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Gaurdian of the Desert [D-Tier Job/Solo]

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Two days had passed since Kirby had searched the scorching hot desert around the Oasis. He had just gone through his rations and was determining his next course of action. "Hmmm, where should I hunt." He considered the possibilities; north, west, south and east. They all led out into the desert, and he had no idea what kind of level of success he would receive. No, it would be smarter to simply wait at the waterside for the desert animals to come to him, and he would simply hunt them from the trees and get food in that manner.

As Kirby made this decision, the sound of feet walking through the oasis area alerted Kirby of something strange; a humanoid presence. Grabbing his spear just in case, Kirby ducked out from his tent and looked behind it, as that was where he had heard the approach of another person. He smiled when he saw what it was that had gotten his attention.

The man before him had curved blades at his sides, and the skin that he could see beneath the hood was bronzed over from exposure to the sun. The grey robe-like clothing that the man wore was similar to Kirby's, in that it covered the entire body and worked to keep heat out and retain body temperature. Normally, Kirby would be wearing leather armor and silken clothing, however he had to change his clothing in order to reflect the dangers of the desert itself. The man spoke first. "You are living on land that was not meant for your kind."

Kirby raised an eyebrow. Did the man refer to Fanalis, or people in general? He was used to remarks on his race from the city of Heliohapt, but this man did not seem to be from the city. "What do you mean? If I can survive here, then it's a great place to live. I can gain the strength I'm looking for, while learning more about the world I live in." How much of my dreams reflect reality? Just how fantastical is this world? The thought always gnawed at Kirby's mind. His dreams were very strange, and surreal, though vivid. Creatures so strange, so mythical, always appeared and showed themselves to him within those dreams.

"No man should be living at the oasis. The pact of harmony between all living beings makes this land sacred." The man began, explaining something Kirby did not understand. This definitely peaked Kirby's interest, and he began paying avid attention to this person who addressed him. "I am a monk, of the Desert Guardians order. We have noted your arrival here and overlooked it assuming you would move on your way soon. However, it is obvious you have decided not to do so. Those who have not sworn to the pact of harmony cannot live on this land."

Kirby cocked his head to the side. He put his spear away behind his back, latching it onto a leather strap that could unlatch quickly for easy access. "What is this pact you keep speaking of? And who are the Desert Guardians? I've never heard of them before." His inquisitive nature was getting the better of him; there was knowledge here that was beginning to be learned. He just had to open his mind up to it.

Surprised about the inquisitive nature that Kirby exhibited, the monk was slightly taken aback. He paused to regard Kirby for a brief moment before acquiescing to the questions. "The pact is an agreement to not harm any other species near the oasis. You must not fight or kill here; this place is to be a safe haven from all forms of harm... Though normally man cannot abide by such a rule you seem... Different. Before I tell you more, who are you?"

Kirby smiled as he listened, taking in the strange customs this man spoke of. He sat down on the ground and motioned to the man as if requesting him to relax. "I believe myself to be different as well. I feel I'm destined for greatness. This Fanalis blood that pumps through me urges me to fight, hunt and rise to action. The human blood coursing through me tempers me and fills me with an incurable curiosity. I have seen mythical beings and incredible scenes within my dreams, and I wish to pursue those sights. This is my first step towards realizing that."

The man was silent for a moment after he had sat down at Kirby's behest. "Yes, I see now. You are a Fanalis-Man being. That explains why some of the desert creatures are still willing to stop by, even though you have not undergone the rites..." The monk paused, deep in thought. "My name is Bomani. The Desert Guardians are a group of monks who travel and protect the peace of sacred land such as this, as well as..." He trailed off, before stopping. There was something else he was going to say, but the man caught himself before saying it. "If you are willing to undergo the rites, and promise not to cause death upon this holy ground, our order would be willing to overlook your stay here."

Kirby, all too curious about what these rites would be like, nodded his agreement. "That sounds like it would be interesting. Allow me to undergo these rites you speak of. I will promise on my soul as a warrior that I will not cause death on this land." It was truly fascinating that he would meet people so far out here, and he simply had to see what kind of initiations he would go through...

These events take place 10 years prior to the death of Ramses Massri VII.
80/80 Stamina
942/500 word count.


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