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Rising tides and Piracy [Plot/NOM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Rising tides and Piracy [Plot/NOM] D0c9cd1f05745e7c461480d76e5a25c2

"Quiet quiet!! I understand everyone has their concerns but keep in mind this is a secret meeting." A voice like crashing waves would command them. His pretty face was of sharp contrast to most of his fellow Immuchak. Standing before them in the huddled beer hall in one of the southern villages they had gathered. As many were filled with unrest from the change the invasions brought, along with the growing population of Immuchak under Asisisak's rule many had found prosperity. Thing's were becoming too prosperous, and there were little resources, along with land.

The Immuchak who had gathered plenty of large fishing families, along with smaller tribes, was also the one speaking to them. Chief Sotamimi, a young but prominent immuchak chieftain who responded to the Sasan Crusades well. He stood in the center of the hall, its creaking frames dimly lit with the fire pit which carried them through a night of drinking. While plenty would enjoy their grilled fish and hearty drinks they would shush. For they truly did wish to keep their intentions hidden in the sleeping night and restless music.

"Things have been stable, we've handled the impact from Sasan well. But now as things change we are losing our Immuchak. We have less land each year, our mouths grow hungrier. We've done so well that now others, like the invaders are wishing to come for our lands! As they leave their boats, their plans, we see that lands out there are more than we have imagined!" He would pause as interest seemed to be gathering in the crowds
"To that I say, it is our right to go out and expand the world of Immuchak. We are more than just our home, we are our people, our life! We deserve better, many would-be fit with the fate we have been given, but I say we reject that! It is our world to claim, not their god in which they preached, not some great path! We are Immuchak, we shall take what is our!"

Excitement grew in his voice as he spoke, commanding the audience had brought his fervor. Plenty had grown restless, there were certain to be traditionalists, but he didn't need everyone. He needed the ambitious, the young, the moldable. Animosity had certainly built from the words of missionaries, who condemned their life in the name of Solomon, of some great flow. While many held respect for the ways of nature, there were those who cared more for their pride, for their own hard work.

"RARARARA"! They would chant, gaining excitement from his ideas. Sota would lower his hands, lowering the tensions in the room as he wished to finish his ideas. "I told you all to stay settled. If you wish to get excited, then I saw we take their boats, we take their weapons and we take the world by storm! We won't conquer, but we will make our stake, our claim just like the rest of them!"

As they raised their mugs in a cheer he would hit home with the coup de grace. He would touch the dark metal necklace around his neck, the object beginning to glow as he spoke."I shall show you the very power I claimed from their wreckage, a power to claim more in our own grace!"

Lies spewed forth from his tongue, a sick venom which he would keep secret as a faint whisper hid behind his words and the crowd's cheer. "Give divine light of my own authority, the holy light which burns those outside of thine true will. Absolve, Asmodeus!" He raised his hands near the end, raising the music around him as the dark magic would cover his body. The dark metals taking the shape of an angelic figure, wings of light yet a body of ebony metal he would glow gloriously before his fellow men.

"Well, you see how my form has changed, with the gathered forces and ambitions of every tribe we can acquire power like this for all who wish to reach their hands into the sea! Now before you get in your roars, enjoy your drinks, go deep into the night. For when the sun rises we have work to get to"

Rising tides and Piracy [Plot/NOM] 13bb3da27d04eec9b242052d41588efc

With his closing words, they would just do that, while he would go behind the wooden statues and the walls, retreating to the backroom. As the words would fade into the background he'd rest his mug to the side. With his armor on he had no need for it, he was ready to rest, yet he had to at least give his thankyou.

"Well I must thank you, its' got their attention. It will certainly be useful in taking lands, the grander scheme means nothing as long as you're true to your word." He would say, disengaging the DMV, taking a seat beside he's compatriot.

"Kyehehe, of course, and you seem to be growing into it just well. Your people will get your lands, but give the people a struggle. I want you to tear up the lands and truly the make the people despair, of course, feel free to keep things standing for yourself."

A sly smile would follow, the Immuchakan chief knew that the contractor might have some lies, but it mattered not as long as his people got the prestige they were due. "Well, then I say we can look forward to a further beneficial partnership." As he would offer his cheers the contractor would clink his stave against the glass, ready to leave as quickly as he had arrived.

"Toodaloo however, when the time comes you'll be called to use that light for more than just shows. I'm sure you'll have your own fights, but you'll see how big the claim on the stake of this world truly is, kyeheeheeehe! I have other business to attend for, I have one last ball to attend before I contact my penpals!" He would twirl the stave, a ring of magic hiding his appearance with nothing but the faint hint of Connie's laughter.

Sotamimi's DMV:

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