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The Desert Mother [Job/Solo]

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Fēng Xiang

Fēng Xiang
Job Name: Ruins and Language
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: In the desert surrounding Heliohapt are ruins of pyramids, temples, and lost societies. Visit one of these ruins and investigate for the Historical Society. Bring back at least one tome and one artifact and the Historical Society will reward you.

On this particularly hot day Feng found himself slowly trudging through the searing desert of Heliohapt following a map to the supposed location of some ancient society that worshiped the Desert of all things. Being exposed to the unforgivable sun while wrapped up in his travelling cloak made Feng question why he kept accepting some of the strangest jobs all time but he knew these kinds of thoughts were pointless since he already had the answers, he could not just simply resist exploring new things and helping people out. After he stopped mentally complaining Feng decided to take the map out and check if he was still going in the right direction just in case because he knew from experience how easy it was to get lost in the desert.

After makings sure he was going the right way Feng continued his search for some sort of clue through the steep dunes of the desert. His felt like hours had passed since he arrived at the supposed general location of the place he was looking for but so far he had seen nothing but blasted sand and noting even remotely close to resembling a ruin. It was this frustration that made him stumble on a small piece of rock that was barely visible in the sand. Deciding to check what made him trip Feng crouched down and eyed the rock suspiciously. Having nothing else to loose he started slowly digging the small rock out ,which turned out not to be that small at all, it didn’t even seem natural but manmade instead. While he was examining it he noticed the small piece of text inscribe on it.

“He who worships the mother will be engulfed by her embrace.”

After a minuet of trying to puzzle out what this meant Feng decided to try out a silly idea that had popped in his head and proceeded to get on his knees and bow. A few seconds passed with nothing of interest happening but the moment he diced to get up a groaning sound ominously echoed around him before the ground under him suddenly opened, making him fall down. The good thing was that he only fell a few feet and what he had felled down luckily turned out to be a staircase; the down side was that stairs were not the most comfortable material to land on of all things. With a grunt Feng got up and dusted himself off while eyeing the staircase, after doing that he left the small smile forming on his face stretch “For Science ! “ and then he proceeded to go down the stairs.

He could only thank whatever deity was watching out for him or would that be The Desert mother in this case that there were some sort of light crystals imbued in the wall were illuminating his way down. Feng was surprised by how long it was taking him to reach the bottom of the staircase but it was soon forgotten by the sheer amount of awe he felt the moment he reached it .The reason was the giant cave it lead to and its contents. It was obvious the cave itself was manmade judging by its box like shape and by how unnaturally smooth the walls were .The other thing that one would also immediately notice were the flowing waterfalls of sand that fell from numerous places around the cave and formed a network of sand rivers that spread through all of the city . As Feng was walking around he also notice that all the building were somehow made of sand. But as he was exploring suddenly his danger senses kicked in and made him jump back.

Feng appeared to have done it just in time because the moment he launched himself backwards a spear stabbed the place he used to be on. He quickly removed the cloth on his guan dao and took a fighting stance while he carefully eyed his opponent. His eyes widened a little in surprise when he realized what was facing him was some sort of sand structure that resembled a solider but the good thing was that it at least it didn’t appear to be stable judging by the sand that was slowly crumbling from its form. After taking a deep breath Feng lunged forward and used his guan dao to rapidly stab towards the sand construct and managing to stab it twice directly into the chest. He could only let out a satisfied huff when it crumbled into a pile of sand and couldn’t stop himself from saying aloud “Ha, that was way too easy.” He regretted his words almost instantaneously when he heard a sound that made turn around, just in time to witness not only the construct reforming but several more rising from the nearby sand river. That sight only made groan and cursed his big mouth “Oh come on how is that even fair.”



The Desert Mother [Job/Solo] Unlimi12

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Fēng Xiang

Fēng Xiang
Sweat dripped down Feng’s brow but he refrained from wiping it and instead focused on destroying another one of the sand soldiers. He had been running around the city and fighting these sand soldiers for an hour already and while they weren’t that strong there was simply just too many of them for him to handle and the reforming thing they did was not helping at all. He was finally granted a respite when he neared what appeared to be the palace and center of the city and while he was thankful for getting a moment to catch his breath, it also served to put him on edge. With a weary step he entered the sand palace and begun his exploration of it. The more he walked around it the more he got convinced that it wasn’t just a simple palace but also tomb to whoever lived and ruled there, his reasoning being that he had already stumbled into a few rooms with rows of coffins and it was in one of this room that he found out  something interesting. It appeared the room itself was for someone from higher standing since it was a little bit more lavish and also there was tablet and a chest next to every coffin. Feng stopped near the one that was the most decorated and examined it along with its tablet and chest. From what he was reading it appeared that this was the section of the royal guards and the stuff he was pillaging through belonged to the captain. From all the trinkets the thing that caught his attention the most was a medium sized scroll, he quickly picked it up and examined its contents. As Feng eyed the information inside his eyes slowly widened in surprise but he stopped himself from continuing to read and just closed the scroll before dropping it in the small bag he had brought with him while mumbling “I’m most definitely keeping that for myself.”

With that done he decided that it was finally time for him to acquire something for the Historical society but once he finally reached what he suspected was the rulers tomb he refrained from entering it since he was not willing to risk facing whatever it was guarding it because there was just simple no way that the tomb was left unguarded. Instead he diced to explore the temple area. It didn’t take long for Feng to locate a suitable artifact to take back with him and what he decided on was a golden idol place on the pedestal in the center of the room that was surrounded by sand. Carelessly Feng strolled forward and picked up the idol up in order to examine it more closely, it appeared it was a representation of the Desert Mother. His examination was cut short when the pedestal suddenly started descending into the ground; the disturbing shaking of the room was also not pleasant. Deciding it was time to go Feng quickly made his way out of the palace and the seen that greeted him was not good at all, holes were opening all around the cave and were quickly flooding it with sand. The next few minutes were a blur for Feng costing of running for his life, running for his life and some more running for his life. He made it to the exist of the staircase just before it collapsed and with a relieved sigh Feng collapsed on his back while letting out a few deep breaths before letting out a small chuckle that soon grew in to a full blown laugh “For Science ! “.

Ability Trained:
Name: Lightning Pierce
Tier: C-tier
Cost: 20|10 Magoi/Stamina
Weapon Type: Polearm
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts (Sustain+1)
Description: Xiang uses his Guandao to rapidly stab towards his opponent twice at 15 m/s allowing him to do C-tier damage if both hit. Each strike deals D-tier damage.


The Desert Mother [Job/Solo] Unlimi12

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