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Mercenary Guild [Job/Solo/Part 2]

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I walk towards the Temple of Anubis, a little frustrated that I needed to take this request, but it'd been the only thing I'd heard of today, so it seemed I had no choice. While I didn't see the priests as bad people, the unfairness of Heliohapt's society in relation to its religion was something that I'd like to see changed. Not only was there a difference between the two gods people acknowledged, but the other gods of "cultists" were basically banned from having temples and priests. I just wanted people to be open to the idea of allowing everyone to have their own beliefs and share them openly. Perhaps some of the Priests of Ra would see that a "cultist" god was actually important, but for now it seems that the priests only cared for their own temples and the god they represented. In any case, the job ahead of me was simply to escort a priest of Anubis to the High Temple of Ra to deliver a letter, and that's what I'd do. Maybe, if I could, I'd speak my mind to the priest. I was doing him a favor, so the least he could do is listen; even if he believed me to be too radical, I doubt he'd do anything against me, seeing as how he needed me to protect him. As to what or who I was protecting him from, I wasn't sure, but I knew that there were people out there who thought Ra should be the only deity with a temple, and my bet was that they weren't happy with this.

Upon arriving at the Temple of Anubis, I see the nervous and anxious short man waiting on the front steps, a small bag on his waist. His robes draped over his feet, which would not be helpful if we needed to run. I wasn't planning on letting him get hurt, however, so if anything happened, although I hoped nothing did, I'd keep him safe and defend him.

"Hello; are you the priest who requested an escort?" I ask as I walk up.

"Um... yes, that is me. You can call me Priest Sarcos. I was expecting a little bit more defense, however... I'm not sure if I should go through with this."

I smile, laughing internally. "Trust me, Priest Sarcos, you have nothing to worry about. Unless you find yourself face to face with Ra himself, I think we'll be fine. I'm a Water Magician, and although I still have a lot left to learn, I'm not going to let you down. Now then, are you ready?"

"I-I suppose so... You're sure about this? I fear for my life; there have been rumors that anyone who travels from one temple to another will be murdered mercilessly, and although I believe you say who you are, are you sure they can't overpower you?"

"Trust me, a magician is resourceful. The ones spreading those rumors are not magicians; they would confront you and kill you without any warning. Instead, it is likely angry men who believe that Ra is deserving of having the only temple in Heliohapt, and that Anubis is a disgrace. But I don't believe so. I believe that they are equally important in their own right. Without Ra, the sun would not make its journey across the sky, and the world would be plunged into darkness and chaos. But without Anubis, the dead would never be buried, and the city would be cursed with plague and disease. Corpses would rise up and take their revenge, and their spirits would revile us. Without one or the other, the world would not be able to function."

"You are indeed a very smart woman. Very well,  I trust you to protect me. Let's be going; it would be unwise to linger as the day grows short."

"You are correct," I reply, beginning the walk across town towards the High Temple of Ra. We walk in the city, and I get the courage to finally speak my mind.

"Priest Sarcos, could I ask you what you know of the old ways, of the gods before Heliohapt was ruled by Ra and Anubis?" I ask abruptly, hoping he wouldn't be shocked.

"Well, why do you ask?" he responds simply.

"I believe I found a chamber below the Mysterious Temple that was built to honor other gods, gods that might be considered those of cultists today."

"Ah, I see. Well, there is not much I can tell you... the history has been lost to us, much of it covered up by the priests themselves. I will tell you what I know, but even that is not much. From what I've heard and seen, there used to be many other gods. As many as the stars in the sky, for all purpose of things. But eventually, just like it is now, the people began to try and figure out which was more powerful. Ra and Anubis had many followers, even back then, but there were other gods with followers as well who wished to be represented. Eventually, the haughtiness of the followers of Ra and Anubis drove them to violence, and it was the Pharaoh himself who decreed that only Ra and Anubis would have temples, in order to appease a majority of the people. That is why we have cultists... they are the followers of gods who were once worshipped, but no longer. Again, I am not sure of the details, or even if that is correct, but from the bits and pieces I've discovered, it's what I believe is true."

I exhale, glad he hadn't asked me why I wanted to know. But I suspect he could tell why I'd asked.

"Thank you," I say, bowing my head in respect. We turned down a corner, just a few minutes away from the High Temple of Ra, to find ourselves face to face with four thugs wearing cloaks to conceal their faces. They said nothing, raising daggers and rushing at us. I push Priest Sarcos behind me and whisper, "I'll deal with them."

The first two strike, their daggers shattering my borg, but they don't have time to attack again as I cast Maelstorm, causing them to flee licking their wounds. It hits the third of them who was right behind and causes him to flee as well, but the final thug evades it somehow, running along the side of the spell to try and stab me. However, I cast Water Whip and send him flying into a jumble of barrels. After extricating himself, he too runs off.

"Well, that was easy. I suspected that they wouldn't be terribly difficult to beat," I say, smirking.

Priest Sarcos says nothing, simply gaping in awe.

"Well then, why don't we get you dropped off at the temple?" I say, and we hurry the rest of the short way. Finally arriving, I smile and wave as he walks up the steps and disappears inside. It'd been nice to finally speak openly, and the information he'd given me would be invaluable as I continued forward.

1184/1000 word count

170/200 magoi

Name: Water Whip
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 10 m
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
Description: Water Whip creates a single, floating stream of water that is 5 meters long and .3 meters wide and can travel up to 10 meters away at 10 m/s. By pointing a wand in the direction the spell is cast, the water whip will lash in that direction and deal D-tier damage on impact.

Name: Maelstorm
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a 10 meter radius maelstrom in an area, dealing C-Tier damage to all within the area as it moves and rotates at 15 m/s within a range of 20 meters.


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