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The Country with an Unforgiving Sun [Travel Reim-Helio]

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Previously: To the Lands of Sand and Slaves

The hot sun that glared down from the heavens was unbearable as the young Imuchakk warrior walked off the ship. She had no idea how hot Heliohapt really was, but she knew the difference was tremendous when compared to her home country, Imuchakk. Not even a breeze brought relief to Vavantine’s skin for it was as if the sun had absorbed anything that could combat its ferocious rays of light.

The young girl was at least happy that she covered her head with a white shawl so the heat wouldn’t immediately devour her. Water would be of top priority, now more than ever before, but first she would need to find an inn to stay at while she conducted her Unity Corps duty. Tomorrow would be the day Vavantine planned on meeting General Lagi’s contact, Namir, to get the general info about the country and the issues that plagued its lands. She just had to remember her superiors words and everything would be fine.
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The Country with an Unforgiving Sun [Travel Reim-Helio] 0WmUfDe

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