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I Will Cook [SOLO/JOB]

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The stroll was like any other that day really, well, by if you mean something interesting happening counts as like any other day, then yes...that is how the day went. Yushin had thought to go out to buy some groceries for the day. After spending an ample amount of time in the city, the Sangju youth had overly indulged himself on a number of Reim cuisines. He didn't complain much, after all, Yushin almost practically lived for good food. It was one thing that he could never ever possibly get tired of. When it came to trying new dishes, Yushin could never possibly pass up the opportunity; it was, in fact, one of the many reasons that eh enjoyed his travels thus far. The multitude of different spices, herbs, and combinations of different ingredients always left a pleasant taste in Yushin's mouth. Adventure itself seemed to pair itself nicely with new foods, and as said, it was nothing to complain about.

Well, there may have been one thing. Experiencing the wonder of foreign food was always a delight, but every now and then a man must cook for himself. Yushin particularly missed his many times spending hours away in a kitchen. The aroma that he himself would create always lifted his spirits to a brighter level. Cooking was a strong passion of his, so why hadn't he done so yet?

Yushin walked up to stall and inspected the quality of the fruit that had been presented. A ripe, red apple caught the corner of his eye and immediately, his hands swiped it from the display. Upon doing so, Yushin was immensely disappointed. The exterior appeared to be healthy, but just by feeling it, the apple was of poor quality. Placing the deceitful fruit back where he he found it, Yushin couldn't help but sigh. "And it looked so good too" He shook his head and proceeded to move on.


A man who appeared to be in a rush accidentally rammed into Yushin's shoulder causing him to drop his basket. "Oh darn! No no no!" Quickly, the man scrambled to retrieve the ingredients that he had bought and blew on them to make sure they weren't dirty. Glaring up at Yushin, the man snarled. "You idiot child1 Look what you've done! I hardly have any time as it is and you go and do this?! I don't even know how to cook as it is and I have a very important guest on his way over in a couple of hours!" The snarl began to recede into a grunted mumbling as the man picked himself up.

Even knowing that it was his fault, Yushin could feel the stress permeating from this man. He must have really been desperate to cook a good meal for this guest of his. Without really a second thought, Yushing reached out his hand to pick the man up. Look. I'm really sorry-"

"BAH!" The man spit. "Do you know how important this guest is?! Hmmmm?! Don't go just apologizing to me boy! Unless you know how to cook a delicious meal-" The man was interrupted.

-But I DO know how to cook delicious meals." Yushin smiled. "Like I was saying. I'm sorry about knocking over your basket but if it does you any good I could help prepare this meal for you." He walked a few steps closer to the man and picked up an apple. "You're lucky sir. This apple happens to be very ripe and healthy. With a little washing, i can do wonder with this."

At the moment that Yushin uttered these words, the man's attitude rotated a full 180 degrees. "Ah! I see I see! Hahaha well I DO have quite the eye for quality I do say so myself!" The man laughed. "Well, you said it yourself. You seem to know what you're doing. The name's Borius. I live right down the street here. Just let the house maid know that I sent you there," The man procured a medallion from his pocket and gave it to Yushin, "And they should let you right into the kitchen. Right-o! Enjoy boy-o! I...errr....have some errands to run. You've got two hours yah hear?!"

Yushin at this point was at a loss for words.

"Great! Cheerio!" And just like the that, the man sprinted off quicker than a cheetah chasing a gazelle, or at least it oddly seemed like so.


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Now, there he stood, inside a random man's kitchen, cooking for a guest who he had not even the slightest of clues of who they are. So naturally, what did he do? He cook, with a smile on his face the entire time.

Looking inside the basket, Yushin almost gasped at the quality of goods. "He put a crab inside a basket?! What was he thinking?!" Immediately Yushin went to work, heating up the stove while preparing some of the ingredient...

Two hours later, the man walked in, curious as to see what the young man had made for he and his guest. The guest, a woman, had already been invited into the man's dining room and both he and her waited for the meal to arrive. A minute or so passed and Yushin walked in with a tray which he set down before the two. At this point, he had already laid down the plates, silverware, and napkins and now all he had to do was reveal his artwork.

"Enjoy your meal, madam, sir."

He opened the tray and immediately a pleasant aroma filled the room. The man and the woman were completely astonished by what dish in front of them. Yushin had made 'Crab Cake Benedict' and grinded the apple onto the crab. Of course, it was a little unconventional, but he soon saw that it had surprisingly worked out. Without much more than that, Yushin proceeded to walked towards the door. His work was done for the day. He was able to cook a meal, and that was all he wanted. the day was well spent.

"Boy. Before you leave," the man got up and walked over to Yushin, "here, have it. You've earned it."

Looked down at his hand, Yushin noticed that the man had put had given him a pouch. With nothing more than a nod and a smile, he walked out and left the two to their meal. It really was, a day well spent.



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