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Ways of the Desert Guardians [D-Tier Job/Solo]

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Kirby had just finished his morning exercises when he was approached by Bomani and another man. Bomani introduced the two to each other though, from what Kirby could gather, Bomani had already told the man about him some days ago. In fact, he was fairly certain everyone in the camp knew who he was and what he was doing there before he had even reached it last night and ate together with everyone. There were a total of ten people in that camp, including himself. "Kirby, this man's name is Haji. While you stay with us, he will instruct you on the ways of our peoples. Not being one of ours, you will have a certain amount of leeway, however you will be expected to follow the instructions of not killing anything at a holy site. Now, Haji, you may take it from here. I am needed elsewhere." Haji nodded to Bomani, and turned towards Kirby.

They began to discuss the ways of the Desert Guardians, and the topics varied from how to cleanse oneself in the desert all the way to how to treat strangers and what level of tolerance was to be expected. Haji was interactive with his teaching, asking Kirby questions after they had a discussion in order to make sure Kirby understood everything correctly. As the days passed, Kirby learned more and more from Haji, and even began to learn the names and jobs of the other members of the team.

Dalila and Bahiti were the two women from before. Dalila was skilled in first aid, and Bahiti in the preparation of food. Together, they looked after the others as if they were family. Their skills were well respected within the group, as well, and Kirby had seen Dalila save the lives of a few men over the course of his stay.

Musa, Sefu and Zuberi are part of the group that handles things that need to be corrected as per their views. This included many things, Kirby learned, that ranged from poachers to rampaging beasts that needed to be put down. They were the hunters, who would move to put down any who would threaten the fragile desert community.

Lastly were Maeem and Thabit, a pair of warriors who for the most part stayed in camp. It was their responsibility to keep watch on the camp, overseeing the steps to setup camp and taking the camp down to pack it for moving. Of course, they would also be the first line of defense in the case of any hostilities launched against the camp itself. Kirby learned, over the course of his stay, that everyone was proficient to a degree in fighting; the desert was not such a kind place that you could live in it without some degree of martial aptitude.

From his time here, he learned not only of the ways of the people, but also had the opportunity to observe the leadership of Bomani. The way the man lead his group, bringing their various skills together in order to reach their goals, was something that Kirby had definitely enjoyed watching...

These events take place 10 years prior to the death of Ramses Massri VII.
80/80 Stamina
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