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Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 3]

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1Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 3] Empty Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 3] on 30/09/15, 12:39 am


A mysterious gang had taken residence in Heliohapt, and so far the city guard had been unable to do anything to deal with them. They struck seemingly at random, in and out in the dark of night before anyone even realized they'd been there. No one knew who or what they were, and now the city guard was asking for help in their capture. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but what else could I do?

I walk down the streets, the sun just passing the horizon. Pink and orange streaks appear in the sky, signaling its departure. The sky would soon turn black, but I knew I'd have to wait until late at night before they struck. For now, however, I had work to do. The report had listed which stores had been hit and where they were located, so I was planning on talking to all of the shopkeepers in order to try and figure out where they might strike next.

The first location is a bakery, strangely enough. What kind of thieves would want to rob from someone with so little? Bread was cheap; far cheaper than it'd been in a while due to the continual growth of importing food. With the rich having the choice of being able to consume bread from grain grown in plains, as opposed to the thin breads of wheat that only could be grown near the oases that permeated the desert, bakers had to rely on the poor to buy their food. It was tragic, but nevertheless true. As for me, I enjoyed the taste of the bread of my home; the thinness of it was not a bad thing, but good. The way it was made was just so radically different from that of other countries. The expensiveness of it also made it a waste; buying it would enrich large companies, but end up starving our own people.

I walk up to the baker, seeing him knead the dough for his bread. Even though he'd been robbed, life goes on.

"Excuse me, sir... I was wondering if you could tell me anything about what the thieves stole from you. I'm here to help find them; knowing their motives would be the first step."

"Oh, of course. Let me think... well, they didn't take any money. Not that I had much to begin with, but oh well. No, all they took were the loaves I'd made that night. As a baker, I stay in the shop day and night, and just as I was going to my room upstairs to sleep, I heard noises down here. Before I could do, anything, however, they were gone. I didn't see them, I'm sorry."

"It's okay. You've been a great help. I promise I'll find them, but I'll make ask the city guard to pay you back as well," I say, nodding and leaving. He nods and goes back to kneading, and I leave.

How interesting. They hadn't taken any money... was it just a coincidence, or had they not had enough time?

I head to the next storefront, a clothing vendor. How strange - completely different from the first store. Yet were they somehow tied together?

I enter, and the place is completely bare. It's so sad to see... yet where is the shop owner? Hearing noise, I head to the back of the store, only to find the owner, and elderly woman, sewing some cloth. I knock, and she looks up from her work.

"Excuse me - I don't mean to intrude. I'm trying to gather information on the thieves who broke in here, and I was wondering if you could help me."

"The thieves, hmm?" she mutters. "They came in here and stole all the clothes I'd made. Every last piece. It was strange, however."

"Strange? How so?" I ask.

"They didn't take any money. Plus, I had children's clothing, and they even took that. Now why would a bunch of thieves need children's clothing?"

"I-I'm not entirely sure..." I reply, confused. Just like the last time, however, they hadn't taken any money. "Thank you for your time. I'll try to get all the clothes back to you if I can."

The woman nods, getting back to her work, and I take my leave.

The final location was a carpentry shop. Again, completely different. And yet, I had a hunch forming as to what had happened here.

Entering the shop, I look around and see it's barren as well. The place is closed for business, but the door is open anyways, something that is customary in Heliohapt. Although crime was high, it wasn't normal to have closed doors. Even the rich didn't close their doors; they simply had the money to hire guards, but otherwise the estates were completely open.

As soon as I enter, I can hear a man crying. I see him sitting on the steps of the shop the lead towards the second floor. It's a young man, and yet he cries openly. I want to let him be, but I know I have to speak with him.

"Pardon me," I say, softly, and he looks up at me.

"Wh-what do you want?"

"All I need to know is what they took."

"Isn't is obvious?" he blubbers. "They took everything... tables, chairs, even lumber. All of it."

"Everything? Even your money?"

"Well, I guess not..."

"I'll make sure it's all returned to you, I promise," I say, turning to leave.

"Thank you," he mutters as I go.

So strange. No money was taken, and yet these three shops had been robbed of everything else. It seemed completely random... but it wasn't. There was a connection, wasn't there? And as the crescent moon moved higher and higher in the sky, I knew where they'd be next. Running, I take off, and when I reach the destination I'm not sure if I'm right. But I watch for a while until at last the time comes when the thieves would strike, and I notice a group of people moving towards the well. Yes, the well - I'd figured out what they were. These people were nothing more than thieves stealing to survive, but it didn't excuse them. After getting food, clothing, and shelter, they hadn't robbed anyplace last night - at least, no where the city guard had found. And that's when I made the connection; they just stole to survive. But every day they needed water, and they'd be scared to show their faces in the daytime, especially dressed in new clothes. So they sneaked up to the well, even though water here was shared, and confirmed my suspicions. Now, all that was left was to bring them to justice.

"Stop, thieves!" I shout, and they turn to face me. There were two men, a woman... and a dwarf?

"We've been found!" the woman shouts. "Get her!"

I cast Maelstorm and knock them out as they rush at me in a pack, gathering my water from the well. All in a day's work. Tying them up with the length of rope used for the bucket, I head to inform the city guard. All the stuff they'd stolen would be at their hideout, which I told the city guard to get them to reveal in order to return the furniture to the carpenter, the clothes, and pay for the baker's food.

1230/1000 word count

180/200 magoi left

Name: Maelstorm
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a 10 meter radius maelstrom in an area, dealing C-Tier damage to all within the area as it moves and rotates at 15 m/s within a range of 20 meters.


Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 3] 2014-09-06-korra

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