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Zou -> Manostadt 200 Words Required

Yakuroro was making his way through the Jade Mountains in south western Zou heading westward even further still back to Mangostadt. His time in Zou was unscheduled but not without value as he met a woman who knew and trained under his former master. Lady Soushui was a frustrating host, but otherwise pleasant and with her help, Yakuroro had gained a greater mastery over his water and ice magic. But all things must come to an end and so this chapter of Yaku's life in Zou ended.

Instead of flying or hiring transportation, Yakuroro decided to go on foot at least until the he'd past the Jade mountains. Finally, he climbed over the crest of a peak to see the vast plains of the mainland and the city of Magnostadt as a small dot in the distance. The Imuchakk descended from the mountain and found a nearby farm which he could buy a horse led wagon to ride the rest of the way. He was still stuck on foot for a while as the first two farms he came across were unable to spare the horses or the wagon for the trip, but on the third farm Yaku had the good fortune of meeting people who were indebted to magicians. They were more than happy to help a wayward rukh wielder on his way back to the magician's city.

Yakuroro arrived near evening and immediately went to inquire about his friend Zadi whom had joined him to Magnostadt. Upon hearing that his companion had returned to balbadd, Yakuroro resolved to write him a letter. The blue magician was eager to show off what he'd learned during his travels.



Thank you all, for everything.

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