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Coming Back [Travel from Reim to Magnostadt]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri

Ari leaned over the edge of the ship, sighing as she watched the boat move through the water. She hated leaving Reim at such a crucial time, but it was just as important that she try and get support for the struggling country. She and Azix had spoken the week before about her trip and she had peppered his face with kisses while explaining the purpose of going to Magnostadt. He had flown her and Nilexa to the boat, the winged serpent and her babies now able to travel, thankfully. The babies were not yet able to fly like their mother, so they weren’t causing any problems on the ship. As Magnostadt came into view on the mountainside, she gave a small smile. She had been away from the magical country for a long time and she found she had missed being among so many other magicians.

Before she had left, she and her father had talked extensively, Adamus deciding to stay in Reim to assist in any way he could. She had also left a note for Ayero to let her red haired friend know where she was going and to contact her if she needed anything. With tensions rising, she worried about the Grumptoes and Vin being in a possible line of conflict. She knew everyone would be looking out for the kids, but she had grown quite attached. Sophie had begged to come with her, tears streaming down her face as she pleaded with the magician to come along to help with Nilexa. Ari had almost agreed, but she knew that the girl needed to stay here for now.

As the ship bumped against the dock, Ari made her way to her room and gathered her bag, her journey book and prepared Nilexa and her children for travel. It was still a long way to the country of magic. When she stepped off the ship, she squealed in delight as she spotted Adius waiting for her at the back of the crowd, rushing forward to tackle her brother in a tight hug. Nilexa fluttered beside her, flicking her tongue out in warning to her mistress not to harm her children. Adius laughed at the snake, offering her a head rub before helping Ari load her bags onto the carriage.

Adius had wanted to use a carpet to come get her, but Ari had shook her head and asked for a wagon instead. In response, Adius had gotten a carriage, knowing it would be important to remind people of her status once they entered the city. Ari was thankful for the comfortable mode of transport and relaxed back against the cushions as Nilexa worried over her babies in their box. As the carriage climbed closer to Magnostadt, Ari began filling Adius in on her plans and he offered his input while playing with the tiny snakes.

Finally, the carriage drew to a stop in front of a large estate and Ari climbed out and gazed at her childhood home with a smile. As much as she enjoyed Reim, it was kind of nice to be home.



Coming Back [Travel from Reim to Magnostadt] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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