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New Place (Reim-Helio)

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Val Achilles

Val Achilles
Val sighs as he walks toward the port in Reim. It was a nice day to leave but it was still sad. He needs to go on the mission but when Val stayed in Reim, he realized something.

From his talk with Lagi, to the fights with experienced people, he learned what he needed in order to be stronger. There is no reason for a trainer but he needs to go for his own experiences. Val needs to make his own legends if he wants to reach his goal.

He looks at the port with a nice smile. The wind brushed over his hair, making it a mess. Val approaches the ship with him placing his straw hat on his head. He heard about one place that can help him find himself. It is a big slave country but it was still worth it. Maybe he can learn magic or become a better martial artist there. However, he had a feeling something was going to happen.

He also expected Solomon to go there. Val may not know the man, however, he can understand what he is going through. And a bad experience can change someone's life forever, either for a good change or bad. The hero knew that Solo was a good man with horrible events happening to him. He offered Val some drinks and food even though they knew nothing of each other at that time. Val knows what he has to do

As he aboard the ship, he meets the captain. Val gives him his ticket for Helio and he gets to his room. When Val entered, he was a little bit in disgust to see this. It was a mess with crumbs or bread, empty bottles of ale, and drunk sailors. Val sighed as he started to clean. To the hero, it was ridiculous to see sailors not working on the job.

When he was done with brushing off the crumbs, throwing away the empty bottles, and kicking out the sailors, he finally has his room. It was still in a bad condition with rats and other rodents but Val was still comfortable. He never cared for the conditions so much. Ther hero looks into his bag and then finds a book.

The book was about the "Concepts of Magoi Manipulation."
Magoi Manipulation covered different objects and body parts to make them stronger, either for defense and offense.

For the next month, Val has been reading his book and helping sailors and the captain. When he reached Helio, he had a bright smile with his nice straw hat on. He was ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Travel WC: 400+/400


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