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To the Lands of Sand and Slaves [Travel Reim-Helio/Private]

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Gathering all of her belongings wasn’t a difficult task for Vavantine since she had very little to begin with: a couple sets of clothes, a brush, some polisher for her sword and shield, but nothing too extravagant. Not even her clothes, which was merely a blue gown-like robe being blown by the gentle salty wind of the sea, was too attention grabbing. Her hair was still blue, despite the request made by General Lagi to dye it, but she’d figure she could do that later considering the trip by ship would take about a month if nothing went wrong. With a heavy sigh, Vavantine boarded the ship, making sure to stay out of the way of the sailors that were still preparing to set sail, and ventured to her quarters beneath the deck.

Her room was typical: there was a cot in the corner of the room next to the porthole, a simple desk with quills and ink and a chair tucked neatly underneath, and a crimson rug laid across the floorboards. Such a room was perfect for her short travel, but the Imuchakk had no plans to stay inside her room during the duration of the voyage. Instead, she planned on helping the crew members with daily chores to not be a burden.

On the deck outside, over the cries the the seagulls, she heard the voice of a man calling, “Hoist the anchor!” A new adventure waited for her in the lands of sand and slaves.
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To the Lands of Sand and Slaves [Travel Reim-Helio/Private] 0WmUfDe

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