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Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Note: These are NPCs that Azix created for either staff purposes or for his personal plot that eventually influenced the story enough to become staff-run. If you are interested in building a plot around any of these characters, please PM Azix.

”Fate's Attendants”:

This group was formed by four friends that studied at Magnostadt’s Academy over fifteen years ago. Sharing a hunger for knowledge and power, they took advantage of the Academy’s resources to study everything they could get their hands on. They experiment on random populations to test their theories about magic and fate, while furthering their magical knowledge. Only two of the original four members are still alive, the others getting killed during an experiment to create Chimeras in the mountains of Imuchakk.


Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs Char_25949
Name: Jagang
Tier: A-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Magician-sexual
Age + Birthdate: 32 (October 31)
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Int (Life+Poison) (Plague)

Jagang is fascinated with magic and fate, his entire life has been dedicated to expanding his knowledge of the two. Since a young age, Jagang has had the belief that chaos creates order, that chaos is the divine means of obtaining perfection, if even for a moment. He enjoys experimenting with tragedies as a way of tossing Fate a hurdle, an opportunity to prove that out of the chaos you can witness Fate interfering to restore order, even if only on a small scale. Even if the experiment was Fate guiding his hand, it would only strengthen his belief. He is an intelligent man with a calm demeanor, always calculating the situation. Jagang is outwardly very friendly and sociable.

Likes: Magical Knowledge - An avid fan of magical theorems and experiments that have taken place across the world.
Storytelling - Enjoys sitting at a tavern or campfire telling tales of adventures.

Dislikes: Stupidity - Jagang despises uneducated or stupid people, believing intelligence is a gift to be used.
Black Rukh - People who scorn Fate and even the disgusting black butterflies are a blasphemy to his beliefs.

Aspirations: Jagang wishes to prove that Chaos is Fate's way of creating Order, a balance of evolution. He hopes that with the chaos he creates, he will breed strong, pure individuals who will be the balance to the Black Rukh.

Face-Claim:Lord Genome - Gurren Lagann
Weight: 250 lbs
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Spirals of blue
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: His pupils are spirals instead of normal pupils.

History: Born and raised in Magnostadt, he was an avid bookworm from a young age. He came across some old scrolls in a restricted library in his early teens. They were strange theories written by an eccentric Magician several decades before. In truth the magician was a bit of a lunatic, but Jagang saw something divine in them. He excelled in his studies and eventually met a few like-minded individuals who encouraged him to travel the world with them, one of those individuals later meeting Azix Niraj under the name of The Instructor. Jagang and the others formed a group called Fate's Attendants, performing experiments on random populations. They were involved with experiments in the northern mountains, trying to merge beasts with the Imuchakk, thinking that the "primal" species could handle it. They attempted to merge a legend beast with failure. There were a few successes with lesser beasts, but the Imuchakk's intellect was stunted. Ilirran Iskam is an example of these experiments. The Fate's Attendants split a few years later, to study with the intention of meeting up every year. On his own, Jagang began experimenting in different parts of the globe, one of those being Diego Namez's tribe. Jagang had just learned Poison Magic, the result of the experiment had been the successful combination of Life and Poison to create Plague magic.Most recently, Jagang worked with the Contractor at the Slave Auction in Heliohapt in exchange for power. That power was in the form of a Dark Metal Vessel, which he declined when he learned that he would have to curse his Fate. It was instead offered to Imhotep.


Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs Van.Hohenheim.240.502986
One of the founding members of the Fate’s Attendants, much of Imhotep’s past before Magnostadt remains shrouded in mystery. Recently, he obtained the power of a Dark Djinn, when Jagang turned it down, which has the strange ability to create an army of the undead.

”The Alchemists”:

This group has slowly begun making a name for itself in the Reim area, though there have been sighting of them around the world. Rumored to be working with the help of The Brotherhood of Ash, these magicians are believed to be trying to perfect the art of making Chimera, combining beasts and humans to make unnatural creations. They are also interested in obtaining any knowledge related to magic and the ancient world, as well as artifacts from that time period.


Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs ClAailI
Within the order, he is known as one of the highest-ranking members. Tasked with overseeing the operations in Reim, Zordon has most recently masterminded Roark’s disappearance, though that knowledge is only known by a select few. A secretive and paranoid man, he sticks to the shadows, rarely venturing outside, lest his face be seen in public. Over the past few months, he has become very frail and most suspect he won’t be around for much longer.


Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs VLu4Rnh
An apparent eleven year old child, skilled in light magic. An innocent grin that stretches from ear-to-ear is ever present on his face.

”Vincent (Deceased):

Died while fighting to survive on the Shrouded Isle.

”Vladmir (Deceased)”:

Died while fighting to survive on the Shrouded Isle.


A sadistic and rotund man with, unsurprisingly, a face full of warts. Has displayed his aptitude in torture and highly researched in anatomy.


”Triston (Deceased)”:

Died while trying to help Diego escape the Alchemist’s and Jagang’s clutches.

”Brotherhood of Ash”:

This group was involved in the initial invasion of Reim and has been spotted in various countries. Their headquarters is believed to be found somewhere in Reim, though it has not been confirmed. To those who work on the darker side of society, this group is the largest known criminal organization, operating in every major country. Their influence has seemed to wane from Kou, however. This group was created by Yakuroro(OOC).


Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs WZAvyf2
A mysterious assassin with Heliohaptan features, not much is know about this man.


”Madam Trixie’s Rag Tag Crew”:

”Pirate Queen, Madam Trixie”:

Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs BTWmp00
Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs Queen_of_Pirates_by_fakeplastictrees
Granted her title by her crew, Madam Trixie leads a band of pirates that travel the world fighting corruption and those that attack the weak. At one point, she managed to gather a massive fleet of a thousand ships, but after a series of unfortunate events, her forces have been greatly reduced. Currently, she has been hired by Opportunity Hall to transport their workers to and from Imuchakk.

”Captain Grimwald”:

Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs RT3MHH6
Trixie’s second-in-command is a stern man who has an unwavering sense of loyalty to his Queen and his crew. He is reserved around people he doesn’t know, warming up once he gets more familiar with someone.

”Lieutenant Jarod”:

Azix's Tome of Staff-NPCs VfjWNGV
Captain Grimwald’s right hand man on the Ceres’ Roar.

”Lieutenant Abel”:

Captain Trixie’s right hand man on the Madam’s Fury.

”Pirates of Old”:


"It was said that Gunner traveled the world seeking wealth, power, and knowledge of the past. Unlike most pirates, it wasn't for greed, but to acquire a fleet strong enough to bring peace to the seas. During his time, there were constant wars between countries and even fighting between the different pirate clans. He wanted to get rid of that, wanted to see the world grow and prosper. During his travels, it was said that he became more than a normal man. The tales of his aim are extraordinary, able to hit a fly resting on the crow's nest of a ship a hundred meters away in one try. Some say he was even able to just look at a charging beast and bring it to its knees, obeying his every command. Of course, these are just stories passed down over the generations.”

“The legends say that he died sometime after uniting most of the pirate clans and creating a navy that was a force to reckoned with. With a large fleet behind him, he was able to enter politics and start working towards unifying the world under a peaceful banner. A small kingdom, one that would grow to become the Reim empire many years later, agreed to assist Gunner with his ideals. The King arranged a political marriage, offering his daughter's hand to Gunner. The marriage would have granted the pirate the title of a Prince, allowing him to treaty with other countries in an official capacity. However, on his wedding night, Gunner was stabbed in the back by his bride and so ends the legend. For a man who valued honesty, it was a slap in the face to die by such a deceitful tactic."

”Black Crows”:

This group of bandits roamed the country-side of Reim, pillaging villages and stealing exotic beasts to battle them in underground fighting rings. During a war with Madam Trixie and her band of Pirates, they briefly joined forces with her, due to an unexpected change in leadership. Not long after that, however, they rebelled, destroying nearly half of the Pirate Queen’s fleet. Slowly, they’ve been hunted down or abandoned the cause, leaving only a few remaining under its banner.

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