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Sweet, Delicious Fruit [Job|Mr. Solo Dolo~]

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Job Name: Mhmmm, Fruits!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: Everyone loves fruits! They are healthy, delicious and...hard to get? You will start out your day normally and maybe enter the market place where you meet a merchant. This merchant will ask you for help. He has a big food plantation not far away from here but he has no one to gather all the fruits from there! Could you do that for him? Of course he will reward you generously! And you can have some fruits for free as well. (Make sure you get at least 4 different kinds of fruits for him!)

It was an early morning in Reim. Tahl had just left the hotel that he was staying in, stretching out his long arms and limbs again. He had just landed in the country just the previous day and the rest was well needed. He brushed a few strands of his purple hair out of his face and looked around with his bronze hues. There wasn't much going on despite what he would have expected in such an amazing city. But his mind turned to other places; his growling stomach begged to be quelled. While he would enjoy the comforting meals that he was sure the hotel was willing to give him during his stay, he preferred something familiar and closer to home.

After barely grabbing someone's attention away from his tall stature, he managed to get directions towards a market that was set up not too far from his hotel. He smiled big and quickly jogged there within minutes. With his arms outstretched, Tahl basked in the glorious site of his memories from when he was part of his caravan; the shouts of prices; the excited haggling between customers and the stallkeeps. It was all too nostalgic too him.

He brushed past the growing cluster of people in the market, eyeing each of the stalls that were set up. Most of the stalls were set for armor or weapons, but what his stomach craved for was some food! Anything would calmly settle it.

It wasn't until he walked past an empty stall that he heard a voice cry,"Excuse me! Would you please help me!" Never one for turning away a cry for help, the gargantuan Halfling turned his head and smiled. Standing behind the stand was an elderly man with a large bald head. Sitting on the edge of his nose were small circle-framed glasses.
"Yes, you!,"The old man shouted with relief as if he thought no one would help him,"Could you please help me?" Tahl approached the stall and knelt down, nodding his head.
He replied,"Why of course old man. What is it that you need help with?"

The older male smiled to reveal barely any teeth in his mouth, which was surprising as he could speak so well.
"I need some help gathering fruit to sell,"He explained,"You see, just as I finished setting up my stall some theives stole my cart and donkey! I have no way of possibly trying to purchase another except for selling fruit. Unfortunately, the theives not only stole my cart, but the fruit that was still there!" Tahl nodded his head as he gathered what the man wanted him to do. Standing up, he beamed a smile at the man.
He shouted with a sense of pride,"Don't worry! I'll get as much as I need to. Along with a new cart and donkey as well." Taking the map the old man was sure that he would need, Tahl jogged off into the direction of the farm after purchasing the cart and donkey.

Tying the leash of the donkey onto a tree, Tahl turned and looked with amazement at the different fruit that laid all around. His stomach gurgled loudly as he stared, demanding to be filled. He chuckled and patted his stomach, looking down at it through his green tunic.
"Oh hush you,"He spoke towards it,"I'm sure the old man won't mind if he pick a few for ourselves." Pushing back the thoughts of hunger as best as he could, Tahl tromped through the large field, trying to select which to choose first.

His eyes captured the sight of fresh, ripe mangos growing in a tree. He stepped over to them and pluck them, giving them a small shake to ensure they were ready. With a satisfactory nod on one, he plucked more, using his shirt as a make-shift basket. He walked over to the cart and dumped them carefully, keeping one for himself to devoure. As he finished off the first part of his soon-to-be well meal, his nose caught the scent of fresh strawberries. He felt his mouth flood with drool as he walked over to the long stretch of vines and plucked the delictibale fruit one by one; popping a few into his mouth. Turning back to the cart, he placed them as well. Dusting his hands on the back of his pants, he turned and collected two more; apples and bananas.

With the cart now filled to the brim with fruit, Tahl lead the cart back towards the market place. As he came into view, he could easily tell that the elderly man was crying with happiness. Securing the donkey to the post next to the stall and helping the old man with preparing his stall, Tahl bowed his head when it was finally time for him to go.
"W-wait a minute!,"The old man shouted. He dug through his pockets and pulled out a small amount of money.
"I know it's not much but..take it please,"He smiled. Tahl smiled and nodded, gladly accepting the money. With a full stomach and a pocket a bit full, Tahl was glad that he had taken the time to come out and grab some rich fruit from the land.



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