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Helio -> Reim [Travel]

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Zadi's plan would be to form a group of talented individuals and help Ani become a Queen, or just help her achieve her goals if being Queen isn't one of said goals. Technically, becoming a Queen isn't necessarily a goals so much as a stepping stone towards other goals, but what did Zadi know? Anyway, Zadi wanted a horse for his travels to Reim rather than a passing caravan. Caravans took a very long time to reach their destination and Zadi didn't want to waste any time. The quick Zadi arrived at Reim's Coliseum, the longer a time he could spend scouting for talent.

Zadi made his way to the local stables in an attempt to buy a fine horse, ready to travel under the hot sun at high speeds. However, upon arrival, Zadi was told there weren't any horses for sale...only rent. Made sense now that Zadi really thought out it; renting is more profitable than selling. However, with renting comes many more risks, but the renter of horses seemed well aware. As Zadi was able to leave for another stable, the horse renter caught Zadi's attention;

"There is one animal for sale."

"Animal? Not a horse?"

"Correct, but I'm sure you'll find the creature is more than capable of long travels."

Zadi thought this new animal, now called a creature, was suspiciously convenient for his needs. Perhaps this creature wasn't an animal that the horse renter was able to rent out for liability reasons and now had Zadi to take the creature away, permanently.

"Alright, I'll take a look-"

"I'm afraid you'll simply have to purchase the creature without taking a look. But I gaurantee this creature to be of high value, rare, yet cheap in cost! How about it?"

The suspicious behavior of the horse renter only heightened Zadi's skepticism, but Zadi didn't want to risk finding only horse renters within Heliohapt and never getting another chance of purchasing this creature, "Alright, I'll buy it from you, right here right now."


The purchase was finalized and the creature was pulled out from deep within the stable. The creature had to be pulled out using two people; one pulling the custom-made reigns and another prodding the creature from the back. However, Zadi understood the need to sell such a 'rare' creature; this creature was from a dungeon! The nightmarish creature reminded Zadi of the hellish experience Marax had to offer. The glow from the mouth, the pale scales of its skin, the dead look in its eyes; this creature was indeed special, if nothing else.

The reigns were given to Zadi, but the creature kept pulling. Regardless, Zadi's honed strength allowed him to easily keep a hold of the creature without a problem. In fact, Zadi started to pull the creature towards his position, slowly put his hand on the creature's head, and petted the creature. The strength exuding from Zadi's pulling of the reigns combined with the gentle touch of Zadi's hand seemed to have somewhat tamed the beast. Zadi didn't ride the creature for now. He just took the beast for a walk towards Reim and named it Gaaron, for whatever reason.

After a long walk underneath the hot sun, Zadi started to get tired, but not tired enough to let go of the reigns. However, Gaaron didn't get tired in the slightest. Walking didn't seem to affect the beast's stamina, but what if Gaaron sprinted? With Gaaron no longer tugging at the reigns, Zadi attempted to mount the white beast. Zadi hoped riding a horse would be similar to riding a dungeon beast. Zadi flipped the reigns into position, hooked his left foot into the leftmost stirrup, and jumped into Gaaron's back. Gaaron seemed frightened by Zadi's sudden movements and tried to jump up and down like a redilar hose would. However, Gaaron's stubby legs didn't give him enough momentum to jump very high. Zadi just stayed on the beast's back and continued to pull at the reigns.

After a few minutes of tugging at the reigns of the now mounted beast, Zadi was finally able to tame Gaaron. That or Gaaron become exhausted. Zadi would only be able to tell by tapping with the back of his right heel and loosening the pull on the reigns.

"Alright, off to Reim. Giddyup!"

And off Gaaron went! Zadi was even able to steer Gaaron at high speed, around 15 m/s, and still have control. This mount had great potential not only for travel but also for combat, if the need ever showed its ugly head. It didn't take long for Zadi to reach Reim's Coliseum with the help of Gaaron. The bartering and taming was totally worth the effort! Now all Zadi had to do was find a stable willing to house Gaaron...the rowdy beast.

Reached Reim.



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