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The Dance Of Fate [Solo/Train]

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
The sound of the door slamming shut woke Azix from his slumber. Instinctively, he reached for his staff, kept close at hand, under the covers with him. He opened his eyes to see Carmen, towering above him with an angry scowl on her face. Her brown eyes bored into his skull as she attempted to grab him by his hair. His Borg shielded the attempt, but she punched it and it promptly shattered. Azix lifted his arms to protect himself, but Carmen grabbed his arms and threw him into the wall.

"What the hell have you been doing?!" Carmen shouted at him, kneeing him in the face as he struggled to get up.

Azix felt something wet run down his upper lip and he struggled to understand what was going on. He scanned his memory for what she could be talking about. The past week and a half he had dealt with several things. Zafar and Azix had dealt with Barsatos the night before, where he had found the compound that was a giant magic circle. He had run into The Contractor as well, trading him information to take a hit out on Barsatos. Plus, he had dealt with Christopher, but she knew about that one.

He spit out some blood and shivered, Azix hated body fluids. He looked at her scowling face with a neutral face, "I've been occupying my time with several important matters, is there something in particular you need to discuss?"

Carmen's eyes widened, a look of disgust twisted her features and she lunged forward, punching him in the jaw. Azix's head and body twisted around violently as he slammed into the wall behind him. "Maybe, I should rephrase the question. What haven't you been doing?" Her voice sent shivers up his spine.

Azix laid sprawled out on the floor, feeling a train had hit him. Today didn't appear to be his day. His neck spasm, a wave of pain shot up his spine as he tried to move. Blood ran down his face and he could feel a couple teeth missing. He spoke in between short breaths, " me...this might" He cried out the last bit as she put her foot on his face.

Carmen smirked, "Pitiful. After the job with Manius, I've learned how to fight. What have you done?" She looked him up and down, "You look like you haven't been training." Her eyes narrowed, "The real reason question is, what have you been doing to help Garret?"

Azix's neutral mask cracked and he looked up at her, through the blood running down his face, his eyes filled with sorrow. "I..." He hadn't done anything, really. He had managed to get involved with The Contractor and he prevented the cell from getting burned, but he had also risked the cell involving the Grumptoes. No, the Grumptoes were a calculated risk, but they were beneficial. "I admit, I haven't started dealing with that and I can't excuse that. I have been taking steps to prevent the operation from falling apart, though. I have to devote my full focus to Garret and I am unable to do that properly if the operation is burned or my cell questions me."

He used his shirt to wipe the blood from his face and pushed himself up, "I haven't forgotten Garret nor am I attempting to misuse the position." He paused before sighing, "You have gotten stronger. I need to as well." Why did he have to assume this position? He wasn't nearly trained or prepared to handle the full operation and get stronger.

Carmen laughed, "Lieutenant Acius feels the same way. He sent me orders to lead the cell for now and inform you to report to him, now. He has new orders for you."

Azix raised a damp, bloody brow, "Did he say to use force?"

A grin spread on Carmen's face, "If you resisted."

Azix shook his head and tried to push himself up. Carmen sighed and offered him a hand, which he accepted. He stood up with wobbly legs and it took a moment to regain his balance. He gathered his cloak, his staff, some money, and a change of clothes, shoved into a sack. He started to walk out the door, but paused for a moment. "I promise I'll get stronger and get Garret back."

Carmen snorted, "If you don't, I will."

Azix nodded and made his way out of the safe house. He rented a horse from a stable in town and headed north of the Capitol. On his way he brooded over the events that had taken place. Was he destined to be stuck in a whirlwind of chaos he couldn't control? He shook his head, no, he would find a way to create his own whirlwind of chaos. Azix resolved to get stronger and change his destiny by force, leaving his mark in history.


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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
Azix knocked on the door and waited in front of the Inn. A slit in the door slid open and a pair of beady eyes looked through. He heard their owner grunt before closing the slit and opening the door. Azix nodded at the man and stepped inside, spotting Acius at a far corner of the room.

Acius sat at a small table and pointed to the chair opposite him. Azix sat down, keeping a neutral expression as he gazed at the man. There were still some blood stains on Azix's face. Acius acted like he didn't notice, laying his hands on the table with his fingers entwined. "Azix, it seems I may have promoted you too fast." He let out a sigh, "While, it's true you did prevent knowledge of our operation leaking, you haven't continued training to keep up with your duties. Now, in the documents your recovered from Christopher, there is mention that the Black Crows have been monitoring our supply lines."

Azix had briefly heard the name before, but wasn't aware of who the group was, "That isn't a good thing, who are these Black Crows?"

Acius leaned back in his chair, "They are a group of bandits that plague the Western Front, they run a lucrative black market, as well as interfere with military operations. They haven't directly interfered with us yet, but knowing that they have information on some of our routes is troublesome. I am sending you into the field with an agent, he will be in charge of your training and your mission."

Demoted and babysat, this was turning out to be a wonderful day. Azix didn't let his irritation touch his face and nodded, "I understand, I hope I can redeem my inexperience. I will use this opportunity to improve and find a way to get Garret back."

Acius grunted, "The agent accompanying you will be The Instructor. He handles our more, difficult, agent's training." His tone was flat. In truth, Acius was taking Garret's assessment of Azix to heart and pairing him up with a superior who could provide training that complimented Azix's style.

Acius was successful at poking Azix's buttons, but Azix didn't let it show. "When do I meet The Instructor?"

The Instructor:
The Dance Of Fate [Solo/Train] Van.Hohenheim.240.175088

The door opened, almost as if by fate, and a man entered the room. He had long, golden hair swept back into a ponytail, he wore black-rimmed glasses over golden eyes, and had a matching golden beard along his chin from ear to ear. He had a white cotton shirt over muscular arms and brown leather pants tucked into a pair of faded brown boots. He held a slender oak staff with a lion's head cupped in his hand as he leaned against the door frame.

His voice had a bass-like quality to it that seemed to vibrate the room, filling it with his presence, "I am The Instructor." His mouth curled into a small smile, "Azix Niraj, I presume." Seeing Azix nod, The Instructor extended his hand to the man, "Come, let us change your fate."


The Instructor led Azix through the back door further into the headquarters to a supply room. He handed Azix an outfit that reminded him of something a poor farmer would wear, more rags than clothes. Azix walked to the other end of the room and changed clothes behind a shelf as The Instructor started packing a large pack. Stuffing food, bandages, clothes, a lamp, a canister of gas, maps in the pack, he zipped it up and handed it to Azix. He grabbed some pans and a pot, clipping them to the pack. The pack was filled to the brim and stood at Azix's waist.

"You are the pack mule." The Instructor said as he walked out the door, expecting Azix to follow.

Azix struggled to lift up and strap it to his back, losing his balance from flinging the extra weight, before recovering. He exited the room and caught up to his teacher. He made sure to salute Lieutenant Acius as they left the Inn. The Instructor led them through the small town, following the road down a hill before he stopped.

Sweat running down his brow, Azix was breathing deeply from the exercise. He felt like he was carrying a large animal on his back. The Instructor turned and faced the young man with a grim look on his face.

"Hmm, I expected better of one of Acius' men. That pack is standard issue in the field but you can't make it a kilometer without looking like you need a break." He stroked his chin as he thought, "Looks like we'll have to resort to drastic measures." With a sigh, he gripped his staff and aimed a piercing strike at Azix's chest. Azix's Borg flared to life and shattered, pushing the staff back a centimeter.

Azix raised a brow, "What was that for?" His irritation was starting to leak into his features as he glared at the man before him.

"For this." The Instructor whispered something under his breath and Azix felt a crushing weight crash upon him. His knees started to wobble and he nearly collapsed if it wasn't for The Instructor reaching out and grabbing his arm to steady him. "Give me the pack, for now." He didn't wait for Azix to struggle with it, instead just pulled it off his back. "We walk."  The Instructor held the pack with one arm over his shoulder and turned around, walking as if there were no change in the weight. His staff tapped the ground as he went, setting the pace of his gait.

Even without the pack on his shoulders, Azix felt sluggish as he moved. It was a struggle to lift his feet and every breath felt like agony. "What did you do?"

The Instructor took his time in replying, "I increased the gravity around your body to two times the natural amount. I'm feeling generous today, tomorrow you'll wear the pack." His tone told Azix not to question him again.

Azix fell into silence and struggled to keep up the pace with his teacher. He realized that the rest of the journey would be under the weight of increased gravity, as well as the pack, so he resigned himself to his fate, cursing his luck.

When they stopped for the night to set up camp, the moon was already starting to creep up. They ate in silence, The Instructor kept an eye on him with a bemused expression. Azix was too tired to remark and when he finished eating he rolled over to go to sleep. The Instructor laughed and kicked him, resulting in a scowl from Azix. The food in his stomach didn't seem to settle right, weighing down his organs.

"You're not done tonight. Now, sit up."
The Instructor sat with his legs crossed on the ground and his hands on his knees, palms up. He waited for Azix to reciprocate the posture before continuing, "Good, now inhale. No, with your abdominal muscles. Pull the air into your core and hold it. Now, exhale, pushing the air from your body. Good, now relax your body as you breath."

They sat there like that for five hours, taking deep, slow breaths and Azix felt the most relaxed in ages. He felt like sleep could overcome him and he was thankful when The Instructor said it was time for bed. He surrendered into dreams with ease, though he wouldn't remember them in the morning.


In the morning they woke to breakfast, eating some dried meats and fruits. Azix had slept soundly and felt well rested, thanks to the breathing exercises the night before. He was still sore, dreading the long walk ahead. The Instructor broke his Borg again before applying the gravity spell again. Azix felt a giant weight press down on every fiber of his being and struggled to pick the pack up. After a few tries, he got it strapped to his shoulders and they made their way forward.

They spent the next few days making their way southeast, the peaks of faroff mountains rose over the horizon. Every day Azix spent walking under increased gravity while carrying the heavy pack, while every night he spent learning the art of breathing. Azix felt relaxed after every session and he noticed that his habit of forming images in his head grew easier.

The Instructor spent his time talking to Azix about the ways of magic. Azix learned that magicians were blessed by the Rukh and that they could whisper if you listened. As he would walk during the day, he would focus on his breathing exercises and willed himself to hear the Rukh. Sometimes, he heard a sigh tickle his ear but he would shrug it off, thinking he had imagined it.

After a week of traveling, The Instructor stopped at the edge of a lake and made camp, the sun high in the sky still. Azix was puzzled at why they stopped but he was glad to stop and rest. It had seemed the past couple of days he had made the gravity stronger and he no longer removed the weight at night. Azix had begun to crave the breathing exercises at night, they rejuvenated him.

The Instructor sat legs crossed, in front of Azix, his eyes closed. Softly exhaling, he entwined his fingers, "As you breath, visualize the Rukh, see them flutter on the wind, riding the currents of fate. Listen to the pulse of their wings, hear the whispers."

Azix centered himself through his breathing, visualizing the Rukh as their wings flickered across his inner vision. As he lulled deeper in his trance, he heard the Rukh whispering in his ear. Azix realized they were whispering to him, he was beloved by the Rukh. He listened to them, he caught traces of new commands and it sent a ripple through his conciousness. A new perspective on magic developed in his mind. He followed the ripples, devouring the possibilities, his mind intent on learning.

He opened his eyes and the moon was high in the sky. The Instructor sat before him with one eye open and a small smile curled up. "You heard them?" he asked in a soft voice.

Azix nodded, "Yes, I never knew there were that many commands." He looked up to the sky and watched the stars flicker. He held out his staff and used his Flicker spell.  A stream of magoi flowed from the tip of his staff to the palm of his other hand. A twelve centimeter orb floated above his palm and pulsed with a dull, purple color. Azix was surprised to see that it felt easier to command the Rukh and direct the magoi.

Noting the surprise on Azix's face, The Instructor chuckled, "Yes, with daily physical and mental training your magic improves." He shook his head and sighed, "Now you can understand the reason for the gravity spell."

Feeling incredibly ignorant, Azix mentally chided himself for falling so far behind. He had always dedicated himself to mental pursuits in history, politics and other studies, but never concerned himself with training. His ostracism in Kou had tainted him to believe that while he was weaker, if he could out think people he'd be fine. He resolved himself to train harder and devote more focus to magical studies and ways to utilize his magic more.

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
By the time they had gotten to the footholds of the mountains, two weeks later, Azix was walking under three and a half times normal gravity. He had asked The Instructor to raise it after that night and through sheer determination, he kept putting one foot in front of the other.

The closer they had gone southeast, The Instructor led them through terrain the provided better cover. He had explained that the closer to the coast they got, the more prevalent Black Crow patrols would be. In the woods, they took extra care to watch their step in case of booby traps. Several times The Instructor would stop Azix before he walked into a hidden trip-wire or spikes buried in leaves.

They were traveling through a spread of woods at the base of a mountain when they heard voices and the sounds of horses. They ducked down and made their way to the edge of a clearing. A group of three men were sitting around a small camp talking. The Instructor made a gesture to stay down and out of sight.

A man wearing a bandana around his head, with three scars running down the left side of his face paced by the campfire. "I don't like this one bit," he spoke to the men. "You're telling me that those supply wagons are from Kou?"

A short bald man sitting near the fire nodded, "Those wagons are usually guarded pretty tight, but we came across a wagon the other day without any of those nasty magicians and took it. Silver-Eyes says there were scrolls decrypted in a Kou cipher."

The scarred-man scratched his neck, "Silver-Eyes was a former spy for the Kou, I'd trust his judgement." He sighed, "What are they doing in Reim?"

The bald man shrugged, "Silver-Eyes said most of the stuff was basic surveillance orders. There was a document for a Lieutenant asking for a report on some Niraj person. What do you think we should do Falcon?"

Falcon paused for a moment as he thought. There had been at least fix or six caravans, heavily guarded, in the past two weeks. The operation would have to be larger than just a network of spies, otherwise other methods would occur. "Seems like we have two matters to deal with, Kou in our backyard and those damn pirates." He kicked a pot nearby, "Curse Alucard's drunkenness! We had a truce with those bastards."

The bald man gulped, Falcon's foul mood scared him. "Can't we just give them Alucard and his men? Be rid of him and those savages? They cause more trouble then they are worth. Did you hear what they did to that village?"

Falcon waved his comments off, "If I offered her a man for a ship, she'd skin me alive. No, it's blood she wants. You know how Madam Trixie is about her ships." He sat down in a chair and stared into the fire, "Alucard started a war with his stupidity, I wish I could hang him out to dry. She'd never believe I didn't order it."

The Instructor leaned close to Azix, "We're going to take them out, you don't have your Borg, so watch out." He waited for Azix to nod, "Leave the one with the scars alive."

The Instructor moved silently around the trees to get in a better position. Azix heard a twig snap and the saw the men at the camp stand at attention. They reached for their weapons and Azix reacted. He aimed his staff at the bald man and whispered, "Piercing Light." He noticed that as the Rukh gathered they shined an orange color.

A one meter narrow beam of light flew towards the bald man, hitting him in the chest. It burned through his chest and he screamed in pain. At the same time, a nearly invisible sheet appeared over them, Azix thought it seemed to radiate black light. It slammed down on the men, knocking them onto the ground. Azix could feel the ground shake slightly from the force. That had to have been The Instructor's magic.

The Scarred man stood up, unsheathing a large sword, swaying a little on his feet. "Cursed Magicians! Come out and fight like real men, cowards!" His jaw set in pure determination.

The Dance Of Fate [Solo/Train] Van.Hohenheim.240.502986

The Instructor stepped out from the woods, clutching the lion's head on his staff. He closed his eyes and removed his glasses from his face. When he opened his eyes, pure malice reflected in his golden irises. He folded the glasses and put them in his pocket. "You are not worthy to be called a man."

Falcon roared in rage and charged forward, pulled his blade behind him, building up momentum for a horizontal slash towards The Instructor. Azix raised his staff, but The Instructor was quicker. He whispered, "Gravity wave," and a wall of transparent magoi formed in front of him. Azix noticed that the Rukh shined a black color as they formed into magoi. The Instructor flicked his staff slightly and the wall rushed forward, colliding with Falcon and sending him back several meters.

The Instructor turned to Azix, "See what he has to say." With that, he made his way to the tents and started looking around.

Azix approached Falcon cautiously, watching for any sudden movements. The man was sprawled on the ground and coughing up blood. He glared up at Azix towering over him, "Come to finish it, coward?"

Shaking his head, Azix sat down next to Falcon. "No, I want you to tell me what you know."

Falcon looked at Azix's left eye, seeing the lifeless purple orb, and noticed his black hair. "You're from Kou, aren't you?" He let out a soft chuckle and gasped in pain, "If you were listening then you already know what I know. We just learned what those caravans were for."

Azix thought for a moment, "Who is this Madam Trixie?"

Falcon hacked up some more blood and turned his head and spit at Azix's feet. Azix stiffled a shutter and wiped his boot through the grass as Falcon spoke. "She's a self-proclaimed Pirate Queen, she plagues bandits and corrupt governments by interfering with trade. We had a truce, since the Black Crows don't harm people, well, most of us. Alucard came back from the north with a band of men who are giving us a bad name. The other week he got drunk in a tavern and got in a fight with one of Madam Trixie's Capitans. He started a riot and burned her ship in the port."

It sounded to Azix like Alucard did indeed start a war. He noticed The Instructor approach and give him a look to finish him. Azix raised his staff and pointed it at Falcon. "Bright Beam." The Rukh around him gave an orange shimmer as they formed into a wide beam of light. The wide beam of light formed in front of his staff and blasted into the ground. It left a smouldering indentation on the ground and dealt second degree burns to Falcon. He cried out in agony and start twitching on the ground.

"You did well, I found a map that shows where their main camp and travel paths are. There's another camp south of here, we should go there next." The Instructor looked around, "Let's set up camp here."

Azix took off the pack and went to setting up the pots and pots near the campfire. He then moved the bodies into the woods, covering them with a pile of sticks and leaves. The Instructor was sitting by the fire with his staff on his lap. Azix sat down next to him and began his meditation, slowing his breaths.

"That was Strength Magic I used earlier, Azix. A Light Magician is most compatible with Strength Magic for their next type. What did you see?" The Instructor spoke in a soft voice.

Azix recalled the shimmering film of Magoi, "It was transparent, yet it seemed to radiate a black light. It was as if you commanded the Rukh to form a wall and force them down."

The Instructor nodded, "Good, that is Strength Magic. It is the ability to manipulate space with force. With it you can twist, push, pull or smash things. Gravity is a force as well, so as you well know, you can exude great force on a body or make things float by lessening the gravity."

Azix was impressed, if he could incorporate Strength into his abilities, then he'd have more offensive capabilities. He remembered his earlier observation of the Rukh, "Instructor, I noticed earlier that the Rukh seem to have a certain color when I cast my spells. Why is that?"

The Instructor stood up, motioning for Azix to do the same. "I want you to punch me."

Azix gave The Instructor a questioning look but did as he asked. He threw a punch towards his teacher and hit the Instructor's Borg as it flared up. Azix noticed a single Rukh flutter by, with a hint of black color flicker, momentarily as the force of his punch collided with the Borg. Azix was knocked back and he looked up to The Instructor, "I noticed the Rukh do that for your spell earlier."

A small smile curved at the corner of The Instuctor's lip, "Yes, nature utilizes the Rukh as well, there are as many Rukh as there are types. The key to being a Magician is observing the Rukh in nature and applying it to your magic. Listen to the commands they whisper as they act. Punch me again."

Azix threw his fist forward, colliding with the Borg which pushed his hand back. As the force of his punch hit, he heard the Rukh whisper a command for pushing force. A curious thought came to his mind, he grabbed his staff and found a nearby stick. He shoved the stick in the ground and aimed his staff at it. He whispered the command for pushing force and the Ruhk shimmered with a black gleam before a tiny, transparent wave of force released from his staff and pushed the stick back two centimeters.

Azix sat back, the realization that he had missed a core part of sunk in. He had only been toying with a tiny portion of what the whole of magic was. Azix ignored the feelings of shame for being so naive and tried to envision the totality of what the Rukh, what magic really was. He resumed his meditation and reflected on it, thinking of ways he could observe the Rukh to learn more commands.

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
It took a week to arrive at the next camp, they had taken a longer way through the woods to stay hidden. The Instructor had increased the gravity around Azix's body to five times the normal mount and Azix felt overburdened and sluggish. He willed himself to continue hiking, if he wanted to get stronger, then he would have to push his body to the limits. The Instructor seemed impressed with Azix's dedication, but he never said it out loud.

Peeking through the trees, they looked into the large camp and watched the patrols walk atop the walls. Azix noticed a total of twenty guards that passed every ten minutes. The sound of seagulls drifted from the sky and Azix could smell the sea. He could see the ocean in the background.

A branch snapped behind them and they whirled around. A row of Black Crows stood behind them with, weapons raised. An arrow whistled through the air and struck Azix in the leg. With the extra gravity weighing down on him, pain shot through his leg and he buckled, falling on his knees. A warm feeling started spreading through his muscles, radiating outward from the wound. He noticed his vision starting to get blurry and sounds seemed muffled.

The Instructor mumbled under his breath and slashed his staff, with the lion's head facing the bandits, sending a solid wall of force crashing into them. The bandits shouted out a cry as they were knocked back, some rolling into trees.

A giant explosion shook the ground, loud cracking sounds resonated as trees snapped from the force of the explosion. Azix's consciousness started to slip from what he thought was a poison. He looked up to see traces of red and black Rukh, commands from the explosion. He briefly comprehended the command for explosion. He heard several more booming explosions as his vision dipped into darkness. His last thought, 'Is this how it ends?'


Azix roused to the sounds of waves crashing and the rocking motions of a ship. He struggled to open his eyes and his vision seemed blurry as he came to. Blinking several times he noticed he was tied to the fore-mast and facing the bow of the ship. Other people were tied up beside him as well. His throat was dry and his lips were chapped. The deck was busy with activity, the crew dressed in various pieces of mismatched armor.

He noticed that he felt incredibly light, Azix wondered if it had something to do with the heavy gravity he had grown accustomed to being under. A very tall, very round man walked up the starboard steps towards the prisoners. He slowly walked in a circle, around the mast, taking careful note of each one of them. He gazed at them with a wild grin, "A'right ya Black Crows, ya get ta' meet the Madam." He pointed out beyond the head of the ship where Azix saw a bunch of black dots in the distance, in a row. "There is ta Pirate Queen's fleet, all nine hundre'ty nine of them, thanks ta ya, ya bastards." He spat on the ground and looked them each in the eye.

"Ta Madam said, if any of ya said where your leader be, we could set ya back." He smiled, "Anyone?" No one said anything and he laughed, "Ha! She'll make ya regret that."

Azix heard a man shout, "We'll never say where Falcon is, you pirate bastard! He's not even the man you wa-" Azix heard the man wheeze as he choked on something wet. The rotund man had ran him through with a blade.

"Oh! You are looking for Falcon? A man with three scars down the left side of his face?" Azix asked in a musical tone. Finally, something he could use. As the man walked around the fore-mast to face Azix, the scowl on his face made Azix reconsider.

"Eh? Ya going ta tell me something?" He bellowed in amusement, waves of laughter rippled through his fat. "Ya hear that ya Black Crows? Ya fella here is gonna tell us where Falcon is." His face grew serious and he stared Azix in the eyes. "Do ya think I'm daft, boy?"

A smirk stretched on Azix's face, "No, I don't think you are daft. On the contrary, I think you're rather clever. I know exactly where the Falcon is, I'll even take you there myself." The two bandits tied next to him turned, urging him not to say anything. Azix shrugged, "This Pirate Queen said she wants to know."

The pirate wore a scowl, unsure of whether it was a trick. He walked to the railing and called down, "Sven! Get up here!"

He watched a man in a silk blue tunic, hanging loosely over airy, blue silk pants, ascend the stairs. He had two short curved blades, tucked into his belt, at his sides. He walked with an air of authority and confidence, his eyelids hung lazily, an eternal bored expression etched on his face.

Sven approach the rotund man, letting out a sigh, "Yes, Xerses?"

Xerces pointed a meaty finger at Azix, "He claims ta have knowledge of their leader's location. He offered ta take us there."

Sven's right eyelid lifted in interest, "Oh." His tone sounded bored, but he peer closer at Azix's eyes. "Is this true?"

Azix gave a short nod, "Yes, but I will only speak it to Madam Trixie herself." Seeing Sven's eyes grow disinterested, Azix smiled, "Of course, if I fail to provide anything useful, she can kill me in whatever fashion she desires."

Sven smiled, "Oh, this is curious." He turned 180 degrees and began walking downstairs, "Xerces, put him in the hold. Satiate his hunger and thirst. We'll keep good to her word until she can pass judgement. Execute the rest."

Xerces frowned at Azix, but grinned at the rest as he cut Azix free. He led Azix down the stairs as he called back to the others stricken faces, "I'll be back for ya." Azix was escorted into the hull by Xerces who grabbed another pirate by the shirt and spat, "Get this bastard food and drink." Xerces left Azix with the man and went back to the deck.

"Eh, to be prisoner to guest, you must have talked."
The man had a raspy voice and looked a little thin. "Ah, well, I'll be back."

Azix sat down and took the time to think. Why did he feel like a puppet dancing to the strings of fate? It reminded him of the Rukh and how they danced to a magician's demands. He wondered how the ripples of a magician's command effected fate as a whole. He sighed and remembered his plan to get stronger and find Garret. Not wanting to waste time, he got in a position with his hand parallel to his shoulders and his toes, keeping his back straight, as he had been taught in Kou. He used his arms to lower and raise his body, using the weight to work his muscles.

He was interrupted a few minutes later as the thin man appeared with a sea pie and a pitcher of ale. He set them down on a box and stared at Azix. "A man who wastes no time, that is good to see."

Azix started a third set of fifty push-ups, impressed at how much easier it seemed after three weeks of increased gravity. Twenty-five in he felt his arm muscles seize up and he collapsed with a groan. A burning ache pulsed through his arms as he listed to the pirate chuckle.

"Seems you did too many." He smiled and pointed to the food, "Eat, it will give you strength. Sven said you seemed ill when they found you, you pushed yourself too hard." He found a box and sat down, "What's your name?"

Azix sat up and rubbed his arms, before grabbing the pie and eating with his hands, too hungry to care. He took a swig of the bitter ale and stifled a gag. The pie was some concoction of pork and carrots, and was edible if you ignored the smell. He finished the pie and downed the rest of the ale. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and sighed in content. "My name is Azix, yours?"

"Oliver, is the name, I am the cook." He gave a small bow, "Nice to meet you Azix." He stood up and started to walk up the stairs, "We should arrive to the fleet in an hour." He gave a small wave before leaving.

Azix sighed and turned his focus to meditation while he waited.

The Dance Of Fate [Solo/Train] Queen_of_Pirates_by_fakeplastictrees

After being escorted onto the Madam's Storm, the Pirate Queen's flagship, Azix learned that he had been aboard Sven's ship Cursed Fate. He thought it a touch ironic, as he smiled morbidly. He was brought into a large chamber, filled with treasures from across the world, arranged neatly on shelves or hung up. The walls were lined with an exotic crimson fabric. Sitting behind a desk before him, sat a woman even Azix thought rather striking.

She sat with her chair tilted back, her knee-high boots crossed on the edge of the desk with a wicked grin on her lips. She had shoulder length blonde hair under a pirate hat, bearing the standard skull and bones. She was scantily clad, revealing a lithe tone body covered in scars. She wore arm-warmers up past her elbow and a small cloak hung over the back of the chair. A feature that amused Azix was the eye patch over her left eye. To her sat a man with silver hair collared with a chain that led to a strap at her waist. Two swords were sheathed to her waist and legs, one a short curved blade and one a straight blade.

Azix dropped to his knees and bowed before her, giving her the proper respect a Queen would ask for. The Pirate Queen laughed, "Stand up, only a slave kneels." She glanced to the man on the leash and stared into his eyes, the grin never leaving her face, "What is your name?"

"Azix Niraj," He paused and flashed a smile, "You are a rather striking woman, if I dare say so."

She laughed, "Flattery fails to impress me, but your challenge didn't. You claim knowledge in place of your life?" She slid her feet to the ground and leaned over the desk, letting her cleavage show. "Is it correct to quote 'any manner the Pirate Queen chooses'?"

Azix nodded, "I am quite confident that I can impress you." The Madam motioned for him to continue. "I stumbled across his camp." He began to pace as he talked, now noticing that there were others sitting in the room. Sven and some others dressed in fine clothes sat near the edges of the room, watching him carefully.

"I was on a mission for the Reim empire, tracking the Black Crows," he added the necessary lie, but the rest was true, "We came across Falcon discussing an issue about a Caravan with his men. It also led into a conversation involving you."

Madam Trixie smiled, "I'm sure he did. Go on."

Azix chuckled, "They were discussing a certain officer of their group, Alucard, who was a loose cannon of sorts. This Alucard, was responsible for the loss of your ship and he seemed very upset at the idea. He was afraid you would start a war."

Her face soured and she glanced at the silver haired man. It seemed Azix had given merit to a previous discussion they had. She narrowed her eye, "I can see you spoke the truth." She paused a moment, then grinned, "Except for who you are. You have Kou in your features and those were your Caravans. I also have heard things, whispers travel on the wind and my fleet commands the winds over the seas."

Azix knew he was caught and accepted it, "You are right, my apologies. Forgive my attempt to deceive you, it is an old habit." The Pirate Queen waved it off and he continued his story. "My associate and I then killed them. We found the location of another camp on the coast and made our way their. That's how I ended up here, but I seemed to separate from my associate." He held his hands out, "I hope that helps."

The silver haired man lifted his head up and stared in wonder at Azix. With a start, Azix noticed the man had silver eyes as he spoke, "You killed Falcon?"

Azix nodded, "Are you Silver-Eyes? You were mentioned, I believe you found the caravan." He remembered that Silver-Eyes was a former spy from Kou. Azix had mentioned his name to Oliver and now it all made sense. It had been child's play at how Madam Trixie figured it out.

Silver-Eyes looked up to the Pirate Queen and raised his hand to Azix, "You wanted our leader, there he is." Seeing the look on her face he stammered, "The way of the Black Crows is the strongest rules. Falcon had been undefeated for years, how did you do it?"

Azix laughed at the turn of events, he hoped it wouldn't be short lived. Smiling at Silver-Eyes Azix replied, "Magic."

Madam Trixie stood up and gripped Silver-Eye's leach, pulling his head closer. She stared into his eyes, "Is that true?" He nodded and she released the chain. "Azix, it seems that you are the leader of the Black Crows, your group is responsible for the destruction of one of Madam Trixie, The Pirate Queen's ships." She slowly unsheathed the long straight sword and pointed it at Azix. "As the leader, you are directly responsible. What say you?"

Azix looked puzzled, "The Black Crows? As their leader I dissolve the group and gift you fighting men, resources and anything else previously owned under their banner."

The Pirate Queen stood there for a second, before laughing heartily. "Azix, I like you." She sheathed the sword and made a gesture. Everyone in the room dispersed, Sven leading Silver-Eyes away. She sat at her desk once again and pointed to a chair opposite her. "Sit."

When Azix took the seat she smiled, "I accept your trade, you gave me information and I'll give you your life. For the gift of the Black Crows, you have impressed me. Falcon had spent years uniting most of the bandit gangs in the Western Front under the banner of the Black Crows. While he kept the despicable acts to a minimum, he couldn't control everyone. With them under my banner, I have a significant advantage over the other bandit gangs." She raised an eyebrow, "What is it you want from me?"

Azix could think of many ways that an army and navy the size of hers could be useful, but he only had one mission right now. "I have someone I need to save, but to do that, I need to get stronger. A beautiful Queen teaching me would be all I dare ask for."

She eyed him carefully, unsure of his angle. "You want me to train you?" She howled in laughter, "All right, fine. I will show a Kouen a thing or two about combat. You'll start tomorrow!"

Azix let out a sigh and nodded, "Thank you, your highness." He bowed respectfully and she dismissed him.


Azix heard some of the pirates whispering about the deal he had made, they weren't sure what to make of him. He also caught wind that Sven and a hundred ships had been sent back to Reim with Silver-Eyes to spread word of their new leader. He made his way to the deck to meet Madam Trixie for training.

He was given a long sword and she showed him how to grip the handle and maneuver the blade. She pushed against him, guiding his arms and body to feel how to handle a sword. He spent the next few hours being guided through different stances, pointing out his footing. She pushed on his shoulders to lower his center of gravity, allowing him greater control over his movements.

He was then assigned to Captain Grimwald, who taught him hand to hand stances, going through different forms. They spent a few hours doing that before he was instructed on his training schedule. Every morning would be spent alternating between unarmed fighting lessons and sword training. The afternoon would be spent exercising, building his muscles and stamina. Every evening he would be pitted against a random member of the crew to fight.

Madam Trixie and Captain Grimwald spent the next month training Azix the basics of fighting. It was so different than his experience fighting with magic. During the daytime when he was training, he was so absorbed in putting his all into getting stronger and learning the art of physical combat. At night he would be nervous about fighting the crew, some men went easy on him until he got in a flow, others were brutes. It took two weeks before he won his first bout and he received an approving nod from Madam Trixie.

After the fights, he didn't neglect his mental studies, he would meditate for a few hours before going to sleep. The trance kept him centered and focused on his training, a momentary period of peace that rejuvenated him.

His exercises would vary throughout the days, sometimes focusing on ones that focused on his upper body strength, where he'd hang from a rope they tied between the masts and pull himself up or pushups. Other times, he would hang upside down from the ropes and use his abdominal muscles to pull himself up. They started with five sets of ten a day and increased the amount by five every day.

The more muscle he'd gain, the more Madam Trixie would drill fluid movements into his sword play. She stressed the importance of cutting with all your power, using quick, flowing movements to cut fast and hard. Azix practiced techniques that involved not wasting movement, every step concise and full of cutting intention.

She looked him up and down one day, noticing the shape of his body with a smirk. "You have been working hard. From now on, only actual experience can help you out, but I think you are ready." She sent a horizontal slash towards him and it collided with his Borg, bouncing off a bit. She gave a throaty laugh, "Ah, the defenses of a Magician." She pointed to a pirate nearby who passed her a staff, Azix's staff. She gave it to Azix, "We found it in a pile of loot, I remembered you describing it before. We're done for today, I've got some important business. Rest for the day and I'll summon you tonight. I have something to discuss with you."

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
A large map of the world draped across Trixie's desk and her Captain's lined around it, discussing strategies. Azix interest perked as he looked over the map, noting various key points along the coast. A skeleton figurine carved of wood sat over a black circle, marked within a bay to the north east of Reim. Azix noted that the rest of the circles were white.

"What does that represent," he asked as he pointed to the black circle.

Trixie removed her hat and scratched behind her ear in a feline gesture. "The one you and Silver-Eyes called Alucard, that's his pocket of resistance. How would you approach this?" She motioned for Azix to speak.

Azix looked around the room and then looked down at the map. The terrain surrounding the village was rocky with thick woods. He rubbed his chin as he thought, "If you approach in force at any point they'll run into the dense terrain and dig in." He had a glimmer of an idea and as it formed in his mind, he smirked. "I've got a plan." He briefly described the details and gave a list of what he would need for it to be successful.

Madam Trixie looked between her Captains, who didn't seem to object, and nodded her approval. With a wicked grin she winked at Azix, "Don't die, I'd hate to have wasted a month of training on you."


Azix was dressed in silks dyed a dark crimson, easier to hide in the shadows with, showing a truer black. He had his staff in his left hand as he creeped in the shadows, towards the camp. There were a little more than a hundred men buzzing through the camp, preparing for battle. Madam Trixie's fleet were slowly approaching the bay from the distance. Captain Grimwald approached next to him and clicked his tongue.

They had been dropped off south of the bay and had walked on foot the rest of the way, under the cover of night. Seeing as many men as Azix did, he felt a flutter of panic, but took a few deep breaths and calmed his nerves. Captain Grimwald held a giant lance and pointed to the water's edge. Azix nodded and pointed back towards the woods on the western side of the camp.

They split up, Grimwald waiting for Azix to do his part. Azix made his way, clinging to cover and shadows as he moved. He peeked around a tree to see men hauling supplies into the woods, along a dirt road. There were several armed men keeping an eye out, hands on their weapons.

Azix exhaled and poked his staff out from behind the tree, pointed toward the bandits. "Bright Beam," he whispered, orange Rukh shimmered forming into magoi, creating a ten meter diameter bright beam of light, his right hand shielding his vision. The beam sailed through the air at fifteen meters per second, hitting the bandits, burning through their clothes and delivering second degree burns. The men clutched their eyes and cried out in pain.

Shouts from the camp arose when others noticed the bright burst of light. Azix counted on Grimwald to do his part, striking from the rear as the bandits would move west. A few bandits came out from the town looking around. Azix slid his staff in a leather strap at his waist and unsheathed the straight blade Trixie let him borrow. He came around the tree and pointed at them, "Hey!"

The three bandits spotted him and started running forward. Azix slid his left foot behind his right and lowered his stance, with the blade raised up. As they slashed he would lean and dodge their blades. He made two quick slashes at one of the bandits, striking his sword arm and his neck. The bandit clutched his neck as he dropped to his knees and Azix hopped back, slashing horizontally as one moved forward. The bandit leaned back in time and then stepped forward, slashing downwards towards Azix's head.

Moving with the momentum of his blade, Azix performed a rolling maneuver, landing on the balls of his feet. He redirected his momentum, into a spin and used the force to slash at the bandit's legs. The blade caught on the bandit's left leg and Azix pulled the blade, slicing through the skin of his shin. Redirecting his momentum again, he stood up as he spun and delivered another horizontal slash towards the bandit's upper body.

The sword cut through his shirt and tore into his chest. Azix kicked the man in his sore leg and he started to fall to his knees. Azix saw the last bandit aim a horizontal slash as his fallen bandit's head would pass. He brought up his blade at an angle and there was a ring of steel as the blade's clashed. Azix's inexperience would show, the bandit twisted his blade, knocking the sword from Azix's hand.

Azix kicked at the man's knee cap, bruising it, grabbing the bandit's sword arm and pulled his body forward, thrusting his head against the man's skull. There was a loud crack as bone met bone and Azix felt sharp needles lance through his head. They both stumbled dazed for a moment, Azix reached for his sword and slashed upwards at the bandit's chest. He recovered in time to pull back, but Azix caught the bandit's fingers as he attempted to block the slash.

The bandit's sword fell to the ground and Azix turned the blade and slashed downwards at an angle. It tore through his chest and he stumbled to the ground. Azix dropped to his knees and took a few deep breaths. He had just reacted and now it sunk how close that had been. He heard shouts that there was a large man with a lance near the docks. Azix sheathed his sword and withdrew his staff. "Flicker!" An orb of bright violet light formed above his staff and he sent it above the camp, ten meters in the air, expanding it to a  five meter diameter sphere. He poured magoi into the orb, asking the Rukh to make the orb brighten and dim.

Bandits shouted in confusion, partially blinded, in the camp. Azix unsheathed his sword, gripping his staff in his left hand. He ran around the camp to meet up with Grimwald. He heard his teacher laughing as he clashed with the enemy. Coming up behind him, Azix swung his blade at a bandit to his side. He cut the bandit's side and moved in, hitting the bandit's head with the hilt of his sword.

Then the booms sounded. He heard several large spashes in the water as large arrows from Madam Trixie's descended upon the village. Azix's Flicker had been the signal that they were huddled in the town. Grimwald pushed Azix into the water and dived in with him. Azix barely took a breath in time as he splashed into the cold water. Adjusting to the temperature, he found Grimwald and followed him as they swam out of the bay. They would come up for quick bursts of air before going back under, deafening the cries as arrows rained down from the night sky.

Azix had managed to sheath his weapons and kept up with Grimwald. They made it around a bend and pulled up on shore, gasping for air. Azix looked and saw several small boats filled with pirates coming to shore. Now was the next stage, took a few breaths to calm his mind and nodded to Grimwald.

They met with the pirates and charged back into town as the arrows stopped. There were about thirty bandits coming out of houses, brandishing axes, swords, and spears. Azix and Grimwald rushed in, staying side by side, slashing left and right. Adrenaline pumping in the heat of battle, they seemed to dance as stepped into attacks, complimenting each other's attacks to barrage the enemies as they tried to defend. Grimwald stabbed a bandit attempting to run his blade through Azix. Grimwald dodged as Azix swung a horizontal slash over his head to cut a bandit trying to take advantage of Grimwald's opening.

An ugly looking brute with a large axe pushed through the bandits and swung his axe down at Grimwald. His teacher raised his lance and the weapons clashed, Azix stepped around and slashed to the brute's side. He followed the slash by pulling back his blade and launching it forward in a thrust into the man's gut. The brute roared and drug the axe along the lance to smack the flat part against Azix's head. Azix was knocked back into another pirate.

Grimwald shifted his spear from above his head to his side and stabbed the brute in the gut, leaning his weight into it. Azix pushed to his feet and charged forward, thrusting his blade in the brute's chest. He raised his leg and pushed into the man with leg and sword. The brute lost his balance and fell into the water with a splash.

Azix held his sword loose in his hands as he saw the last remnants of bandits being defeated by the pirates. He panted in exhaustion and looked to Captain Grimwald. The Captain gave an approving nod and gave a finishing jab with his lance to the brute's body in the water.


Azix sat in Madam Trixie's captain, where she listened to his report of how it went. They were alone and she listened intently. When he was finished she smirked, "My, my, you are a talented fella. I could use someone like you on my crew."

Azix smiled, he was honored for the compliment, and shook his head sadly, "As much as I would love to, I have to do something." He did enjoy the action and the crew was fun, but Garret came first. "I have someone I need to help."

Madam Trixie sighed, "Oh, well. I can take you to port, where would be closest?" Azix pointed on the map to closest point and she nodded. "I shall have you there within the week. Meanwhile, we can train on the way."

Azix spent the next week engaged in sparring with the crew, each of them teaching him a quick lesson, pointing out his openings and suggesting stances. He dedicated several hours each day to exercising, working his muscles. Trixie recommended some stretches to try before he used his muscles, to help create lean muscles, good for fast, powerful strikes. At night they would spar, Trixie pushing him to the edge for a few hours. Afterwards, they'd retreat to her cabin, share a drink and meditate.

The night before he should have pulled into the harbor, Trixie got a serious look in her eye, "Azix, what are your plans for the future?"

He sighed wistfully, "I plan to attempt to lead a country that focuses on the betterment of mankind. Everyone with a focus to devote their focus to their fellow man, a new system where all are equal."

Madam Trixie thought for a few moments, "I've heard people proclaim such ideals, but most are filled with greed after gaining power." Her golden eye watched him carefully, "I like you, but if you achieve your goals and become corrupt, I will have to hunt you down."

Azix smiled, "I hope you do. Thank you for all you've done." He gave her a bow, "It has been a pleasure being instructed by someone as beautiful as you."

Madam Trixie waved off his compliment, "If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, send word to the bandits and tell them 'Madam's Gift'. They'll get word to me." She punched him in the arm and grinned, "Now, get some sleep, tomorrow you have a long journey ahead."

Azix made his way bed and reflected on his training as he sank into the hard cot. He would have to quickly make his way to Acius and report in, then figure out what to do about Garret.

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
After a farewell to the crew aboard the Madam's Storm. Azix bought a horse from a stable and turned his course north. He was finally on his own, giving him time to reflect on his training from all of his teachers; The Instructor, Madam Trixie and Captain Grimwald. His mind wandered to The Instructor's lessons of the Rukh and the essence of nature. He let him fall into the sway of the horse's canter, feeling the horse's lungs expand and contract between his legs. Azix's breath fell in time with the horse and he felt an awareness with nature.

He leaned his body forward and to the right of the horse and saw glimpses of fluttering black Rukh with each resounding clop of its hoofs. Listening to the Rukh's soft whispers, he learned aspects of acceleration and friction forces. He made a mental note of it, the releasing it into the drift of his meditative state. They rode till nightfall, finding a small creek to camp at.

Azix sat by the creek, reminiscing on his training under the effects of gravity. He grabbed some some dirt and tried forming it into a ball, it clumped but it had no structure. Azix scooped water from the creek into his hand and mixed it with the dirt, clumping it. As he molded into a tight ball, he saw how Strength magic could mold and shape constructs.

He grabbed his staff with an idea in his eyes, he whispered a few commands to the Rukh. Some of the commands were similar to his Distortion spell, a prism void of color that sucked in light that cast shadows around an area, in that two small tendrils of shadows wrapped around the tips of his toes. The strength commands formed the tendrils into a flexible shadow construct, holding his feet down.

Azix crossed his arms, still gripping the staff horizontally against his chest and laid back, with his knees bent. He began slowly pulling his body up to his knees and pushing back to the ground, noting the commands of the Rukh as they fluttered by.

After fifty situps, Azix moved the tendrils to his wrists, pinning them down. While on his back, he lifted his legs holding them straight, lifting his butt and stomach into the air. He exhaled as he lifted up and inhaled as he slowly let his body back down, letting his legs lie flat on the ground. He repeated this process fifty times, sweat dripping from his brow by the time he was done.

The next three nights were spent repeating the process, allowing the tendrils to grow longer. On the fourth night, Azix looped the tendrils under his knees and lifted him up. With his arms crossed over his chest, staff in hand, Azix lifted his body forward, till his arms touched his knees and slowly lowered himself back down. The more he exerted his body, it seemed working with magoi came easier.

He experimented with the tendrils, using them to help him hold and pull his body further when he stretched. Azix took care not to overexert his muscles, but worked his way further, exhaling out as he stretched a little forward. He would be sore during the days spent riding, but Azix's body felt looser. He started forming a shadowy mass over his staff and moving it to a location. He whispered commands, allowing it to form a dark violet seal with a 12 pointed star in a circle. The tendrils would reach through the seal, with magoi he directed them.

The seventh night Azix was riding through a village, even though the moon was starting to creep up, he planned on making the rest of the six hour journey. His horse was tired, so he kept her to a slow pace, planning to let her rest after the village. A sudden scream cut through the still air. Azix turned in the direction of the sound, behind a house. As he got closer he heard a woman sobbing. He slid of his horse, staff in hand, walking around the house. He saw a man hitting a woman, trying to rip off her clothes.

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Azix's face turned to stone, "You make me sick." His tone was devoid of emotion.

The man turned around and shouted,"Who the hell are you? Mind your own business!" He threw a nearby rock towards Azix, who gingerly stepped away.

Azix raised his staff, a hunger rose inside him to try to use the new constructs to toy with the filth in front of him. "Kage Youshiki,"with the whisper black and orange fluttered near his staff as a inky mass of shadows flew forward and landed at the man's feet. The 12 starred seal formed around his feet and several small tendrils oozed forth, gripping his limbs. With his right hand free, Azix unsheathed Deviant and slowly approached the bound man.

The man shivered as he saw madness dance in Azix's eyes, the thoughts that lingered in the shadows of his unconscious mind roused to the surface. Azix pointed his blade at the man's shirt, dragging the sharp curved blade down in a line. The fabric unraveled as it cut, red bubbles dripping in the wake of Azix's Deviant. "Do you like being undressed with violence?" Azix asked with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. "I want you to feel as vulnerable as she did~ Surrender your power, your control over the situation~"

Azix slashed wildly with his sword, striking the man's chest several times. The woman screamed in terror as Azix sent blood flinging with every stroke. The man cried out in pain and Azix stopped. He turned around and sent four more tendrils out of the seal to pierce into the man's back. Azix walked around the house, letting the seal dissolve and found the horse. With a flourish, Azix flicked the blood from Deviant and sheathed both blade and staff. He mounted up and made his way to Lieutenant Acius.

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