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Caphalor od jobs chain part 3

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1Caphalor od jobs chain part 3 Empty Caphalor od jobs chain part 3 on 10/05/15, 04:25 pm


Job Name: Reliving Glory Days
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, telling bawdy stories of his better years. The customers are getting annoyed and the tavern keeper wants him out. Either escort the man home and listen to a story or put him out of his misery.

It was busty at the tavern. A old man named Terry was sitting at the bar. He was driniing some beer. He did already drink too much. He was drunk . eople in the tavern knew how he was when he was drunk. He would annoy everyoen with his drunk stories. It was really bothering them. It wasnt the firs timeand it woudnt be the last time they would throw him out.

The door then opens and a heavily armored man enters th etavern. It was Caphalor. It was quiet for a moment. Caphalor did sure get alot of attention because of wha he was wearing. Caphalor ignores it and walks furher to the bar. I it downnext to Terry. Everyoen then starts to talk again and being loud. Terry who didnt know Caphalor turned to him and lays his arm on my shoulders and leans against me. I smell the dirty smelll of beer in his mouth.

I try to ignore the man but he keeps bothering me. He starts to tell me about his story. Its about that he had fought i the old wars for Helio. It did sound interesting but the man was drunk. How much could be true of all this nonsense. The bar keeper already asked for some of his staff. They were getting closer to me and Terry. They wanted to throw him out again. I stand up. Dont worry. I will take care if this man. I grab Terry. I lift him up and lay hin on one of my shoulders. Terry struggles but is not able to do anything. Caphalor was just too strong. Besides of that was he wearing a armor. There was not much he could do. I walk out of the tavern.

With Tery on my shoulders i walk through the city. Everyoen looks suprised and stands still to look at us. I ask the man where he lives. I follow his directions. We go left right right left left etc. Then Terry points at a old ugly and expired house. I put the man down. Here you are home now old drunk bastard. You are now at your house. I got to go now i dont have time for you anymore.

Caphalor turns around and walks away. I get grabbed from behind. It was the old man Terry. He begged me to stay. I push the man hard on the ground. Get lost. The man stands up and looks at my cleaver. He points at it. He tells me that he wants me to end his life. He tells me he does drink this much because he trys to forget his past. He wanted to go to a other place. I first want to say no but then i rememebr Kabuto. SHe maby needed more eyes for her sculpture. Those eyes were maby not looking good but they could be usefull at a place ythey wouldnt be vissible.
I tell the man to go inside. We enter the house. It looks even worse inside. Itth house looks like if can collapse any moment. The was a good place actually. He could make it look like thehouse would have colappsed onthe old man . I know i was doing the old man a favor but who cares. he would have eyes for Kabuto and he could kill someoen. It was more a win win situation. I take my cleaver and attack the man with it, The man falls dead on the ground. Caphalor then takes a small bag i have with me. I take out the eyes of the man and put them in the bag. next i start to make the wallls weaker. I then run outside quickly and a few minutes later does the building finally collapse. I walk away without looking back.



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