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Sating Curiosity [Job/Solo]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Job Details:
Job Name: Sating Curiosity I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP and 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Kaveh Issa
Job Overview: After retrieving the tome from the Torran Temple ruins, Kaveh has found that his curiosity about the Torran people has spiked to new levels. Seek out Akmet of the Historical Society and ask him to decipher the tome you received.

It had been an interesting month for the Heat Magician. He had been rather busy with running errands for the nobles of Heliohapt and the Historical Society. Not to mention the things he did to help take care of his mother and him taking magical lessons from her. It was truly a busy month. Little did the red magician know, that things weren't going to slow down any time soon. Especially in his mind (even though he never expects things to slow down in his mind).

Kaveh's mother had already retired for the evening and the red magician was up that night, thumbing through the Torran tome once more. The fact that he had no idea what was held within the pages of the ancient book was annoying him to no end. The weird characters were taunting him. Teasing him. Knowing that he knew what they said... but still refused him the information. With a heavy groan, Kaveh closed the tome once more and set it next to him on his couch. The magician leaned his head back against the back of the couch and just stared at the ceiling. There had to be a solution to his dilemma. He wanted to know what was within the book so badly. He just needed to take the time to figure out how to solve his problem. A problem that he was not able to formulate a solution for. Disappointingly, Kaveh decided to retire and sleep on the subject. Perhaps a good night's sleep is what he needed to solve his problem.

During his sleep, Kaveh saw multiple visions of the Historical Society and Akmet, the member of the Heliohapt division who was a native. He was also the man that Kaveh reported to for his first excavation of the Torran ruin. The man grabbed Kaveh's tome and as he opened the pages, Kaveh woke from his slumber. He blinked a few times, groggily looking around the room. He rubbed his head and stood from the couch. After a satisfying stretch the magician looked down at the tome and froze, staring at it. "The Historical Society!" Kaveh couldn't help but laugh. Why couldn't he think of that the night before?! He would go and visit the headquarters of the Historical Society to go and see Akmet. He knew that the historian could help him find out what the text held inside of it.

That afternoon, Kaveh soared through the city of Heliohapt, searching for Historical Society's base of operations. It took him a strangely long amount of time, but he finally found the building. As the carpet descended, Kaveh was a bit impatient and stepped off of it before it was as close to the ground that it usually was when he disembarked the magical item. He pulled the carpet from the air and wrapped it around his person, disguising it as a cloak once more. He walked into the building timidly and blinked in surprise. There were a lot of men and women wearing uniforms similar to those of the Magnostadt academy. Could they be magicians from Magnostadt? He pondered before hearing a familiar voice.

"Kaveh! Kaveh, my boy, is that you?" Kaveh couldn't help but smile at the older man who noticed and approached him. Kaveh went there to find Akmet, but it was the old historian who spotted the magician first. As he got closer, Kaveh gave him his signature smile and a wave. "Hello, Akmet! I hope all is well." The two men conversed for a while as if they were old friends. Kaveh was a little surprised that they were able to speak so freely to each other.

After nearly an hour of conversing, Kaveh thought it was time to bring up the true reason that he was here. "Akmet... I need your help. It has been bugging me. Could you tell me what's in this tome? I don't understand any of this..." Akmet sat there for a moment and stared at the ancient book that Kaveh presented him. "You can't read Torran? Oh my word. Well I guess I could tell you a bit. Hmm..." Kaveh sat patiently as the elderly man read through the tome, flipping the pages.

"Come now, Akmet. Don't tease me! What does it say?!" The older Heliohapt historian laughed a bit at kaveh's eagerness. "Calm down, boy. This is just a biographical journal it seems. Some man named Ythlun. He was a carpenter, it seems. His business wasn't very successful, but it wasn't a failure either. He was busy just enough to care for his family. He had a wife, two sons, and four daughter. Oh my. I bet he had his hands full! Ha ha! Anyway, yes. It doesn't cover much else. I guess you got all excited for nothing, hm?" When Akmet looked over at Kaveh, the man had the exact opposite expression in his eyes. He was thrilled with the information that Akmet had shared with him. They talked a few more hours from what else was in the book, Kaveh completely engrossed in Ythlun's life for the afternoon.

Before they knew it, the sun had begun to set. Kaveh slowly got up from the table they were seated at, deciding he should head home to his mother. Akmet understood and began to walk the boy out. As they neared the doorway, Kaveh stopped and turned to Akmet. "Akmet... Could we return to that temple tomorrow? I'd like to learn a bit more about those people. Not just Ythlun, but whatever is down there. We can go down and pick up a few more tomes to look through! That way you are still doing what you are here for." Akmet smiled at Kaveh's curiosity and nodded. "Of course! We'll travel down there and see what else we can find. My my. I didn't think you would be THIS interested in the past. Its strange. Not many men around here your age are interested in this kind of thing. Perhaps you can find a future in Archaeology!"

Kaveh smiled and nodded to the man before waving goodbye to Akmet. He made a quick return home to start on dinner and to tell his mother about his day. He surprisingly felt like a kid again. This was apparent to his mother by how excitedly he spoke to her about just reading a diary.
Word Count: 1070/500


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