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The Dark Secret Within the Desert: Letter from the unknown [Job/Plot/Solo]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
Job Name: Letter from the unknown
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location:The Desert of Forgotten Soul
Job Rewards:200xp + 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Mikazuki Tenma
Job Overview: You received a letter that ask for your assistance to guard a village that located in the hidden area at the desert from . On your way to the village, you will find a woman travelling alone in the desert and she is surrounded by the bandits. Save her and she will give you a reward.


Enemy Name:Bandits (x4)
Needed damage to take down:C-Tier
Description: Bandits wear a face mask to cover their identity and brings sword to attack their enemy
Abilities: Each bandit is capable of moving at 15 m/s, and wield either a sword that deals C-Tier damage.
Slash: The bandit slashes at an opponent at 10 m/s, imparting D-Tier damage.
Parry: The bandit parries an attack at 10 m/s, deflecting C-Tier damage.
Thrust: The bandit thrusts at an opponent at 15 m/s, imparting C-Tier damage.

The Sake gave him this sweet after taste going through his throat and gave him warmness in his stomach; it was another fine night to be spent by drinking this fine liquor. Tenma was pleased with the drink, but so far he spent this whole day without actually doing anything to the point he thought that it would be better for him to go back to Reim again. He shook his head before chuckling to himself, knowing that at least he needed to gain something from this country because it would surely lead him into his sister’s whereabouts. But he started to lose hope; nothing that he did was actually bringing him to get more information. So he started to think that maybe his sister was not a slave… but all the information that he got at Reim was all pointing towards the fact that his sister was abducted and sold.

The one eyed man sighed before gulping the entire bottle of Sake, wanting to just enjoy the delicious taste with his palette at the moment. He knew he must not spend his night like this every time, it was not healthy for his body and mind but he couldn’t help it. It would feel strange if he didn’t think about his sister, it would feel better for him to torturing himself mentally because it would actually raise his motivation to do it. However there was another reason for him to act like that, it was because of this blood-thirsty monster inside him that slowly want to drown him into those pitch black water, into those place people called as nothingness but an inner desire. Yes he wanted it; he wanted to feel the blood from the enemy that he cut open. He wanted those crimson red to shower his body, warming him up and letting him feel the ecstasy. Often he thought about what if he decided to stop looking for his sister and just give in to his inner desire, letting this being inside him to take him over completely. But the result would be not good for his sister, she was in pain, she needed him and he needed to find her, to rescue her from those entire painful things that happened around her.

He laughed right after, thinking that he was very naïve to think like that. He didn’t even know his sister whereabouts nor knowing what she was doing at the moment, perhaps it was the way for him to feel that he was needed by his sister and he forced it to be something that actually happened inside his head even though it was only his assumption. The swordsman sighed and touched his covered eye before taking off the eye-patch and revealed his crimson eye that stacked perfectly with his golden eye on the right side. This being inside him was not something that was developed naturally inside him; he could feel his crimson eye slowly feeding on his mind and attempted to control him. But he had no clue… and that was not important for him… his sister was the only thing that was important for him…

Tenma slowly opened his eyes and felt the light piercing his eyes, wondering when he fell asleep last night before letting out a soft grunt. He stretched his body and climbed down from the bed to stand up so he could do more stretching when he noticed something on the floor just in front of the door to his inn room. He would stare at the stuff before realizing that it was a piece of paper… or a letter, well he needed several more second to gather his soul to make him fully awake at the moment. Yawn escaped his lips as he approached the door to pick up the letter; his eyes scanned the letter thoroughly, wanting to learn about the sender of this letter. He found no name but only an unknown symbol engraved on the wax seal, he had no idea about that symbol so he thought it would be easier to just open the letter to see what was written inside. Tenma proceeded to open the letter slowly to avoid tearing whatever was inside it before taking the folded paper from it and his expression was serious when he read the content of the letter. It was something important after all…

WC: 729/1500


 The Dark Secret Within the Desert: Letter from the unknown [Job/Plot/Solo] XNsy1xt

Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
The writings inside the letter was somewhat hurried as if the writer was in dire danger and wanted this letter to be delivered to someone certain, the wording was clear enough for Tenma to interpret it as someone from this certain tribe was asking for his help and was asking for his audience to the village so they could explain more about the matters. Perhaps it was something similar as the village that he saved before and the only logical reason on why this letter would be delivered to him probably was because someone suggested the chief of this village to rely on him. However he couldn’t shake this strange feeling that he had and probably was because he didn’t know anything about the situation and looking for any information wouldn’t help because it was clear that he couldn’t say anything and that he should just head to the village as soon as possible. The swordsman folded the paper and put it into the envelope before slipping in into the pocket of his Heliohaptan’s attire, wondering whether he should go to investigate this matter or not. If he was able to help the village then probably he could get the support of the village chief to get more information about his sister whereabouts, it would be really helpful and would save a lot of time to find out whether or not his sister was enslaved here.

After he prepared all the things that he needed to bring, readying his weapons and also made sure that the letter was in his pocket, the one eyed man decided to take the chance and head towards the village. He needed to be patient for now it seems and perhaps he needed to haste, things might not going really well with this certain village that were asking for his help. Although he thought that having one or two capable companion to fight alongside him like Hiro or Solomon, he got no time to look for them and could only hope that he could finished the mission alone. Then sigh escaped his lips, he knew that this wouldn’t be a smooth job, the mission felt dangerous and perhaps he might even lose one or two limbs but it would help to get rid of his boredom. Fortunately for him, Tenma could rent a small sized caravan to make it easier for him to travel in the desert towards the village. He could preserve his stamina and could also get a shorter time to be arrived at the village, the sooner the better…

On his way towards the needing village, he could hear a scream that probably come from a damsel in distress. It was not a strange thing to be occurred in such place, bandits lurking everywhere and took anything valuable to be sold so they could get money. This might be a trap though, the owner of the female voice might be the bandit’s companion to lure more victims, trapping them to act all courageously to save the woman and only to be stabbed by the woman herself. He hummed and stopped his caravan before getting out from it, around four bandits could be seen surrounding the poor woman and they were beating her up. They tore her cloth and grabbed her necklace, wanting to satisfy to types of desire at the same time towards the woman. “Greetings~” Tenma casually waved his hand to the bandits and smiled while walking slowly towards them without even readying himself to grab his weapon or being in the offensive stance.

WC: 1322/1500


 The Dark Secret Within the Desert: Letter from the unknown [Job/Plot/Solo] XNsy1xt

Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
The bandits were not friendly as expecting, obviously… but that was what Tenma wanted. It didn’t make him drop a sweat into mocking them so they would dash towards him and started to attack him, it was just a simple greeting that made them wanted to attack Tenma. “Ahh, scary~.” He chuckled when he said that, liking how their face was so red because of the anger and embarrassment that they were caught on their attempt to rape the woman. One of the bandits was dashing to Tenma and readied their sword, but by using the distance between them, the swordsman thought that he could finish him off without needing to unsheathe his sword. They were around 5 meters away from Tenma and he knew that using needles would be enough, so he took four needles before throwing them right on all the bandits’ foreheads. Right after that, all the bandits would fall to the ground and seemed unconscious. If the woman that was being hold by one of the bandits that was lying beside her right now noticed, she would find out that the bandit was not moving and already lost consciousness. With a sigh, the black haired man would approach the woman and offered help while keeping cautious because he didn’t know if the woman was really innocent or not.
“T-thank you so much!” The woman got up while covering herself, trying to not revealing any more body parts because her clothing was torn. From her movement, she didn’t give out any kind of bad intention and she was simply grateful for the help, so Tenma would be kind enough to take out his coat before covering the woman with that. She was quite forceful though when the swordsman refused to take the bag of coin that she wanted to give, but in the end she managed to throw the money to Tenma’s hand and head off to somewhere in the middle of the desert. With a sigh, the black haired man decided to continue proceeding to the village, hoping he could get there in time. Then a thought struck his mind, he wondered if that woman from earlier was from this village that he needed to head… but oh well, it was too late to catch up with the woman and if she really was from the village, they would be able to meet again.
WC: 1720/1500

Ammo: 11/15


 The Dark Secret Within the Desert: Letter from the unknown [Job/Plot/Solo] Senbon
Name: Reaper's Kiss
Tier: B
Type: Senbon
Material: See Ammunition
Appearance: See Ammunition
Ammunition Material: Petrified Bone
Ammunition Appearance: These are simple, clean, needles very similar in dimensions to those commonly used in acupuncture. Thier sizes range between 0.12 to 0.20 millimeters in thickness and 50 to 200 millimeters in length. Each one has a ghostly white appearance with a dull and non reflective surface.


 The Dark Secret Within the Desert: Letter from the unknown [Job/Plot/Solo] XNsy1xt

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