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A new experience [Travel Magnostadt, Reim]

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It was morning, and the sun recently rose which was evident by how it was still at the horizon, and shimmering light against the ocean. Ani walked around the deck of the ship a smirk on her face as she was filled with glee at the moment. Ani had gotten bored with Magnostadt, but then again a city full of magicians wasn't really a place fit for her in the first place. She contemplated going back to Heliohapt, or her old village, but she decided she wanted to go somewhere she hasn't been. She would have chosen Kou, but after a second thought that was out of the running for her. Now she stood on the deck of a boat she got free passage on for helping load the ship when the workers were late. Hoyo was in her cabin dining on fish since everyone on the boat had been frightened of him.

After waiting for a hour the boat had already started sailing towards the destination of Reim. She had heard many things about the city so she was hoping that she would be able to have some fun there, and maybe even meet new people who could bring interest into her life. Ani was now in her cabin laying in her hammock with Hoyo resting next to her while she was in deep thought. Though she had been very excited the night before so now she was tired, and soon closed her eyes to sleep for the moment.

[250/200 Travel]


A new experience [Travel Magnostadt, Reim] 1ZZ5IgG

A new experience [Travel Magnostadt, Reim] LO0Knk3

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