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Rising Tides [Job / Solo]

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Job Name: Woman at the Well II
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: After hearing that the vagrants have begun to harass others around the area, the woman who you helped pays you to find out information about the vagrants, including how many there are in their party (3).

Minerva had turned herself into somewhat of a nuisance to Ala'ara, stopping by once or twice over the course of the day to make sure she was healing properly. It was in once of these visits when a young man, tall and thin, pushed into the door. "Ala'ara! The outsiders have harmed another. They say they plan to charge people to use the well!" A look of disgust stains Minerva's face, her features contorting into a narrow glare accented by her frown. "Minerva," Ala'ara motions to the woman, "can you find out about these men and bring the information back to me? Perhaps we can alert some of the city's soldiers."

"It's worth a shot, Ala'ara," the young sorceress nods, "but you and the others need to be prepared to take matters into your own hands if the soldiers say the problem lies with you." She pulls her cowl over her head, pushing through the door and slipping away towards the well.

It was nightfall when Minerva finally caught a glimpse of the heathen. They had cronies now, but their main group seemed to be about three. She set her staff down, a subtle way of keeping her magic from sparking as her rukh fluttered with indignation. This was wrong, and these cretins would have to answer for what they were doing this community one way or another. It was difficult for Minerva to really learn anything, but with the roof as her vantage point, she could clearly see in what direction the men approached from and left to: East.

She narrowed her eyes. She knew there was another well out that way. Were these ingrates trying to establish control of more than one well? She spat on the ground as they left, moving down towards the well once they had disappeared from the site. A simple goon tried to hold her from the well, but a swift crack atop his head with her staff placed his unconscious form against the stone walls that contained the water. She drew a long, cold drink from the well water, sitting on the edge. She took another drink, and a third before tossing a final splash of the frigid water in the man's face

She returned with a glare over her features, nearly slamming Ala'ara's door on the way in. She threw her cloak down onto the bedroll she had brought, exclaiming, "Thieves! They're nothing but common thieves and the soldiers refuse to do anything about their mess." She stomps her foot into the ground, holding herself back from swearing. "I will end this issue myself if I have to." She sticks her head out the door, spitting east into the distance. "Ungrateful pricks. They're trying to extort funds from multiple wells. If the issue becomes big enough, the soldiers will see to it, but the damage will have already been done and no one will get their recompense." She frowns.

"Child. Sit. You need to calm yourself before you do anything brash." The elder woman pushed a steaming bowl of.....something in front of Minerva. "Goat stew. Eat. The meat will be a little tough, but that's goats for you, stubborn even after they're dead!" She laughs, the cracked joy in her voice spreading throughout the room. Min too was soon laughing, the bell-like tones joining the old woman as they shared a meal.

[WC 500+/500]

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