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Lonely Orphans - D [solo/job]

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez

Job Name: Lonely Orphans (Repeat)
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: All Major Cities
Job Rewards: 50 XP/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The kids in the orphanage are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing dance, tell them stories, whatever. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded.

Ella, the girl they had met before, sat on Trixie's back to Diego's left as they walked to the orphanage. Diego carried several large sacks of meats for the owner that Ella's mother was donated. Ella smiled and waved as people looked at the pair. Diego had met the little girl earlier when he stopped to pick up dried meats at her mother's shop. After the embarrassing incident with her mother thinking Trixie mauled her daughter, she had taken a liking to Trixie and would give Diego discounts. It also had something to do with Ella's obvious adoration of the tiger.

When Diego entered the orphanage, the sight saddened him. The kids all seemed apathetic and weren't playing. Spotting Mrs. Potts, the orphanage owner, he carried the sacks to her. She pointed to a table for him to set them down as she read a book.

"Oh cool! A tiger!" A boy ran up to Ella and Trixie as they walked in. "Does she bite?"

Ella scrunched up her face, "She doesn't hurt anyone!" She hugged the tiger around her neck, "She's a nice kitty!"

Mrs. Potts raised an eyebrow at Diego and went back to reading her book. Not impressed with the state of the orphanage he grabbed a chair and sat down backwards. "She is a nice kitty." He smiled at the orphans, "She's actually a Pirate Queen."

Some of the kid's interest piqued, "A Pirate Queen?"

Ella sat cross-legged next to Diego  and Trixie laid down in front of her, excited for her favorite character's tale. Diego nodded his head and his voice took a practiced story-teller's quality. "Aye, not any Pirate Queen, but Madam Trixie, the Queen who stole Azazel's heart."

"Whoa, no way!" The kids gathered around Trixie and pet her as they listened.

"Across the seven seas, her and her fleet of a thousand ships lurk. It is said that they arrive on whispers of the wind. When a King grows too tyrannical, his naval trading routes get disrupted. Madam Trixie proclaims to be a beacon of hope for the downtrodden." As he spun his tale, his hands were animated, making gestures to emphasize points.

A boy that was resting his head on Trixie's back raised his hand, "How did she steal the devil's heart?"

Diego smiled, "Oh, now that is a tale." Trixie flicked her tail back and forth, making Diego chuckle. "It was a dark and stormy night, the sea broiled in fury as her fleet of a thousand ships sailed to small island at the edge of the world, known as Azazel's Peak. A jagged spire reaches from the depths of the sea and extends to the heavens above, in righteous fury at the Creator for his imprisonment.

Her fleet lined up in three rows, with the Madam's ship in front and Trixie alone sailed out to meet him. A streak of lightning flashed across the sky as she stepped on the shore and stared defiantly towards Azazel. The devil grinned and asked, 'Madam Trixie, you are the fifth pirate leader to dare treads on these shores. All before you have fallen. Why are you here?' Trixie laughed in his face and challenged the devil to a race. The Devil and Trixie would sail across the seas with a fleet of a thousand ships, his against hers, across the world. The winner would be granted one thing." Diego paused and watched their eyes stare in awe.

"The devil cackled evily, "I agree, but I will ask for your soul." Without blinking an eye Trixie would sail back out to her fleet. The waves began to froth violently as a fleet of the devil's ships rose from the sea. Trixie smiled as her ships moved into from a three-rowed line formation to a two-rowed V-formation in front of Azazel's fleet. Using positioning, she had blocked his troops from moving in front of hers.

Months passed as they raced against the seas, to get to the edge of the world. Finally, it loomed in sight and Azazel proclaimed that victory was his, as his fleet went underwater and began to propel forward faster under the waves." Diego paused as the kids gasped. "Trixie was not without her tricks, for on each of her ships she had a magician, skilled with wind magic. They built up a mighty gust of wind behind the fleet that allowed them to sail over Azazel's fleet and beat him by half a ship length." He cleared his throat and smiled. "Azazel was angry and asked what she wanted. She whispered one thing, 'Your undying love.' With that she blew him a kiss and sailed back out to sea."

"Whoa....," the kids were impressed.

Diego spent the afternoon spinning tales of adventure, mystery and magic to the bedazzled children. Their cheerful faces and uplifted moods, warmed Diego's soul and unbeknownst to him, a flutter of white ruhk gleamed above the orphanage.

[822/500] [200/200 stamina]


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