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Kára Fox [Lonely Orphans - D]

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox

Job Name: Lonely Orphans (Repeat)
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: All Major Cities
Job Rewards: 50 XP/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The kids in the orphange are sad and lonely. Visit them and cheer them up! Laugh, sing dance, tell them stories, whatever. If you give them a good time you'll be rewarded.

Monday morning and Kara had just arrived in Heliohapt with pretty much nothing to do, she had come for the festival at the end of the week, but that was still a few days between here and then. So Kara would take a quick nose around the town,  just to see what was about before checking in to a weird looking bar on the east of town, and having  quick hour relaxation time on her bed for the week, reading the local newspaper… while she was reading the local newspaper when she read an article about a local Orphan care centre had a request for a helper since the kids were very lonely …   
Instantly after reading this add in the paper she figured that this was the perfect thing to do was, go down visit the orphans and sing them a few songs, maybe a story but generally make them laugh though Kara had bigger plans than the simple just make them laugh for a day but invite them to spend the week with her, while she does other things on and off, and give them a really jolly week. Though Kara had to pop to a local Clothes shop since what she was wearing was not really ideal for visiting a load of kinds… and goes out to find herself a professional kind of funish female suit to wear before visiting them.
It was midday, and Kara had finally made it to the Orphans, doing a silly wiggle wiggle Giggle dance entrance followed by a slide and  rising her eyebrow “who is ready to have some fun..” *Winks* “YEAH WE DO”  the kids would all stand up and stare at Kara, to see what she would do… Kara had already got permission to take the kids, to a local park , and to treat it like a camping trip … with camp fire sing-alongs stories and more ..”so let’s sing so let's sing na, na na na na, hey ya cmon and sing na, na na na na, hey ya, come grab your guitar sit by the fire cause we all need a song when we retire we'll sit here together and sing it out loud “ all the kids would be singing along with each other, swaying their hands in the area with Kara , which would last allot for the next hour or so when she decided to sing a song with a message to the Orphans bout how she was going to give them a week of fun not just…. A day.
The camping would last for the entire day, and they would have a blast which followed with Kara buying them all dinner, and a local pose restaurant before returning them home, she would go to visit them the next day, before she started her next mission… and depending on the mission might take them with her… on the condition that they would be safe. this is our song that's all that matters cause we all belong right here together there's nothing better than singing along this is our summer…
To be continued.

Word Count 519/500 J


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