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Lonely Orphans [D]

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Job Name: Lonely Orphans (Repeat)
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: All Major Cities
Job Rewards: 50 XP/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The kids in the orphange are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing dance, tell them stories, whatever. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded.

“Miss? Erm…miss?” The redheaded woman paused in her stride, peering around for the source of the noise. She had definitely heard something but wasn’t able to make out the words given how small and muffled the source of the noise was. Her gazed raked over her surroundings, spying nothing more than an old tavern that practically looked abandoned and several unmarked, dilapidated buildings. Geeze…when had she wandered into such a seedy part of town? Though capable of protecting herself from petty thieves, she deemed it best to turn back and avoid any potential trouble. Turning on her heel, the half-fanalis felt a tug at the hem of her cloak accompanied by a voice. “M-miss?” Instinctively pulling away, her sharp gaze snapped downward on the form of a small child.

There was a pause as the young boy peered up at her with wide eyes, likely debating whether or not it was a good idea to ask for this woman’s help. “Can…can you help us, please? We were playing and our ball got stuck on the roof…” The boy presses onward, a nervous shiver in his words. He motions past the wooden gate he was standing in front of to a small courtyard dotted with rather somber looking children. After hearing the child’s plea she exhales lightly, shifting her piercing gaze to the side. She hadn’t meant to unnerve the child and actually felt a little guilty for doing so. “Surely you can ask the matron to help you.” She replies, unable to keep the words from sounding as if she was scolding the child. The boy flinches and clasps his hands behind his back, rocking from side to side. “We’re not ‘upposed to play ball near the roof. If we tell her, she’ll get mad.” The child became more insistent, which surprised the young woman who assumed he would have given up. “None of us are tall enough to reach the roof. Miss is the only adult around!” The boy went on, his resolve hardening.

Lifting her gaze to the other children, she fought the urge to look away. Having come from a large, rowdy family, this scene was quite unusual…and she’d be damned if it didn’t tug at her heartstrings. “I…suppose.” She cedes, following the eager child with long strides as he jogs into the courtyard. “It’s up there.” He points wildly to a low roof twice as high as her. “I see.” She examines the structure before grasping one of the support beams near the side of the wall. Glancing behind her, she notices that some of children have gathered behind her in mild curiosity. “Stay back.” She grunts, using her free hand to motion them away before grappling her way up the side of the building. This is ridiculous.

Once reaching the roof, she spies the lost ball. Grasping it in her palm, she lets it drop on to the pavement below before clambering back down to the ground. Surprisingly, the children didn’t look too thrilled even with the rescue of their toy. “I’ve returned your ball. Now play.” She raises a brow at their sad faces, growing more uneasy by the second. Had she done something wrong? She was sure that they were upset over the loss of their ball, shouldn’t they be happy now?

“Your hair is pwetty. Are you a pwincess?” She looks down to see a little girl at her feet, big eyes shining up at her.

“She doesn’t dress like a princess.” An older boy interjected, pointing to Ayero’s cloak. “Princesses wear pretty clothes. You would know that if you weren’t dumb!”

“I’m not dumb!” The little girl bites back, fists balled up in anger. “You’re dumb!”

“You two. Enough!” Ayero snaps from above them, intense gaze drilling into the both of them. The pair of quarreling children immediately stop and back up, clearly not expecting to be scolded by this newcomer. Ayero didn’t quite expect her own words either, given the look of surprise on her face and the shallow breath she takes in. Their little fight wasn’t unlike the ones she often had to break up between her siblings, which explains why her reaction was instinctive. But now, the children seemed more wary of her, some even seemed a bit fearful…which she couldn’t blame them for. But the last thing she needed was for one of them to go tell an adult about the scary lady.

“Would you…like it if I told you a story about a princess?” She tries in an attempt to calm them down. The children exchange looks and some of them begin to seat themselves in front of the young woman, much to her relief. “Right…well, this story begins in ancient Reim, where a famous thief falls in love with a beautiful princess…”

The story went on for over an hour, Ayero sparing no detail. As uncomfortable as she was around unfamiliar children, she delighted in telling them stories and had learned how to keep it interesting enough for young ones to follow, given that she had plenty of experience practicing with her own family.

“But where did the thief and princess get married?” A girl piped up as the tale came to an end.

“On top of the tallest mountain.”

“What happened to the dragon?”

“He married a lady dragon.”

“What about the evil King!”

“He fell into a volcano.”

A voice suddenly rang out from nearby, an older woman was calling the children in for lunch. In better spirits, the children scrambled up and made their way towards the building. “Come eat lunch with us!” The little boy who had first approached her now grasped her hand with a half-hearted attempt to pull her with him. “I’m afraid that I can’t stay.” She responds, placing her hand atop the child’s head pleased to see that he and the others had more life in them. The boy pouts, looking dejected for a moment before brightening. “Then come back sometime and tell us more stories!” He announces, tugging at her hand. “As long as you don’t tell your caretaker about the strange lady on the roof, I suppose.” She muses before the boy runs off to catch up with the others. “Next time tell one about pirates!”

“Pirates…?” She repeats before chuckling to herself. “I do know a few stories about pirates.” She affirms, watching after the retreating children with a fond look before making her way back to the main streets.



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