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Back to Reim (Travel from Helio to Reim)

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Dante sighed as his mission was in vain to find any Fanalis like himself he met nobody that even stood out to him as his feet moved through the warm sand as he walked, the people around him viewed him as an outsider which wasn't a lie he hadn't been born of there nature as his feet met the dock it felt like a warm pain forcing himself to bare through it as a calm wind set through the boats Dantes feet were slightly cooled as he stepped on the boat to Reim with a grin."This time I get a room" Dante would say with a devilish smile as he got to his quarters.He'd open the door to find a nice well put together room with two beds.

Dante sat on his bed as he saw the sun setting on the horizon of Heliohapt, Dante wasn't a sap for sore sights as he watched it though, more over he didn't much mind leaving the village of Helio as his feet now set over hard wood.Dante enjoyed the feeling of sand better but knew the coliseum waited for no man as Dante would begin training placing his arms apart on the floor he would lift up his body placing it against the wall slightly.Dante would begin doing push ups and crunches for the confinement as his body would enhance due to the overall pressure applied, after half a month Dante felt slightly stronger as he kept up with his exercises.He did not enjoy the discomfort of the boat however the rocking back and forth caused Dante to fall numerous times not being able to catch his balance on the wall before he feel was his main problem.Dante knew better after a month of exercising his body felt more in tune to itself.

After the month passed Dante felt at hom as the man above yelled "Reim In The Distance" to the entire ship, Dante was back after a couple months away his body had become more in tuned with itself as even when they arrived Dante was still doing free formed full body push ups hands locked to the ground with Dante's new found grip that seemed to put dents in the cold wood of the cabin as Dante stood he had a grin on his face "I guess I got a little stronger" Dante would say opening his cabin door and heading up to the deck Dante would look at Reim.

It was a glorious day as the sun seemed in the middle of the sky as Dante would step off he would be clenching his hand walking up the alley he would see the Coliseum the place he felt most at home as his golden gauntlets gleamed he smiled as he walked passed it "First things first I need something flashy for my arrival" Dante would say heading to the market district.

Would like to upgrade my Racial trait to C Tier)


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