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Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 2]

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1Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 2] Empty Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 2] on 11/09/15, 04:44 am


I head out towards the orphanage, deciding once again to help out around the town while still making some money for the journey I had ahead of me. The details had been quite simple, although the way to accomplish it was not so simple. As to how I was going to create joy and peace where there was now sadness and despair was going to be difficult, but thankfully I had a plan in mind. The older building stands before me, still 30 meters away. For an orphanage, it was well kept for the most part, which was good to see. Even though most people didn't think about them on a day-to-day basis, these orphans were people just like the rest of us. Once I reach the building, the group of children await me, faces low as they sat. It almost broke my heart to see them like this, quiet and nearly unmoving on a bright and sunny day in the mid-afternoon. Smiling, I introduce myself.

"Hello children, my name is Ivris. Would you all like to see some dragons today?"

That got their attention. Their tiny little faces shot up, as if expecting to see the mythical beasts appear from the sky in an instant.

"Well, even though they're not real, I suppose these will have to do."

I pull out my wand a first cast Water Dragon, quickly followed by casting Ice Dragon.

"I'm going to tell you a story I read once about two dragons who were once mortal enemies. Would you like to hear it?"

Some of the children nod eagerly, the others watching in awe as the dragons move over their heads in circles. I spun them both around with my wand, at a slow speed that was enjoyable for them.

"Well then, this story begins long ago in Imuchakk, the frozen country far to the north. It is said that there once lived two great and powerful dragons. One, named Hoho, ruled the icy mountains, while the other, Nana, ruled the watery seas below. One day, however, they came into contact, and upon seeing each other, entered into a great and fearsome duel. For days and nights they battled, causing great catastrophes to the land around them."

At this point, I caused the water dragon to shoot mist and the ice dragon to shoot frost from their mouths respectively as the flew in circles. It landed on the children gently, causing them to giggle and scream in excitement.

"The battle grew in intensity until at last the dragons were ready to finish each other off. They let forth powerful blasts of water and ice, but when all was said and done, the water and ice collided and created snow, from which formed many, many snowflakes."

With a flick of my wand, the dragons breath out their respective elements, which collide in between them.

"Seeing as they could not dispatch one another, the dragons acknowledged the others strength, and from then on lived together in peace and harmony forever more."

The snowflakes fall into the group of children, causing them to jump up in delight and begin to watch and play with it. As it settled onto the hot ground, it became liquid and disappeared, but they made the most of it, some of them deciding to try and taste it. My work done, I smile at the orphans and leave them to it, glad they could at least be happy.



Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 2] IsisWand
Name: Nephthys
Material: The wand itself is made of silver, and embedded into the top is a large white pearl.
Appearance: The wand is a silver rod with markings etched into it spiraling upwards around it, and a large pearl is set at the top, held in place by two curved extensions which reach above the pearl and outwards. The symbol of the goddess of magic, the Knot of Isis, otherwise known as the tyet, can be found inscribed on all four sides of the section of the wand just below the pearl. The pearl represents the beauty of the ocean, relating to the goddess Tefnut who rules over water. The pearl is also reminiscent of a full moon, which relates to the tides of the ocean. The wand is 45 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter.

Social Abilities:
Name: Water Dragon
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: N/A
Element: Water
Class: Social
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Varies
Cool-Down: 2 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Creates a water dragon that cannot cause damage and is simply for show; the water dragon can be caused to move and shoot water or mist from its mouth that does no damage.

Name: Ice Dragon
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: N/A
Element: Ice
Class: Social
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Varies
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustained +1
Description: Creates an ice dragon that cannot cause damage and is simply for show; the ice dragon can be caused to move and shoot ice or frost from its mouth that does no damage.


Ivris's Odd Jobs [Chain/Solo/Part 2] 2014-09-06-korra

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