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Across the Desert [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: A Merchant in Need is a Friend Indeed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A traveling merchant that is crossing the lands has asked for the assistance of some of the braver men and women to help him out. There are several bandits that have been after his treasures. The man needs your help to cross this country's lands safely and, in return, will reward you. The bandits are a group of 5 men. Take them down while making sure that neither the merchant nor his goods are harmed.


Enemy Name: Bandits x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D rank damage each
Abilities: Each own a small dagger that deals D-Tier damage. Each Bandit is able to move at 10 m/s.

Dynatos had been gone for quite some time. In that time he seemed to had lost his money pouch. So, the Fanalis decided to take a escort job. The job itself was a temporary assignment to what looked like help with security. At least putting it simply anyway.  Dynatos was scheduled to meet his first client at the front gate of Heliohapt. He shielded his eyes from the sun as he waited.

Ares, who was laying next him, head suddenly jerked up. That large canine beast then stood up. Moments later a small man in a wagon came pulling out from the front gate. He stopped the wagon next to Dynatos. "I assume you're to be my escort?" He was a elderly man who wore a large hat that appeared to be bigger than he was. He dressed for the weather; tank top, light pants, and sandals. His skin was mocha and his silver hair accented it perfectly.

"Yes, my name is Dynatos." He approached the man and held out his hand to shake it. The elderly man was taken back, but smiled and returned Dynatos's outstretched hand with his own. "The names Osiris. What's the pups name." Osiris said with a hearty chuckle. "This is Ares. He's a rather unique type of Canine if you haven't already noticed from his size." The two shared a laugh. "I've noticed." Osiris replied. "Well let's get this on with." Osiris said. He had a deadline he wanted to meet.

Dynatos nodded, and with that Osiris motioned his Oxen to begin moving again. The Ox moved with a steady pace; one that Dynatos could knee up with on foot. Enough time passed for the sun to have shifted from the west to the east. "So tell me something about yourself young Fanalis." Dynatos looked over to Osiris. The two had been traveling for quite some time, but these were the first words spoken.

"Well I've been wandering the lands since I was a child. On the way I've faced many hardships and learned many things." He paused briefly. "I've learned truly how my people are treated, which has led me to want to create a place for Fanalis." His words were strong as he spoke. No hesitation or worry could be found in his voice. This caused Osiris to smile. "I like the sound of that. I hope I'm alive to see that happen." The elderly Heliohaptian chuckled.

"I helped free a few Fanalis in my youth. Course that was a long time ago." Dynatos smiled. "And I thank you immensely for that service." Osiris looked over to Dynatos; just as he was about to speak his oxen came to a abrupt halt. The wagon jerked from the sudden stop. The two men looked ahead of the wagon and saw a single man. Ares who was trailing behind the wagon began growling heavily.

"I'll take that wagon there off your hands geezer." The bandit pointed his knife towards Osiris. "I don't think you'd like what I have." Osiris relied thinking the man was alone. "Oh yeah?" The bandit whistled. Four other bandits popped up from the sand around the wagon. "Ares, Attack!" Dynatos said without hesitation. It was obvious he was battle tested. Ares immediately turn led to his right; opening his mouth he lunged at the bandit before he could react.

Ares tackled the man and bit into his neck; completely crushing his neck and causing deep gashes in it. The beast the turn and darted towards his left towards the remaining bandit in the rear. The man stabbed at Ares, but the beast was seasoned in combat as well. Ares ducked under the mans stabbing motion and bit into his body. Taking a chunk of the mans side from him. The man dropped to the ground; his blood staining the sand as well as the fur around the mouth of Ares.

While Ares was handling the two bandits in the rear. The other three all converged on Dynatos; who had moved to the front of the oxen. They assumed they could win with numbers. Which would have been true if their moves hadn't looked sluggish to Dynatos. The Fanalis man quickly drew his sword. He waited for the men to get within range and slashed horizontally. The bandit to the left of Dynatos was caught by the blade, causing a deep gash in his stomach.

He other two dodged by jumping back. However the one to the front would feel the blade dig into his side and almost cut him completely in half. Luckily the pain would subside as his body went into shock, before he dropped to the ground lifeless. The last bandit managed to become airborne. He was descending upon Dynatos, but was caught in the air by Ares. The canine carried him over the head and passed his master. Ares mauled the man leaving nothing but a mangled body.

"Well damn..." Osiris said in response to what he just witnessed. Dynatos sheathed his weapon and cleaned the face of Ares with a canteen of water. The remainder of the trip seemed to go by quickly after that. Once they reached their destination Osiris thanked Dynatos and wished him the best of luck in his ambitions.

Word Count: 892|500


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