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Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 4]

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1Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 4] Empty Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 4] on 30/09/15, 05:59 pm


It was supposed to be a day of celebration and joy, a day of festivities and fun for people from all around the world. Heliohapt's Crimson Moon Parade has its origins in the days of when the priests interpreted omens in the sky above. At first, the red moon was called a Blood Moon, thought to signify war in the heavens. But as the years went on, the priests realized that this omen was a good one, and renamed it to the Crimson Moon. Eventually, the days the Crimson Moon would occur was able to be predicted based on the dates of the ones that had passed, and now the Crimson Moon Parade was an event that attracted foreigners and natives alike to a festival that promotes eating, drinking, and being merry. Merchants are allowed to sell goods from all over, and the streets are packed with many, many people from across the world. This packed environment, however, can be a bad thing at times as well. That's where I come in. Due to the large amounts of alcohol being consumed, as well as the heat of the day and crowded, sweaty bodies earlier in the parade, fights can break out, and my job was to stop these fights. The city guard, due to my past dealings with them, had asked for my help in the matter, and had promised to reward me for keeping the peace. With my magic carpet I'd be able to survey the scene from the skies and watch out for any fighting that could occur much more easily than if I was walking around. Although I'd only ridden the carpet once or twice before, I was beginning to get the hang of it. Hopefully nothing would go wrong this time, and I might not even have to break up any fights anyways. At least, I hoped I wouldn't have to, but my optimism really knew no bounds sometimes.

Shooting up into the air on the carpet, I begin to circle around the Crimson Moon Parade. It was a beautiful sight, and from up here I could escape the heat of the crowds, the air rushing by me cooling me down as well. No matter what, I could always enjoy being on the carpet... just as long as I didn't go too high. My first few trips had brushed over the rooftops of the cities, so it hadn't been much, but today, I noticed that the higher the carpet went, the worse I began to feel. I'd never really felt scared of being up high before, but something told me I shouldn't try it. So I swooped over the crowds instead, making sure that I could always see the ground below me very close for whatever reason. The longer I was on the carpet, the less it affected me, since I could feel safer, but the instant I had to fly higher I began to feel a strange sense of nausea. Maybe it was nothing... I don't know.

I made a wide banking turn as I approach the edge of town, where the crowds were sparser. People stayed mostly near the center of Heliohapt, which was a smart idea especially if you weren't from around here. There was always the chance you could get mugged and have your money stolen, or worse. Last time the Crimson Moon Parade happened, for instance, a man was killed by thieves after drinking too much and passing out in the slums, but what could one expect? Now, of course, the city guard was positioned to keep visitors from heading out into that part of town, and we were needed to survey the streets and keep all those in Heliohapt from harm during this time of celebration. Unfortunately, however, I heard a commotion nearby, and after a very sharp turn I circled around to see two men beginning to brawl, although currently it looked like it was just a standoff in the streets with a lot of shouting. They didn't look like they had any weapons on them from up here, but one could never be too sure. I land on a nearby rooftop and walk down the stairs to the ground, where a crowd was beginning to form. Thankfully, the two fighters didn't seem like they'd had any weapons, else they would've probably pulled them out by now, which meant that at worst this would end with wrestling, punches, and lots of bruises. But of course, I was here to make sure that didn't happen.

"Stop now, or else I'll be forced to use force and have the city guard take you into custody," I say once I'm in the front of the circle surrounding the men. The Imuchakk standing in front of me just ignores me, but the Fanalis shoots me an annoyed glance before looking back at his opponent.
"Look, little girl, we don't want to hurt you. Just stay out of this," he mutters, getting ready to strike.

"Must you really leave me no choice? Very well, I warned you," I say, casting Maelstorm to knock them out. Although the Fanalis passes out, the Imuchakk seems to take the brunt of the attack without batting an eye. Turning to me, the crowd screams as he swings right for me with Gut Check. It shatters my Borg but gives me time to retaliate, and I hope that I won't have to hurt him more than this. Casting Ice Spears, he's able to completely smash one into the ground with Power Slam, but his drunkenness makes him completely oblivious the other one which pierces his arm. As he howls in pain, I cast Water Whip to send him to the ground, wrapping things up quickly and easily.

The crowd grumbles, hoping to have witnessed a fight, but I just roll my eyes. Tying them up with some rope from nearby, I climb back onto the roof and fly over to the nearest city guard, telling him about the mess and collecting my reward as well.

1006/1000 word count

150/200 magoi

Name: Water Whip
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 10 m
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
Description: Water Whip creates a single, floating stream of water that is 5 meters long and .3 meters wide and can travel up to 10 meters away at 10 m/s. By pointing a wand in the direction the spell is cast, the water whip will lash in that direction and deal D-tier damage on impact.

Name: Ice Spears
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Ice
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Caster summons 2 ice spears that are 5 meters long which travel at 15 m/s over 20 meters towards a target the caster points his wand at, each dealing D-Tier damage.

Name: Maelstorm
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a 10 meter radius maelstrom in an area, dealing C-Tier damage to all within the area as it moves and rotates at 15 m/s within a range of 20 meters.


Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 4] 2014-09-06-korra

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