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Cap odd jobs chain part 1 [solo]

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Enviroment Studies:
Job Name: Environmental Studies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The local university is doing an environmental survey in the area and would like you to go out and gather notes on the wildlife and plant life. Take the provided journal and take notes for the university about what you find outside of the city. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded!

Caphalor was walking around town. It was a another day looking for information. People on the streets do greet me. Caphalor does say nothing back. He is not in the mood for it.He isnever in the mood to be nice. I keep on moving ignoring the people around me. I do not think and let my feet lead me somewhere They lead me to the university of Helio. I do not know why but i enter the buidling. I close the door and start slumbering around. At a university was always something usefull.

The building was empty. I walk in ad out of rooms. I open and close lockers, clostets and table drawers. I read papers about experiments. Some are really usefull . Others are not. The usefull ones do i take with me. Its about medical and chimical experiments. On of them is abot a special plant has poison. I look at the imagea dn read about what the poison does. It was a poison that kills the victim in a hour. The working of the stuff shoulld infect the lungs. The victim would die a horrible painfull dead.

I wanted to know more about this palnt. Lucky for me when i am about to leave the place a man appears. He does look like on e of the teachers. Ohh hello there young man. It is good that i walk into someone here. Everyone is doing a command to find the details about the plants int he enviroment of the city. Shouldnt you be working on yours young man? Dint you know that all the students havee a day of for this? Caphalor looks at the man. I was thiking what to do. Acting like a student did seemto be the best option.
Sorry sir i did not know about this. I was ill lately. I didnt hear anythign about this. COuld you maby explain it to me? I do not want to miss anything.Ohh you didnt? Your mission is to go around the city and explore. Here is a journey with all the plants. Try to take as much notes as you want. Later on you have to make a test about it. Now quickly go i dont want you to waste anymore time haning around here he eteacher gave me a journey, pencil and paper. Next told me to go so I leave the buidling.

I start walking around the city. I only pay attention to the unusual plnts that i do not know. Probably because they do not grow in Kou. I write dow notes about the how it looks and what you can do with them. About the danger of thepalnts or the good things. I even make rawings of a few. It is taking me hours to find all the plants and the information. I was glad i had the journey with me. I should no have been able to know the names of any of them. There are so much plannts. I noticed that this was quiete amusing. I researched flowers, leaves, roots etc. I pull them out of the ground and tear them appart to look what is inside. Then finally i fond the plnt i wanted to see. Its the one of the papers. The poisoned one. I read in the book that i have to wear leather gloves to safely touch them. I buy a pair and a sack to put them in. I return to the place and pullthem out of the ground. I put them in th sack and go to the place im staying at night. I immidiantly send a dove with a message for Kou. In he message i include the paper work i did and that i wanted them to send a courier to ge the plants for research in Kou.

Next Caphalor returns to the building. It was 18:00. Soon it would be dinner time. Caphalor wanted to bring his papers at the university. The ssoner he got rid of it the better it was. The man i was looking for did just close the buidlding and took out the key out of the locker. I approach him and offer him the stuff. Here is my command sir. I already finished it.Oohh amazing you are a hard worker. THanky you. Did you know about the bonus ? I didnt think you would be the first to deliver this. You did start really late. The other students had alot more time then you had. The first person who had it don ewould get a reward. THe reward is 3000 huang. Wait here i will get it for you. The man opens th door againa nd runs back inside.

This was amazing. He did some stupid dumb research for this strange man and would get paid for it too. A evil smile appears on his eyes. I follow him inside. I knew he told me to wait bt whaever. I didnt give a shit.I catch up to him. He enters his office. I do too and see the man turning around with the 3000 huang. The man was a bit suprised to see mehere. Didnt i tell yuo to wait outside? Caphalor shrugs. Give me the huang and quickly or do i hve to take it out of your dead hands. The man walks back. He did look affraid. Caphalor enjoyed that face. he loved it. I walk closer to the manwheiile he keeps walking backward till he hits a wall. He starts begging me for his life. He spreads his arms with the money and offers it to me. I grab it. Please here take it now leave me alone please. Ooh thank oyu and sure i will leave you alone about a few monets you will be alone forever. Dont worry. I will make sure it hurts alot

I put the money away then attack the man. I punch himin his face and his stomach. I kick him with my feet and knees. I lift him up next and throw him on the ground. He lays on his belly. I step with one of my feet on his back. I put pressure on his back. The man yells out of pain. I sit down on my knees. i sit on his back and spread my arms. I hold his head. The name of your dead is Caphalor

I twits his head breaking his neck. I let the head go and leave the dead man behind in the room. I close he door and leave the building with a smile on my face.



Cap odd jobs chain part 1 [solo] Albae_14

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