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Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 3]

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1Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 3] Empty Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 3] on 11/09/15, 07:53 pm


Heading for the local tavern, I sigh, this request having been unfortunately the only one that had been available, and I was hoping to get some extra money for the journey I had ahead of me. Still, I would try to be as courteous as possible, and hopefully the man wouldn't try to resist. Walking into the establishment, the smell of strong alcohol and good food hits me. I wasn't very keen on drinking, so I didn't ever frequent a place like this. I could already hear the old man, speaking loudly to the tavern keeper who seemed to be pretending to listen, the only thing holding his patience together being the fact that the man had been a soldier was somewhat elderly, it seemed. I make my way over to them, hoping that I'd be able to resolve this peacefully.

I sit down next to him and order myself a glass of cactus juice, stuff which was said to be good for the health. The tavern keeper obliged, pouring me some of it into a small glass and walking away to attend to other guests.

I turn to the man, sipping from the drink I'd ordered, and decide to introduce myself.

"Hello, sir, my name's Ivris. I heard you saying you were in the military, is that right?"

"You bet your pretty little face it is," he says in slurred speech, the smell of drink coming from his breath. "My my... what a time that was. I've been through so much, it's quite a tale. Would you like to hear it?" he asks me. Without stopping to let me respond, he continues speaking.

"I joined the military when I was only 18. A strong and handsome young man I was, all the ladies enjoyed me company. Why, when I was 19, there was even a lady that asked me to leave the army and run away with her. Of course I couldn't, but she was madly in love with me, so I had to oblige to have a chance with me. Fun nights those were... anyways, I was on a patrol when suddenly, we were swarmed by locusts, Yes, locusts. But these were no ordinary locusts... they were the size of cats! They attacked, and flew off with a buddy of mine. Never did see Hoten again. They covered another of my patrol, and all we heard were his screams. I only made it out alive because I was able to dive into the water of an oasis that was nearby. I'll never forget that day... I wandered in the desert for days, completely lost. I tried to get back, but I kept going in circles. I ended up at the oasis every night on the verge of death. But what saved me was a travelling caravan, and that's the only reason I'm still alive."

"Oh... what an, um, interesting story. Oh my, it seems that it's already dark out. Would you mind walking me home?"

"Well if you insist," the man says, getting up. The tavern keeper turns, grinning that he'd finally rid himself of the unruly customer. Once we were outside, it was obvious that the man was too drunk to walk very far, but thankfully his own home was nearby. Leaving him with a woman, wife or lover I couldn't tell, I head back for my own home, work accomplished.



Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 3] 2014-09-06-korra

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