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Zadi's Meditations: The Temple~ [Training;Private]

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Time for some MORE meditation! And much like last time…there was a dungeon in the scene. However, this time, the dungeon wasn’t so much a tower…it seemed to be a temple of sorts. Zadi walked towards the outskirts of the Reim Empire’s grand city…Reim…and made his little place between the city, the Western Fortress, and the dungeon! It felt as though this dungeon, well, felt different than the last. Other than looks and other aesthetics, this dungeon seemed to radiate something other than power. It seemed to radiate hope and peace. Light. Something that Zadi has been exploring for a while now. He was wondering if he could tap into the power of this light as use it for his own purposes such as magic spell and other such techniques. Zadi sat down, crisscrossed, and did the usual side-ways placing of his staff, the Gawking Heron, and waited for the Rukh’s energy to take its place, flowing around Zadi like an endless river running through an endless channel of Mountains and Ridges into an endless ocean…wait, gotta stop there. Zadi doesn’t like the ocean. Can’t have him thinking about that while trying to level up his Intelligence Specialization now can we? However, unlike his other meditations, he would talk to the Rukh instead of listening to their flow throughout time and space.
“Oh Rukh, here my plea. I ask that you let me know more about this dungeon that I saw come up while flying towards the city of Reim with Lagi El Nagi following me on his metallic bird! Hear my call as I tell you about how I wish to be one with you and learn how you came to be! Everything has a mother and father…so I wish to know if YOU, almighty Rukh, a singularity…the only singularity that I can stand without trying to balance out…then again, there are the darker colored Rukh, hahaha! Guess even the Rukh aren’t a singularity after all! Never really thought about that did I? Anyway, Rukh! I wish to gain more power so that I can help you guide this world into a more balanced state. I wish this world be forever as it is. War free and peaceful till the end of time and space itself! However…I guess endings are a singularity, too. Ah! Then again, there is the beginning of everything, too. Yeah, all’s good with that, too. Much like the Lighter Rukh are against the darker Rukh, a beginning, no matter how dark or light it may be, will always have an end in some shape or form.”
Zadi seemed to be successfully called out to the Rukh for guidance towards greater things. The Rukh closest to the dungeon were fluttering around and around, only to be felt by Zadi himself, unless there was someone else calling out to the Rukh and asking for something like a toy or a little puppy. Unlikely, but all the same, possible. Anyway, Zadi kept calling out for the Rukh so that he may know more about their secrets on how to get stronger. The Rukh were like the gods of this world. They did have the power to do anything and all if commanded properly. Anyway, now that the Rukh were at least paying attention to Zadi, it was time to ask them questions about Light magic, the 3rd Type of magic. Yes, Zadi would be slow about how to get to power. He wouldn’t be direct with them. He would rather find out by using clues and hints. The Rukh are probably not that generous anyway, hahaha! So then, Zadi continued his discussion with the Rukh like a messiah to the people!
“Oh heavenly Rukh! That means the lighter colored ones. The other ones are a little too dark for my emotions to handle at this point in time…anyway, Light Colored Rukh! Hear my yet again! Listen to my plea a little bit more! I wish to know about the 3rd Type of Magic, Light Magic! I wish to know how to utilize it and form it into something physical, something tangible! I wish to know how to control the Rukh of Light and guide them into techniques for my use in confrontations! If you will not answer me, then I might have an idea of what I should do, so either which way, you will be telling me something, hahaha! I can already feel the Rukh of Light shining down upon me, so there is no need to hold back on at least a little hint or clue on how to do something with something intangible. Pure force is tangible, that is why I can’ control it. And I am affiliated with it to begin with, nothing I could have done about that, hahaha! So then, bring me the bacon, please!”
The Rukh started dancing around the air and light around Zadi. Obviously he couldn’t see them, but he could very well feel them. Their presence was like that of nothing, yet something lingering in the air…like a fart. Can’t see it but you can smell it, but in this case more just feel it. Well, guess you could feel a fart. Anyway, farts are gross…don’t think about them. Not until Zadi learns more about what the Rukh of flatulence have to do with magic. The Rukh continued to dance, never ending like a stream. But then Zadi learned about what the Rukh were trying to tell Zadi. They were letting him know about how light words…it dances. You have to feel the rhythm of the dance in order to capture the power of said dance. Like a rain dance and whatnot. Zadi then danced with thoughts in his head, trying to conjure up a mimicking dance that was slightly different, more leading than the dance of the Rukh of Light. Eventually, Zadi was able to sync with the Rukh of Light and get to know their dance. He learned the rhythm and eventually made his own dance, a more leading and controlling dance. Nothing sadistic, but more like a tango with the Rukh of Light. At least! Zadi has now learned another Magic Type~

1000+/1000 words - C-B Intelligence Spec. Training - Complete~


It was time to train again! This time Zadi would train the opposite of his Weight Increase spell…Weight Decrease! It would end up being the perfect combination between two slightly offensive and supplementary abilities. However, this wasn’t going to be the end of his mischievous training. He would keep training even after this spell was complete and ready to be used in the dungeon. In fact, said dungeon was right in front of Zadi Medmar the magician. Lucky for Zadi, he would be able to better communicate with the Rukh that had to do with Strength and Pure Force due to his better understanding of other magic, specifically Light Magic, the 3rd Type of Magic. The one that was opposite…and he learned how to use it rather easily. Anyway, Zadi was ready to meditate some more. He walked all the way back from where he was and sat, again, crisscrossed and lay his staff across his crisscrossed lap. Zadi would enjoy communicating with the Rukh like he did not long ago. In fact, he had only walked back to Reim for a little nap. Something like an hour or two. Maybe even less than an hour. All the same, Zadi would communicate with the Rukh like he already had, but hopefully a little easier this time around.
“Oh hear me great Rukh that are not singular in this grand world that both you and the darker colored Rukh created! Hear me and my new plea. This time, I wish for a more direct approach to getting stronger. If you may be so kind, almost literally shine some light on the subject of lifting the gravity of not me, but other this time. And not specifically humans or organic or sentient beings…but all other things that have to do with the world that I live in! Things such as rocks, sand, wind, EVERYTHING! Help me achieve the perfect two spells of increasing and decreasing weight by letting me know, even just a hint is fine like last time. However, make it a little easier to understand please. It was tough finding the rhythm of an intangible thing…light to be precise, remember? Well, I’m one of many Magicians, human beings in fact, to have even spoken to you like this…so yeah. I don’t mind if you ignore me. In fact, I’ll just talk to you until I can feel the Rukh of Gravity at my side and helping me lift the weight off of THAT rock right there, this big one next to me. About my size. A bit pointy at the top but smother towards the bottom.”
Zadi then went on and on and on about that one rock and didn’t think to stop until he could feel the Rukh of Gravity dancing around him. He could literally feel the effects of gravity as he started to lift up some sand with his hands and then let it go down again. Much like the Weight Increase spell, Zadi would have to pull on an object’s gravity in order to lift the influence of weight from the object. It would be tough like last time, but Zadi knew what he was doing this time, hahaha! Zadi lifted the sand and left it drop again and again. He didn’t stop until he learned that pulling isn’t the only thing that was needed. He also needed to push up. Like his palm at the bottom of the sand, the fingers on the top were helping to keep the sand in place. If he could actually pull in the sand, then his ideas would be more relevant, but from the time being, all that Zadi kept doing was pushing the sand up and letting it fall with the breeze.
“Well, it seems that I just have to push up in this case. I might even learn how to pull up…wait…I’m gonna wet my finger and see if spit will help me pull up on a sand grain. This will make my ideas more relevant like the narrator said! So then, LICK! Yeah, that was a sound effect. Bear with me. And now to touch the sand …TOUCH! Yeah, again, bear with the sound effects. Now to see if I can lift it up. LIFT! That was something I said for real, hahaha! And hey! It seems to have worked out perfectly! The sand, more than one grain, is sticking to my wet finger! Now my idea is more relevant. Or at least I feel smarter knowing that I was correct. So, now to do both…gonna make my palm sticky and wet…LICK! Gross…not going to do that with dirty hands again…now then, palm on the sand, fingers trenched underneath eh sand…and…LIFTING UP THE SAND! Awesome! Time to keep doing this with the wetness I have left. Then again, I think this is good enough for now…gonna have to clean my hands after this won’t I?”
Zadi did have very dirty hands, didn’t he? Rhetorical question by the way. I already know that his hands are dirty after picking up and dropping lots of sand with wet hands. Oh? You thought he was just using one hand? Hahaha! No, nothing like that. He was really using two hands to test the theories he had about his new techniques concept. Now it would be time for Zadi to try and pick up that rock. Zadi touched the rock…and nothing happened. It seems he had to ask the Rukh for some help after all. Zadi gathered pure force and then used his twist spell to lightly touch the rock. Only a scratch. Now for the Weight Decrease spell…Zadi made sure he was still within 30 meters of the rock. He concentrated on the gravity of the rock…and then sort of lifted the gravity. The rock wasn’t flying, but the intended result was a decrease in weight, so to speak. Zadi walked over to the rock and tried to pick it up…and it worked! Zadi could easily pick up the rock. He tossed it up in the air and let it slowly fall back down like a feather, hahaha!


Name: Twist
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Element: Strength
Class: Offensive
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: The caster order the Rukh to gather in any given location within 10 meters of the caster and turn into pure force. The caster the taps the medium (staff/wand) on anything, ordering the Rukh to spiral around in a 5 meter wide, 5 meter tall, well, spiral of pure force that can be used to deal D-tier damage. This can also be used to deflect a D-tier or below attack away from the caster, however, by deflecting the purpose of the force, the caster sacrifices the damage output of the spell. Either the caster purely deal damage or deflects an attack, not both. The spiral force can be seen, to those specialized in Intelligence, as a slightly transparent twisting stream of black energy while those that are not specialized in Intelligence see the force as a completely transparent blur in the air.

Name: Weight Decrease
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Gravity
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30 meters
Duration: /
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: If an object is hit by a Strength Magic technique that comes from the caster, then the caster is able to order the Rukh to alter the gravity of the object, essentially the weight of the object. The caster able to decrease the 'weight' of the object at will. When the weight is decreased, then the object, if it is able to move, is able to jump up 15 meters high and float down like a feather (feather part not optional). The object must stay within a 30 meter threshold or the caster in order for this spell to keep working. This spell, if the cast so wishes, overrides any other Weight spells currently in use. If this spell were to be overridden, it sort of hibernates (needs to keep being sustained).

1000+/1000 words - Weight Decrease Technique Trained~

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