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What the mercenary guild wants [Axel, Lestacia/JOB]

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Job Name: A Merchant in Need is a Friend Indeed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A traveling merchant that is crossing the lands has asked for the assistance of some of the braver men and women to help him out. There are several bandits that have been after his treasures. The man needs your help to cross this country's lands safely and, in return, will reward you. The bandits are a group of 5 men. Take them down while making sure that neither the merchant nor his goods are harmed.

Hiro just got done from a long day of roaming with the merchant and his wares with is travel companion Lestacia and Axel; one regular duties at the newly acquired from the job he had decided to take. He slowly walked to the quarters or rather the tent he was staying in with a few other mercenaries from the mercenary guild. Hiro sluggishly walked over to his bed and flopped in it. Shrugging off the top half of his robe and tossing it carelessly onto a chair.

He laid down in his bed relaxing for a moment. He sluggishly sat up and moved his feet to the side of the bed. Once they were firmly planted on the ground. He walked to his cabinet, grabbed himself a sake bottle, and poured himself a cup followed by another and another. Hiro took a deep breath of relaxation and enjoyed his drink, while he looked outside.

He placed the bottle in his own bag. Suddenly his mind drifted in and out of thought, his fingers still curled around the small cup of sake. His mind and body were at peace, while other matters loomed just beyond his door...Foot steps could be heard in the dead of night as he and the men try to get some sleep

"Sir?" one of the mercenaries whispered quietly to him as he shared his  stood in front of the warriors’s door. "The merchant needs us already? He should be sleeping."He grumbled, as he reached in his band then sat up and rubbed his face lightly acting  and went to grab his shield and spear.

A bandit with a dagger, quickly and quietly pried open the door to Hiro’s quarters. He took a glance back at his partner and nodded. He slowly let himself in; he eased thru the front door and stood for a moment adjusting their eyes to the dim tent to a tent filled with snoring men and two who seemed groggy from exhausted. staring out of the window. He stepped lightly through the room hoping to kill Hiro without much of a struggle.

As Hiro was continuing to rub his face he decided to take the men unarmed, he could see shadowy figures moving toward other encampments. “What is this? Perhaps I had too much to drink?” He acted saying out loud lifting the cup to hid eye. At the bottom of the sake there was an odd image, a shimmering light. “Hmm?” He tilted his head to the right slightly to see a man slowly approaching him. He wasn’t one of the mercenaries, or anyone who he recognized for that matter. Hiro finished the remains of the sake. He quickly turned around and threw the cup at the intruder’s face.

“Argh!” The man shouted; Hiro swiftly slid across the floor and punched the man square in the face multiple times while he was distracted from the cup. The man fell backward and Jericho continued to punch the man in the face. Another came from the shadow's depths coming down at him with his sword. The bandit was fast but he was faster. He spun to the side and as he spun aimed his foot to the mans exposed face doing a hood kick slamming square into the man's nose. Where there was one there had to be more. He called out for Lestacia and Axel to eliminate the remaining amount before moving on with the escort.


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It wasn't Long that Lestacia had come to Heliohapt. The first thing she did when she got there was go on an Expedition to the village of the moon. It was such a riveting experience. Lestacia however accepted another job this time, with Axel and Hiro this time. Apparently some Merchant needed some kind of assistance that required the Mercenary guilds help. She walked into the tent with the other women and set up her place. There was still time in the day to kill so she and a couple other girls went out to do some shopping. The girls tried on jewelery and different clothes that fit them. They giggled and roamed the city without a care in the world. They almost forgot about the Merchant they were guarding until Lestacia pointed out that they should be returning soon. The girls agreed to end their shopping spree there for the time being and resume it when they had the chance to meet up again.

When she arrived at her tent it was sometime in the afternoon, she felt dirty and gritty so she decided to go into the bathing tent. She grabbed cloth and newly acquired soaps, into the tent then proceeded to undress. First her outer clothes, then her undergarments, and lastly her shoes. She set her staff in the corner of the elongated tent and soaked in the water with some of the other Girls. "Hey ladies!" She started. "I'm guessing you had the same Idea as Me?"  

'Yeah!' One of them replied. 'I felt so dirty after that little shopping spree we had. I was sweating bullets under my armor.'

'Ahh it feels good to relax.'

'Mhm, you said it.'

'Being the only girls in camp is really stressful.'

'Being ogled is stressful?' One female said in a sarcastic tone. She then splashed Water at one of the ladies and she dodged. Soon it became a full on water fight with Lestacia in the middle of it. The sound of giggling and splashing could be heard throughout the camp as the girls froliced in about in the water.

'Ah stop it Lestacia, ha ha!'

"Hey you started it hee hee!"

The girls had spent an abnormally long time in the bathing tent talking and splashing about. They had not realized that they're entire camp had gone to sleep. One girl noticed and shushed them. 'Girls, shh. Someone's outside.' Lestacia quickly grabbed her staff while naked and retreated back into the water. All the girls grabbed their weapons and huddled together, arming themselves as the footsteps cautiously walked to the door. In the tent 3 bandits found a beautious bounty of bosoms and were star struck. The 3 men that had tried to ambush them were themselves surprised to find a tent full of naked women. The girls immediately attacked them before they had the chance to realize what was going on. They tied up the struggling men Leaving Lestacia to Bonk them on their heads with her staff. Now knocked out. Lestacia realized that these men weren't part of the mercenary group. Peeking outside the tent, the moon revealed 2 other bandits going into different tents. How did they get in without the alarms being raised?

Words: 540/500

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What the mercenary guild wants [Axel, Lestacia/JOB] 6ouumjD

Daisuke Yuu

Daisuke Yuu
Axel not too long ago was a young man with no friends, just a very long client list and a great smile. Ever since he met Lestacia and Hiro all that had changed though. They three of them had become a ragtag group of sorts who risked each others lives for the others, and now even did mercenary jobs together. Axel being a mercenary his whole life had no issue doing this jobs that Hiro suggested however he didnt think a little sweet girl like Lestacia should be doing them as being a mercenary wasnt a bAd thing it did something to you mentally and it took away from you. Currently the trio were working for a merchant of some sort... Axel didnt ask questions.

After a long day of work and Hiro and Lestacia had undoubtedly went to sleep or to relax and what not Axel had to keep watch over the camp. However he didnt do that he snuck away to go do some training, something he had been doing a lot of lately. The camp they had wasnt too far away from a clearing so Axel went there and practiced his sword swings. However while he was there he heard something coming from the came or close to it. Axel went running back to camp to see what the disturbance was, however when he got there he saw nothing. When he saw nothing he had the first thought to just go back to his training but his mercenary mind told him to go search around the camp.

He searched several tents in the camp but saw nothing out of the ordinary he even thought about searching the bathing tent but he knew Lestacia and the other girls were there and Axel didnt wanna lose any limbs or organs tonight so he just figured they could handle themselves if something went wrong. Axel then actually did his job of keeping watch and suddenly as it was the middle of the night and pretty dark, he saw some shadowy figures sneaking into the camp and they seemed to be wearing combat  gear and were armed with daggers. Axel already knew they were bandits, such lowly vermin he thought of them. Axel jumped down from his watch tower to stop the 4 of them however 3 of them got away and went to other tents.

*I'll get them after I deal with this guy.* Axel thought to himself. Axel looked at the bandit and said "So do you want me to use my daito or my dagger?" The bandit said nothing as he charged at Axel with dagger in a stretched out hand. This was a amateur move as Axel used the man's own momentum against him as he grabbed his outstretched arm and used it to flip the man over and down onto the ground. Afterwards Axel pulled out his dagger and stabbed him in the man's mid section as he would bleed very little but the pain would make him pass out. Axel then heard Hiro called out for him and Lestacia to take care of the bandits meaning at least one went into his tent, Axel wasnt too happy with that but at least he knew that they were taken care of.


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