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Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 1]

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1Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 1] Empty Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 1] on 11/09/15, 02:25 am


A job for the local university would allow me to help them out while making some money on the side that I'd need for the journey I had ahead of me. Thankfully there hadn't been much to do at home today, so I was free to take this time and do with it as I pleased. The university had asked for notes on wildlife and plant life, but I had an idea in mind that would hopefully blow them away in their expectations. It was one of the bright sides of being a water magician. As I walked towards the edge of the sea, the afternoon sun still high in the sky behind me, I could see absolutely no clouds in the sky. Part of living in an arid climate like Heliohapt, I suppose. Once I reach the water's edge, I pull out my silver wand, Nephthys, and perform a spell I'd just recently learned from my tutor. Called Bubble, the spell allowed me to go underwater and be able to breathe for about 10 minutes before needing to replenish my air supply. It was the only reason I was even going to attempt this, but hopefully it would pay off. I cast Bubble, slowly walking into the water which parts before me, surrounding me in a circular dome of water. So far, so good, I suppose. Wading in farther, the squishy wet sand squelches under my feet until at last I'm completely submerged. I wasn't sure if I'd completely mastered the spell, though, so I should probably hurry. However, what I saw underneath the water astounded me; I'd stumbled into a totally new world, a coral reef that was fill of vibrant and colorful life. Blue and yellow schools of fish swam this way and that, headed who knows where. Coral of all shapes, sizes, and colors provide home for other fish, while yet others eat or swim between large kelp forests or seaweed patches. It was all so much to take in, but I found a large piece of coral at the edge of the reef and sat down to begin taking notes, looking up every now and then in order to spot a new creature, whether it be fish, crustacean, or invertebrate appear and then move long elsewhere. It took about seven minutes, but I tried to capture everything I saw, even a seemingly harmless shark with swam a bit closer by than I would've hoped, looking curious but friendly. However, when I waved it swam away. Just as I was about to get up to leave, a little over a minute of oxygen left, I saw a strange creature the size of my head shoot up in front of me from the side of the reef. Upon seeing me, it changed colors, trying to blend in with its surroundings. As I drew nearer, it hopped into the water and shot out a stream of bubbles and black ink, completely clouding my vision. So much for that. Still, I'd definitely accomplished a lot, even having seen creatures I hadn't ever heard about, and my task was done. I head back for the surface, walking briskly as to avoid asphyxiation. Although thankfully my spell had held up, I could already sense the oxygen thinning, and it was a relief when I finally arrived on shore. That had definitely been an experience, and I hoped the university would appreciate my contribution. I head towards the building and enter, looking around and heading towards where a woman was sitting. We'd already spoken before and she seemed busy talking to someone else, so I hand her my notes with a smile and head off.



Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 1] IsisWand
Name: Nephthys
Material: The wand itself is made of silver, and embedded into the top is a large white pearl.
Appearance: The wand is a silver rod with markings etched into it spiraling upwards around it, and a large pearl is set at the top, held in place by two curved extensions which reach above the pearl and outwards. The symbol of the goddess of magic, the Knot of Isis, otherwise known as the tyet, can be found inscribed on all four sides of the section of the wand just below the pearl. The pearl represents the beauty of the ocean, relating to the goddess Tefnut who rules over water. The pearl is also reminiscent of a full moon, which relates to the tides of the ocean. The wand is 45 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter.
Social Abilities:
Name: Bubble
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: N/A
Element: Water
Class: Social
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Varies
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustained +1
Description: Caster creates a bubble around them and any allies in a 5 meter space that holds oxygen and allows them to submerge underwater. Bubble is instantly popped if it is attacked, due to being a social spell that cannot be used in combat, and is by no means a defense of any sort. The bubble can move along with the caster at a maximum of 10 m/s.


Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 1] 2014-09-06-korra

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