20m/s in a way that is designed to come back to Shusara. The shuriken can move up to 20 meters away and deals B-tier damage if it strikes an opponent.

Deflecting Spin ~ The shuriken is held with one hand and spun in a circle at 20m/s. Any incoming direct attack is redirected away from the user at 20m/s.

Slice and Dice ~ The users quickly leaps around at 15m/s, hopping in small 1 meter increments up to 10 times, moving around an opponent and slicing with each jump. If the opponent is struck 5 times, C-tier damage is dealt, if all 10 land, B-tier damage is dealt.

Dodging Roll ~ The users rolls to the side at 15m/s, moving up to 15 meters away, to avoid taking damage or to reposition for a better offensive strategy.

Dante's breath was hot as the cheering in the stadium grew, it was brilliant all the vibrant hate for people emanated from the arena, while their ecstasy and pleasure from the battles and blood spilled upon the ground, it was a glorious day for Dante as he ranked up to a higher challenge....


The door bell rang once...Then again and again until Dante finally arose from his bed like a vampire his back slouched as he answered the door a boy cam into view with a letter "Letter for the coliseum fighter going by the name of Dante?" the boy would say as Dante would take hold of the letter bringing it into his apartment and letting the boy run off to deliver more death notes.Dante slowly closed the door, then moving his finger under the tab forcing it open tearing the paper slightly as he retrieved the enemies information and letter attached and began to read.

'Dearest Coliseum Fighter Dante:
I hope this letter finds you in good health after your last battle, there has been a opening in a higher ranked match, this girl whom you have the right to battle is named Shusara she has proven to be a strong enemy however not one for health, best in your endeavors and may the gods push you further'

Dante let out a sigh "Really?Another female it's like these fans like seeing me smash little girl to pieces" Dante would say sliding on his gauntlets and throwing his sword to his side, it was not uncommon for female warriors to come and god but Dante wasn't exactly the type of guy who got off on causing a girl pain.Dante let out a breath of heated air "Alright then, I chose the path of strength, born from the passionate flame I shall continue" Dante would say as his hands turned the knob of his home shining in a bright light from the sun.

The True Coliseum

A cold wind blew as Dante saw his enemy standing, ten feet in front of him with a twisted grin on her face, her talent shown from her posture, with a grin from Shusara the fight would commence, the blade she held would soon draw blood as she would  user her ability Dodging roll rolling up straight to Dante, Dante wasn't sure how to react as a chuckle came from the girl who used yet another of her ability, Slice and Dice hopping upward with her bladed shuriken, slicing Dante's cheek would be caught first, slicing a wide gap causing Dante to stumble back, as the girl would laugh "Wow they really put me against a pansy like you?They must be desperate AHAH AHAhA"  the girl would say shooting behind Dante now leaving an X like cut on Dante's face, Dante would roll to the left pulling out his blade quickly a the girl would launch at him again.This time Dante recognized her footing, managing to block the shuriken with much strain on his arms 'th...this girl...' Dante thought to himself as she would move back a meter "Oh you're finally doing something?" the girl would taunt slowly licking a blade on her Shuriken "Round two then?" she would say with a giggle before throwing her shuriken launching her next ability Slicing Wheel sending a spinning blade vertically at Dante, Dante would duck, however his shoulder would still get a large cut on his left side.

Dante was brought aback while the girl began to charge he would slash at her legs leaving a large open gash deep on her with a scream "YOU BASTARD!" Shusara would scream throwing her Shuriken, nicking Dante's right leg as Dante would swipe his sword and deflect the shuriken to his side roughly 5 feet behind him it would lodge in the ground.Dante would stare at the girl as she would attempt to grab her weapon, he would hack at the girl slashing her torso with a powerful swing, this would cause a scream of pleasure from the crowd and agony from Shusara as she managed to pick up her Shuriken and move back a few feet, both were at their limit, Shusara would throw her Shuriken once more as Dante would attempt to dodge it would cut his left leg, now withing .2 meters of Dante he would swing his sword and delimb the girls arms once and for all attempting to handicap her and never fight her again as his breath were heavy so was his body, he fell to his knees and then on his face beginning to fall asleep on the warm blood covered sand muttering "I....Won....I....Won" is all he could say as world seemed at peace with Dante.He would expect to win and be brought to the medical tent soon.It was a blur when he awoke all he could see was lights and feel the pain as the medic come in "You are free to go home" the man said as Dante would put his shirt on and begin heading home stiff and beaten with his belongings.



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