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Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 1]

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1Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 1] Empty Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 1] on 26/09/15, 01:08 pm


Walking through the streets late one afternoon, I come across a peddler selling his wares, his cart loaded with bounties from all over the world.

"Come one, come all, and see Fazij Alim's merchandise from as far as Kou and Imuchakk. I have magic tools from Magnostadt and weapons from Reim! You name it, I've got it, all for the lowest prices you could find anywhere. You there," he says, pointing at me, "you look like a smart woman who can tell Fazij Alim's things are valuable and genuine, no?"

I smile, walking over to be nice. If he really did have magic tools from Magnostadt, that would always be welcome.

"Hmm... Do you have anything from Kou?" I begin asking to make him think I was interested in that.

"Ah, indeed I do. The finest silks you've ever laid your eyes on..." he says, trailing off. "Ah, not them again. I'm sorry but it seems I have to go. Those no good thieves have been following me since I arrived at the port, and I know they'll do anything to get that thing..."

I want to ask what he's talking about, but we have more urgent matters. The thieves are nearly upon us, but I put a hand in his cart and say, "Don't worry, I'll handle these goons."

Pulling out my wand, I cause the men to stop short, eyeing me warily.

"Get out of the way, young girl. Our business is not with you," one of them says, branding
a weapon. "Unless you want it to be," he says, smirking as his group laughs

"Oh yes, please, let's do business. I'll let you walk away completely unharmed if you leave this man alone and never let me see you again."

"Oh, tough one, huh? I love it when they fight. There are more of us than there are of your, so why don't you just stand aside?"

"Are you suppose to be threatening me? Scurry back to whatever hole you came from," I say, casting Maelstrom at them. They're all hit and after I end the spell, they run for their lives.

"That... That was amazing," Fazij Alim says, gaping in amazement. "You are a powerful sorceress indeed, casting Water Magic in a place like Heliohapt."

"Oh trust me, it was nothing. Those men shouldn't be bothering you again."

"Please, let me give you a reward," he says, insisting when I raise my hands. "I owe you a debt of gratitude. Please, take this little money. Also, I fear that they will try again, for there is something I carry with me that is beyond a normal object. Take it; I hope it will serve you well," he says, opening a compartment in the cart by his feet and pulling something out.

"Oh, what a beautiful rug," I murmur, smiling. "From Kou?"

"No, this is no ordinary rug. It is a flying carpet, from a captured dungeon. A generous man let me have it for something as simple as food and water, but I want nothing to do with it."

"Well, thank you. I will see you around Heliohapt sometime soon, I hope," I say as I wave and walk away with my new prize.

538/500 words

180/200 magoi

Name: Maelstorm
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a 10 meter radius maelstrom in an area, dealing C-Tier damage to all within the area as it moves and rotates at 15 m/s within a range of 20 meters.


Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 1] 2014-09-06-korra

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